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Hotpoint Ariston RSM 601 W washing machine reviews

Hotpoint Ariston RSM 601 W reviewsThe powerful, attractive freestanding Hotpoint Ariston RSM 601 W washing machine may well become the most massive model from Ariston, successfully sold in Russia over the past three years. It is enough to look into the Network and see what kind of hype is going on around this model. We will also plunge into this “whirlpool” of reviews and try to understand why people liked this machine.


Elena, Oryol

After a fire in the apartment, I had to make major repairs and completely update the situation. Right next to everything, I also had to get into debt, so I didn’t even think about buying an expensive car, although I really wanted to. And so, the day came when my husband and I went to choose a "home assistant". Husband liked washing machine Indesit WIUN 105, apparently because it is inexpensive and the sales specialist persistently advised her.

I did not agree. Judge for yourself, the load on this machine is only 3.5 kg, and even it’s small, it looks pathetic. After much thought, the choice fell on the Hotpoint Ariston RSM 601 W. Even a cursory glance at it is enough to understand that this machine is better than Indesit. When we launched it, I realized that I was 100% right. After three months of use, I can already tell you something about it.

  • The drum is roomy, even large things can be washed, rotates smoothly and without too much noise.
  • There is almost no vibration, even when you turn on the spin to the maximum. From this machine runs quieter than the same Indesit.

She conducted an experiment, as in an advertisement, put a mug filled to the brim with tea on the lid of the typewriter. At the same time, the washing machine worked and did not spill a drop, like this.

  • There is a screen and normal electronic control, without any light bulbs as on the Soviet Record TV.
  • The typewriter has a convenient and clear system of protection against children;

In general, somehow. The machine costs a little more than Indesit, but not by much, but in terms of functionality it differs very significantly. I generally am silent about the appearance and build quality, it's just heaven and earth.

Oleg, Moscow

This is just a great model. It even seems to me that its price is slightly underestimated. The assembly is very good, it is visible both externally and by work. This is the same as starting up the “Lada Kopek”, and then some “Mazda 6” and listening to how the engines work for them. It is simply not comparable. So is Hotpoint Ariston RSM 601 W, I think it can be safely put on a par with business-class washers. My wife likes how she erases large things, she has never hung up, although she shoves the drum with all her heart. Five points!

Nadezhda, Krasnodar

The Hotpoint Ariston RSM 601 W deserves the highest score, no doubt. Here you have design, assembly, and work. Before that, I had never seen a machine spin a drum at a speed of 1000 rpm and it was quiet. Of course, I am far from a master, but I believe that the engineers worked on this model well. Well done, they made a typewriter for people!

Catherine, BorHotpoint Ariston RSM 601 W

After four months of washing, I finally fell in love with my washing machine. I got it cheaply, so I did not expect anything special from this machine. But she pleased me so much that there are simply no words. In it, as on expensive models, there is a reloading of linen, and it always works. It has a bunch of functions, moreover, there is nothing superfluous, everything is only necessary. It is quiet, perfectly cleans dirty things and does not require a large amount of powder. I’ll pour half the dose that is indicated on the pack. I am very happy to buy and recommend it to everyone!

Maxim, Rostov-on-Don

I bought it last year, I use it 2-3 times a week. I can only say good things about this narrow washing machine. Since nothing but warm words, she deserves. During the year of "living in my house," she visited several troubles. Once I drove her to the country, so her loaders dropped it during transportation.The second time, she experienced a power surge that killed me with a computer, a refrigerator, and a dishwasher. The washing machine worked at that moment, but the leap did not fatally affect it. For your money, this is just a great option, take it, you won’t regret it!

After a case with a power surge, I put an expensive stabilizer, away from sin, otherwise it’s too expensive to change all the equipment at a time.

Alina, Moscow

To rent apartments, three washing machines were required. The selection criteria were simple: indestructibility (otherwise all kinds of tenants), low cost. I got Hotpoint Ariston RSM 601 W, and I ordered three at once, for which I received a 15% discount as a good buyer. A year and a half has passed. During this time, cars completely paid for themselves, but they continue to work and their appearance is still very decent. When I tie up with this business, I’ll sell them at some flea market. Good bought!

Ivan, Serpukhov

The main task of any machine is to wash, the other does not interest me. When I took the Hotpoint Ariston RSM 601 W from the store, I directly asked the seller: the machine washes normally or not normally. He couldn’t even answer me, he looks at the characteristics and reads to me what is in this typewriter. I can read it myself, tell me how the technique works. In general, I was not satisfied with the seller, but the machine was good, it washes, squeezes and rinses perfectly, which means that she already deserved her five points!

Maria, Kemerovo

I love it when the machine has many washing programs and there is plenty to choose from. Ariston’s programs have already run up his eyes, with everything you need. I especially like the extra rinse mode, because I buy cheap powders, and you can’t get them out of the laundry at one time. This machine is generally very economical, I noticed it on the bills for electricity and water. To add here the savings on the powder, it turns out straight "golden washer". Very pleased with the choice!

Hotpoint Ariston RSM 601 W reviews

Larisa, Kazan

I wash a lot, but in our large family it is impossible in a different way. A year ago, my husband, without consulting me, purchased an inexpensive Hotpoint Ariston RSM 601 W washing machine. I made a scandal for him, I thought she would break quickly, and she erases to this day, almost like a professional. Nothing is done to her and the linen is always spotlessly clean. I put the five to the typewriter!

Dmitry, Tomsk

Recently purchased this washer in his bachelor apartment. The option is inexpensive and angry. The machine is quite reliable, it erases very well, there are all sorts of functions, but they are unnecessary to me. The design of the machine is modern, but it works inaudibly. There is almost nothing to complain about. A couple of times I noticed that there was a little powder left in the tray, but, I think, this is behind all the strollers. Five points!


Vladimir, Magnitogorsk

The minor flaws in this machine just infuriate me. The same transportation bolts are unscrewed with cancer, one careless movement and the washer will be pulled out from the bowels of the hull for half a day. The legs are also twisted “in Chinese”, even there are no locknuts. Is it really a pity for the manufacturer to put two locknuts so that the legs of the machine can be fixed properly. I did not like it, score two!

Alexandra, St. Petersburg

At first, when they first bought the machine, I was very happy, but then my joy disappeared by itself. After two months of washing, I found that the hatch lock does not close. I had to wait a month for a free repair under warranty. Horrible service, terrible machine!

Oksana, Novokuznetsk

After reading a bunch of laudatory opinions on the Internet, I decided to buy a Hotpoint Ariston RSM 601 W. It turned out that there was nothing remarkable in this washer. The last time she even tore me a new pillowcase. How it happened, I can’t even imagine. The machine is very bad, I do not advise taking it!


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  1. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    The machine is disgusting, when washing, the powder does not pick up, but begins to pick up only when rinsing. He thinks for a long time. I do not advise taking.

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