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Reviews on the washing machine Hansa WHB 1038

reviews on Hansa WHB 1038A simple-looking, and very affordable Hansa WHB 1038 washing machine on the market for quite some time. During this time, not to say that people are very attached to it, but, nevertheless, the washing machine sells well, which means we should pay attention to it. To learn more about the car, we, in addition to the characteristics, study customer reviews, we hope they will tell us about this technique without cuts.


Olga, Yasnogorsk

The machine was collected frankly by three points, but this does not prevent her from washing the laundry, and this is important. It works quite quietly, for the kind of money you can’t choose an ideal washing machine. 6 kg of laundry washes without problems, you can wash the jacket, plaid or blanket. The powder does not leave things, it rinses well. I took a $ 200 washing machine a year ago, cheap and cheerful!

Lyudmila, Moscow

If you do not pay attention to appearance, the machine is good, there is nothing superfluous in it. Simplicity is the key to reliability! In the spring I bought this washer to the cottage. Soon the summer will end, but she plows and plows everything. For the winter I’ll take the car home, let there be two washers at home. She has a lot of pluses.

  • Eight great wash programs.
  • The reliable and steady case.

Even during the spin cycle at a speed of 1000 rpm, the washing machine does not talk.

  • Quiet work at all stages of the program.
  • Economic consumption of water and electricity.

If you do not pursue technical innovations, this washing machine is ideal for you. It works pretty well, so you can hope for it!

Yuri, PskovHansa WHB 1038 powder collector

Deservedly put this car thumbs up. I took it a year and a half ago to my workshop. The workers in my uniform are erasing right on the spot so that they do not drag dirt home. For all the time that only this washer did not fall, and it works properly, it did not even break even once. It washes antifreeze, fuel oil and various dirt, though with special means. Her load is not small, still 6 kg. My hard workers are completely satisfied.

Svetlana, Kazan

Simple, trouble-free and very cheap. Here are three main advantages of this washing machine. It performs its main function well, a sin to complain. My money is definitely worth it, I advise you to take it.

Julia, Moscow

I used the Electrolux washing machine for 8 years, I thought that it works quietly, but now I understand that Hansa is much quieter. I didn’t think that a cheap washing machine could work so quietly. It suits me completely, although I can afford an expensive car with bells and whistles.

Yana, Barnaul

I have been using it for six months, I like everything. The laundry does an excellent wash, even with a half dose of powder. It gathers water quietly, but it works quietly. It looks ordinary, it looks like her designer rested. I do not regret what I bought!

Vladimir, Izhevsk

I was looking for an inexpensive and good washing machine. The specialist advised to take Hans, it seems he was right. For two years, the washer has been working exemplary. It erases decently, rinsing and spinning at height. From my point of view, she has one drawback - a clumsy appearance. The rest is a good technique. Score five!


Ulyana, Tolyatti

I do not like that there is no timer, what kind of machine it is, in which it is unclear when it will finish the wash. It pours water for a very long time, there is a feeling of delaying the washing process. It looks very rude, if I had the opportunity to build it into furniture, then I would not bother. And so she stands in sight and spoils the decoration of the bathroom. Not happy with the purchase!

Forest, St. Petersburg

Dumb machine. I bought it at the cottage, but I didn’t get it to the cottage. Connected at home, but she "doesn’t rattle." I had to take it to the store, and in return to take another one of the same. The new one works, but not a fountain, it was necessary not to save on technology.

All the lights are on and washing is impossible to start, what kind of breakdown is not clear.

Elena, KostromaHansa WHB 1038 control panel

I have been using automatic washing machines for 20 years, I have no idea how a modern housewife can do without them.I remember the stories of my grandmother, how she went to the ice hole in the winter to wash clothes, horror! A year ago, bought a Hans washer. Although simple, it is far from a washboard and a trough. Nevertheless, it copes with its function poorly, I do not like it. The drum is large - 6 kg, before that I had Beko 4.5 kg, but it washed much better. Disappointed!

Svetlana, Khabarovsk

I was looking for a cheap washing machine, so that the load was not less than 6 kg. So I found it on my own head. For three months already twice called the master. At first the machine did not squeeze or drain the water, the master repaired, then on the contrary she stopped pouring water. Terrible quality, do not like the machine!


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  1. Gravatar Seraphim Seraphim:

    Bad machine: no washing at all! I have to set the program for quick washing 2, or even 3 times, because it does not have an additional rinse function, but is there a spin ?!
    I will say right away that I fall asleep in powder 2 times less than normal.
    Strange program switching: if you want to change one program to another during washing, then when you pause, then the machine drains the water and starts washing in a new way, and does not continue on another program (other machines did not have this).
    In general, one price is good (although for such a machine it is possible and much less), and cheap - it is also cheap in Africa! What to want for that kind of money.

  2. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    I had a lot of washing machines. I used to think that there is no worse BEKO washing machine, but how wrong I was! It happens, and this is a Hansa washing machine.
    1. Does not rinse underwear. Naturally, how can this be done with two rinses, which are included in all washing programs, with the exception of one in which there are 3. Therefore, you always have to wash in only one mode. The rest are simply not needed.
    2. There is no extra rinse program, but there is a spin. Just what? Unclear.
    3. Rinse aid can drain at any time, but not at the last rinse!
    4. All modes erase the same. There is absolutely no difference, except in revolutions during the spin cycle. This, in general, is completely absurd.
    I don’t know for whom this machine was created and for what purpose, but I have never seen such a washing machine. And I didn’t really want to.
    I will not recommend this brand of car to anyone, even because of its low cost. Although at this price you can buy a car much better.

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