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Hansa ZIM 426EH Dishwasher Reviews

Hansa ZIM 426EH ReviewsRecently, under the Hans brand, models with a narrow body and increased capacity are in demand on the market one after another. A striking example is the Hansa ZIM 426EH dishwasher, which holds 10 sets of dishes. For example, narrow Bosch dishwashers can accommodate a maximum of 9 sets, which is also not so bad. I'd like to know the opinion of users about this machine. And you can do this by reading their reviews, we hope they clarify the situation.


Valery, Moscow

For a very long time I chose between the Bosch built-in dishwasher and its complete analogue of the Hansa ZIM 426EH. A lot of bad news on the Internet is written about Hans, it even seems that supporters of the Bosch technique are engaged in anti-advertising. Still, I decided to purchase the Hansa ZIM 426EH and that's why.

  1. She has a normal instantaneous water heater, which quickly heats the water, reducing the overall execution time of the washing program.
  2. The machine holds a little more dishes than competitors. Of course, this is a trifle, but nonetheless.
  3. Hansa has soundly executed baskets, sprinklers work fine and can be removed for cleaning.
  4. My dishwasher has 6 programs, and Bosch only 4.

I am especially glad that there is a pre-soak mode. Without it, washing super dirty pans and trays would be problematic.

  1. Hansa has all the same bells and whistles as on expensive models: indicators, display, delayed start, protection against leakage. At the same time, it costs an order of magnitude cheaper.

For a year of work, my dishwasher has never let me down. I think it’s just not a well-promoted brand like Bosch, so competitors are trying to crush them. Personally, I choose Hansa, and I advise other customers to “look at the root” and not be deceived!

Tamara, Novosibirsk

Upon retirement, I thought that to fiddle with my arthritis every time in the water to wash the dishes, this is not an option. I decided to purchase a dishwasher Hansa ZIM 426EH. Great thing. Washes to shine, especially glass. There is no limit to joy, thanks to the manufacturer!

Stanislav, Orenburg

I was looking for a cheap dishwasher and the seller advised me to buy exactly the Hansa ZIM 426EH. Prior to this, I did not come across the Hans technique, but having decided that 30% of the store shelves were occupied with this technique, I decided. Hansa doesn’t let me down yet, she washes perfectly, she spends a minimum of powder, and water savings are visible. The main dishes are clean and no effort on my part. It's great!

Vladimir, Saransk

Bought this technique a year and a half ago. Like, there are no complaints. All details are made firmly, the door opens in any position. Baskets can be moved vertically when you need to shove a hefty pan. Everything is washed off normally on a half tablet, I recommend for purchase!

Marina, MoscowHansa ZIM 426EH

My friends decided to make a bold gift for a housewarming party - Hans's dishwasher. It’s good that they asked in advance, did not do a surprise. The machine normally does the dishes, without any drips. The tablet completely dissolves, the glass is crystal clear. For 7 months there was not a single case that the machine broke some dishes or left chips. The attitude is purely careful, which makes me very happy. As for saving water and electricity did not notice. I recommend to buy!

Henry, St. Petersburg

I used to use different dishwashers. The total period of my acquaintance with them is 10 years. Recently took a Hansa ZIM 426EH. Budget model with the characteristics of expensive equipment. So far I have not found a catch. It works perfectly, with a clear conscience I can recommend.


Catherine, Volgograd

After the first start, the dishwasher was very noisy. The sound was as if some moving parts hurt something. I checked the sprinklers several times, but they certainly couldn’t touch anything. The next day I called the master.He arrived quickly, and when he started the machine, it broke right before his eyes. Something crunched inside, there was a knock, and the machine hung. I was very scared and upset, but the master said that he would fix it. In general, they took my Hans to the workshop and have been fixing it for a week.

Tatyana, Barnaul

I have been using the Hansa ZIM 426EH for three months. I don’t particularly like the way she takes the pills. The powder dissolves perfectly, but the tablets partially dissolve at best, which leads to unsatisfactory washing quality. Until I figured out what’s the matter, I use the powder.

Anna, Pskov

Hansa ZIM 426EH, the first two weeks worked well. Then the machine began to freeze in pre-soak mode. About a month I tried to avoid this program, and everything was fine. Recently, the machine began to hang on the express program, which I really love. I will contact the service, there is no other way!

I read on the Internet about this malfunction, but did not find any interesting information about this failure.

Svetlana, Magnitogorsk

After five months of flawless operation, I discovered that electric dishwasher. The husband said the installers did not ground. As it is, certified specialists have forgotten from such an important thing as grounding. I forbade my husband to climb to the Hans typewriter, called the master who made the installation, let him understand. I don’t want to die from my own dishwasher!


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  1. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    Tell me, does everyone on this model of a dishwasher not have a door fixed?

  2. Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

    Can you download half? Is there such a function?

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