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Hotpoint Ariston RST 703 DW washing machine reviews

Hotpoint Ariston RST 703 DW reviewsHow do you want to buy a reliable washing machine, so inexpensive and with a big drum. Probably, a lot of buyers are thinking about it, who decided to get a new “home assistant” and it’s hard to blame them. Now almost no one needs sophisticated, stuffed with electronics washes with an exclusive design and astronomical value. In an era of crisis, people need a simple and reliable technique that will perform its function well and, most importantly, do it for as long as possible.

Manufacturers are well aware of the desires of their customers and now, before your eyes there is a new washing machine Hotpoint Ariston RST 703 DW. She has a fairly cheap assembly, from this the cost of the model does not leave the budget segment. At the same time, the manufacturer optimizing consumer demands and the cost of production, included in the model elements that are most in demand by consumers. In particular, a 7 kg large drum, an informative display, 14 washing programs, and a delay timer. Let's find out what people think about this washer.

Positive opinions

Lyudmila, Moscow

Today, the cost of a communal apartment is simply prohibitive. How much you have to give for light, for water, for gas, for garbage collection, it's just awful. To me, a pensioner, and so in Moscow, has a hard time, life is expensive, and then the communal apartment is growing. A month ago, my washing machine broke down. In anticipation of the next significant costs, I was very upset. Fortunately, son, my hope and support, I gave my mother a gift - the Hotpoint Ariston RST 703 DW.

He chose the machine himself, I did not even touch on this matter. I come from the cottage, but it is already connected.

It works great, it erases even bedding so that you can’t quibble. It is convenient and easy to use, and most importantly, it helps to save on electricity, water and powder. I already began to notice the difference myself, and then I came across an article on the Internet that says, including about my typewriter and how economical it is.

A month passed, and I scrupulously calculated how much money I managed to save on water, powder and electricity thanks to the typewriter. It turned out 209 rubles. 22 rubles for electricity, 65 rubles for water and as much as 122 rubles for powder (because I put it now half as much). Maybe this amount is small, but if all the equipment in the house is economical, then at the end of the month in your wallets there will be a tidy amount that can be spent usefully.

Larisa, Perm

The term of use of the machine is 1 year. During this time, I experienced it in every way and I can only say good words about this washer. If you asked me to list her flaws, I would hardly be able to. Because I don’t know anything about her weak points. On the pluses, I can say a lot.Hotpoint Ariston RST 703 DW Tray

  1. Slim body, with a wide hatch and a capacious drum of 7 kg. Amazing combination.
  2. Very beautiful design. Yes, you yourself can see this only by looking at this machine.
  3. Excellent spin and rinse, normal wash. The spin is adjustable, rinsing can also be made more intense.
  4. Significant savings in electricity, water and detergents.
  5. Convenient and easy operation.
  6. Digital display, which displays a large amount of useful information.
  7. There is protection against leakage, children, as well as control over the level of foam.

As you can see, the machine is not stuffed with anything, but it has enough functions and programs that I really need. Speaking of programs, I like the modes: quick wash, stain removal program, super rinse and wash children's clothes. Very good programs, each with its own unique features. When you put a super rinse, the machine pours a fairly large amount of water, significantly increasing its consumption, but the result is amazing. The powder is rinsed perfectly, even allergy sufferers can appreciate. Five points!

Alina, Murmansk

We needed a washer with a narrow body and a relatively large load.A narrow body was needed in order to put it in the kitchen under the countertop, and a large load in order to wash large things. Well, my husband still insisted that the machine was reliable, but it is impossible to check it in the store, and now there is no reliable equipment.

We also wanted the top cover to be removed from the machine, because the height is close to one another and if you unscrew the legs too much during alignment, the machine will not go under the tabletop.

Very soon we got what we wanted. Installation specialists brought and prepared for operation the Hotpoint Ariston RST 703 DW. And now, the new "home assistant" is launched. You can’t imagine how pleased I was. It has everything you need while it is quite attractive in appearance and fits perfectly into the design of our kitchen. It is quite narrow, has convenient controls and a normal set of all sorts of functions and programs. Of all this set I really respect the super rinse function. When you turn it on, the quality of the wash really improves. I give the highest rating!

Maria, St. Petersburg

An excellent model, when I bought, I thought it would be worse. I have been working with this technique for a year now and use it professionally. The fact is that I have a small launderette right next to the hostel. There are 12 automatic washing machines, four Hotpoint Ariston RST 703 DW. They are the only ones that have not broken in a year. The washing result is excellent, I'm glad!

Julia Moscow

Just a good washing machine, which I purchased at a very attractive price. A lot of laundry breaks into it, and if you want to wash something big, there will also be no problems. Recomend for everybody!

Nikolay, Izhevsk

Perhaps the best washing machine for the money you will not find, if you believe the reviews of people. You can take some wretched Indesit BWSA 61051, as the seller in the store offered me, but her design and functionality will not be the same. Although you will manage to save pretty much. Hotpoint Ariston RST 703 DW is very well assembled, does not hang out anywhere, and the drum, rotating at high speeds, does not produce any extra sounds. In my opinion, you can take it.

Ksenia, Krasnodar

The first experience of my “communication” with the Hotpoint Ariston RST 703 DW was not very successful. She was very booming, rattling and jumping on the floor. In addition, it constantly hung, and the display now and then displayed errors. Everything turned out quickly. It turns out that my husband, when installing the machine, forgot to unscrew the transport bolts, and even did not align the case. The master who came to the rescue did everything as needed, and the machine immediately worked well.

The rotation of the drum is smooth, the wash is super, and almost any linen. I recently washed wool items, and it is written that they cannot be washed in a machine. The result is excellent, nothing stretched out, everything was a bunch. The machine is very careful about things, for which many thanks to her.

Negative opinions

Ivan, Volgograd

Our first washing machine and immediately ran into a factory marriage. Washed only 1 week, and the engine burned down. Everything would be fine, but now we are forced to sue a service center, which unreasonably delays the repair. A terrible situation, a terrible machine!

Four months have passed, and we all sit without a washing machine, are waiting for repairs and scribble complaints.

Irina, Ekaterinburg

Hotpoint Ariston RST 703 DWMonstrously noisy washer, although it seemed to me that Ariston was making quiet cars. Sometimes a metal clang is mixed with the usual noise, which bothers me especially. If I didn’t break, I don’t want to contact the masters and services. Unhappy with the purchase!

Yuri, Pskov

I was very lost with the purchase of this washing machine. It erases frankly badly and all because water does not leak into the powder receptacle, well, or it does not leak well. Almost all the powder that I pour in the tray remains in place. I tried to pour the powder directly into the drum, it helped, it erases much better. But it cannot go on like this.

Love, Arkhangelsk

The machine is very moody. It erases well, if only to lay out the laundry perfectly inside the drum. Not everyone dissolves the powder, so I have to take it dear.Washing programs are very long, and the electronics are buggy every now and then. In a word, the washing machine is ill-conceived and not reliable, barely barely copes with its function!


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