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Reviews on the washing machine Electrolux EWT 1066 EDW

Electrolux EWT 1066 EDW ReviewsToday, in a number of online stores you can buy a Electrolux EWT 1066 EDW washing machine with a good discount. This is a good model with vertical loading from a well-known manufacturer that immediately interested potential buyers and this is no wonder, because some sellers make a discount of almost 1/3 of the previous cost of the washer. Is it worth it or not to buy this washing machine? Consider the feedback from the owners.

Positive opinions

Catherine, Moscow

My husband and I bought this machine 2 months ago. It erases normally, the control panel is miserable, but everything you need shows it suits me. The spin is good, you can delay the start of washing for several hours, in my opinion, a maximum of 20 hours. There is a cool mechanism for smoothly opening the door and a bunch of washing programs, although I use only a few. I recommend to buy.

Sergey, Vladivostok

For two weeks of use, I did not reveal any flaws. It is convenient to load laundry: firstly, due to the fact that the manhole cover opens wide and does not interfere with loading at all, and secondly, because the manhole itself is on top, you do not need to squat or bend over.

I read that if the load is top, then the machine should make less noise.

In the passport of the machine it is written that it was made in France. I don’t know whether to believe these words or not, but if the washer is really French, then this is doubly cool. The trash filter is located at a sufficient height from the floor, so that when you unscrew it, you can substitute any container, not a drop of water will fall on the floor. I rate the machine at five points on a five-point scale.

Valentine, MurmanskElectrolux EWT 1066 EDW open drum

Our typewriter is already almost three years old, and maybe more, somehow I don’t think about the age of the equipment, it works, and well, if you hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have thought about it. This washer has two obvious advantages: the highest quality of washing and respect for linen. After three washes, the old machine left spools on things, recently I haven’t washed anything in it. The electrolux doesn’t allow itself such a disgrace, the linen is intact even after 15 washes - it is checked!

Negative opinions

Alena, Saratov

The first week the machine worked well, but then software glitches began. At first they arose sometimes, so I did not pay much attention, but now the warranty year is over and now it is impossible to machine wash. The modes "Jeans", "Sport", "Blankets / Plaids", "Night" simply do not turn on. More precisely, they turn on, but after 3-5 minutes of washing the machine stops, and you can restart it only after a reboot. It looks like you have to call the wizard.

Eugene, Moscow

A lot of noise from this washer. Oldwashing machine lg and then I didn’t allow myself that, rattled, of course, but not so much. Also, problems often arise with the dispenser. You can safely add powder and rinse aid to one compartment, anyway, the machine will pick them up at the same time, so there is no sense in the rinse aid at all. With heated water, too, something is messed up. If you set the heating to 60 degrees, then the machine will heat up to 40, in general it is not clear why. The car is not worth the money!

Alexey, St. Petersburg

This washing machine has two significant drawbacks that cover all the pros. Firstly, moisture accumulates somewhere inside the case, and it’s unrealistic to dry the washer; we have it all the time with the sunroof open and the shutters of the drum standing. Now the machine has already started to stink with dampness, and mold smell is mixed with this smell. It is necessary to somehow solve this problem, otherwise the machine will be dangerous to health.

My daughter is allergic, if she starts to breathe with mold spores, I just throw the machine away without thinking and that's all.

Secondly, the washer is humming godlessly. Perhaps this is the noisiest washing machine that I have ever seen.Also, once during the washing, the flaps of the drum opened, well, and the drum jammed. I had to tinker to turn the drum in such a position as to close the flaps back. The conclusion is: the washing machine of this model is just an ax. Let this ax be assembled in France, but still it is an ax!

Denis, NovokuznetskElectrolux EWT 1066 EDW control panel

“I hit the grandmother” with this washing machine, only managed to use it for two weeks. The machine was neatly handled, a new one nevertheless, but despite careful handling, the plastic hinge on the hatch burst and the hatch stopped closing. Under the guarantee, such damage does not fall, the master blamed all the blame on us, they say, we closed the hatch too abruptly. I had to repair for the money, 50 bucks for repairs fell off. Needless to say, my wife and I are now afraid to breathe over this cap, and all the vaunted European quality.

Svetlana, Irkutsk

If I had the opportunity to listen in the store how the washing machine works, I would never have bought this “rattle” in my life. It's just a nightmare, a modern car should not work like that, even if it’s cheap. In this car, it whistles, buzzes and rattles everything: the engine, the drive mechanism, the housing, and even the lid rattles, because it does not close tight enough. One gets the impression that she didn’t buy a solid European-made machine, but some Chinese “gamyr”. However, in vain I am pushing Chinese technology, it will now be better than European.

Julia, Togliatti

Alas, the purchase of a washing machine was unsuccessful. It was necessary to choose a model with front-loading, but, as always, I'm chasing something unusual. The machine washed well only at the very beginning, then problems began with the intake of powder. With all this, the car was very noisy.

Now the washing machine has failed permanently, it does not even start. At the same time, at the very beginning after installing the washing program, the machine will spin the drum a couple of times and quiet down, until the restart. The technician from the service center didn’t give her any mind, took him with him for “debriefing”, and now I’ve been sitting without a washing machine for the third week now.

In the near future I will try to take this washing machine to the store, and in return take some inexpensive front-end.

Galina, Arkhangelsk

There are very big problems with spinning the washing machine. Even after starting the “spin” program twice, the laundry remains wet. I don’t even understand why this happens, because the drum is spinning and spinning fast. So it turns out that you can only rely on washing and rinsing, while the machine is very noisy. Just yesterday, another problem “appeared”; the washing machine in the middle of washing turned off spontaneously. If this happens again, you need to contact the master.


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