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Hotpoint Ariston RST 601 W washing machine reviews

Hotpoint Ariston RST 601 W reviewsHotpoint Ariston is a world famous and beloved by many brand, under which many good and affordable washers are produced. A vivid example is the Hotpoint Ariston RST 601 W washing machine, it is also very attractive in appearance and has pretty good technical characteristics. We offer to take a closer look at this technique, especially since a large number of customer reviews on it can be found on the Web.

Men's opinions

Eugene, Moscow

A year and a half ago, my old washer failed, which served our family for 8 years. It could still be repaired, but we decided that it was already ugly, morally obsolete and its place in the analysis.

It was necessary to take something in return, but the fact is that there are a lot of washing equipment on the market now, and I am far from an expert and I can’t choose the right model. My wife and I went shopping, for a long time they chose a car for themselves and could not choose. In the end, I spat and decided to buy a Hotpoint Ariston RST 601 W washing machine. Why this particular machine.

  1. It is quite inexpensive, at least it did not seem to me that it somehow strained the family budget.
  2. It is attractive in appearance, has a digital display and an intuitive control panel.
  3. She is not very noisy. To such an extent that if I close the door to the bathroom, I forget that the machine washes, then in the evening I find wet laundry in the drum and get it from my wife for not hanging it on time for drying.
  4. The wash is quite stable, it counteracts centrifugal force well, at least it doesn’t jump in the bathroom and doesn’t even stagger very much during the spin cycle.
  5. And finally, it perfectly fulfills its main function: it erases, wringes and rinses the laundry.

The wife wanted a machine with a drying function, but at that time she could not afford.

Ivan, Belgorod

I have been using it for six months, so far so good. It sometimes freezes while spinning when you wash your jacket or blanket. I don’t know anything about more significant flaws. I like the machine!

Denis, IvanovoHotpoint Ariston RST 601 W reviews

This machine is a few centimeters smaller than my old Zanussi, so I managed to put it in the bathroom. It is so cool, so much space in the corridor has been freed up (the old machine was standing in the corridor), there was even a feeling of spaciousness, the first time in so much time. I also like Ariston's optimal control, a good set of programs and quiet operation. I put 5 points, this washing machine deserves this rating!

Sergey, Dmitrov

Good, roomy, down jackets, plaids and blankets well erases, looks amazing. I can’t get enough of the purchase, two months have already passed. The machine is very good, if you take it, you won’t have to regret it.

Semen, St. Petersburg

Very dissatisfied with the acquisition. Hotpoint Ariston is no longer the one surrogate one riveted. My washing machine broke down after four months, from my sister, after six months. Worth to purchase washing machine LG FH2G6WDS7as I first wanted. Well, as always, I'm learning from mistakes.

Roman, Naberezhnye Chelny

After a long and dreary search, I managed to find a washer that is almost perfectly matched in cost and quality - Hotpoint Ariston RST 601 W. For myself, I do not want anything better. The next machine I will ever buy will be able to dry and iron things.

Women's opinions

Tatyana, Novosibirsk

For a long time I used the LG washing machine with direct drive. Then we sold the apartment along with the furnishings and moved to a new one. I didn’t take the wash, I took this model as a replacement. What can I say about her.

  • Firstly, it is better than LG to wash clothes and almost does not crush them.
  • Secondly, she treats things much more carefully.
  • Thirdly, she has convenient and understandable programs, almost no unnecessary garbage. In general, I do not regret that I changed the machine, maybe you should change it?

Unlike LG, Ariston's powder left after washing powder, and even a fairly large amount of water. Maybe this is a feature of the model, or maybe a breakdown, I will find out.

Mila, Krasnodar

I did not really like the narrow washing machine of this brand, although you can wash it. I will explain why. The most important thing is that her hatch lock does not work well. From the very first day I closed the hatch door with effort. Now I’m practically kicking her with my foot, I think it will soon completely break. The second minus of the machine is the powder receiver. She reluctantly picks up the powder, sometimes even during the washing it is necessary to open the tray and pour boiling water from the kettle there so that the rest of the powder goes into the tank. She also takes the air conditioner incorrectly, too soon, in general, I do not recommend this machine!

Hotpoint Ariston RST 601 W

Marina, Barnaul

Amazingly compact and roomy this machine. I am very glad that now designers are bothering to make their equipment as small as possible and as functional as possible. The washing machine is very quiet, it erases cool, does not crumple, does not crumple and does not spoil the laundry, provided that you yourself put it into the drum correctly. For two years of operation, never failed. Five points!

Victoria, Kursk

For 12 years I used Aristoshka with a top load. I liked her, although she had mechanical control, and the load was only 4 kg. Unfortunately, a year ago a short circuit and a rapid fire occurred in the kitchen. It’s good that I was at home and quickly paid off everything, but, alas, I had to say goodbye to the machine, since the surge protector caught fire right next to her case.

I did not think for a long time, I took the Hotpoint Ariston RST 601 W with front-loading. At first I wanted to see the verticals, but at the last moment I abandoned this idea. The wash was very good. I especially liked the washing programs, very competently they were selected. I often use quick wash and super rinse. It is very convenient that this model has a display on which the progress of the program is visible, it is also good that there is a delay in starting. For night washing, it is simply indispensable. I recommend to buy!


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