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Reviews on the washing machine Electrolux EWS 1277 FDW

reviews about Electrolux EWS 1277 FDWWhat is the secret of the Electrolux EWS 1277 FDW washing machine? It seems that the price is not so attractive and the technical characteristics are far from outstanding, but somehow it hooked consumers, because there are hundreds of reviews on it on the Web, and maybe even thousands. Let's try to understand what are the pros and cons of this washing machine, and at the same time we will study the opinions of people who have been using this machine for some time, at least three months.

Positive opinions

Elena, Saransk

The main plus for me is that the machine has been working for almost three years and has never failed me. Erases usually nothing outstanding, and I do not demand. Convenient adjustment of washing time. The machine is low-noise, roomy, there is an impressive set of programs, but I will say right away that you will have to get used to the washing machine, since it has a peculiar control. I am very glad that I did not choose another washing machine.

Svetlana, Moscow

Nice car, made, it seems, in Italy. At first, it rattled due to the fact that the husband put it unevenly, then corrected it, and even anti-vibration stands put under the legs, now it works quite quietly. I also really like the function that allows you to remember the last program, once you set it up, and then the machine sets everything up as it should, press two buttons and erase. By the way, I sprinkle powder less than the norm, everything is so well washed.

Sergey, Ivanovo

I bought the Electrolux machine a year and a half ago and decided not to install it myself, I trusted the master. As it turned out later, completely in vain. Installation was made at the end of May and literally until mid-September, the machine galloped across the bathroom like a Yesaul. I could not understand anything, like a dear good car of a normal company, well, she should not behave like that.

I took to read the instructions and literally immediately noticed that the washing machine was uneven. Grabbing the building level from the garage, brought it home and put it on the cover of the machine, making sure that the body is decently tilted to the right, thanks to the uneven floor. Twisting the legs, I leveled the machine and lo and behold, it stopped jumping and began to work much quieter. And so it was. Now about the machine itself.

  1. The wash is quite quiet, especially if installed correctly.
  2. The drum holds a whole heap of linen.

For small things, this topic is useless, because before sorting things you sort and 6.5 kg of white or color is usually not typed. But when you start washing jackets, you understand that a large drum load is a huge plus.

  1. There are many useful programs for washing a wide variety of items.
  2. There is a very informative display that shows which program is running and how much is left to end it.
  3. There is a very cool thing called superfast wash. When you turn it on, the machine stretches a heap of linen in less than 20 minutes, I personally like it.

Well, what else can I say, the machine and I and my wife like it, I can’t say anything about any shortcomings, except that the washing machine pours water quite noisily, although this does not bother at all. We are used to the typewriter, we will continue to use it.

Elya, MurmanskElectrolux EWS 1277 FDW control panel

We got a very beautiful Italian girl six months ago at a sale. This seems to be my most successful purchase in the last five years. Firstly, she has a very roomy drum, even mats fit in, and I have been tearing over my outerwear for a long time. Secondly, it does not freeze during power surges, which are not uncommon in our area. Thirdly, she squeezes the laundry very well, much better than my old machine. In general, the washer seems reliable, I think you can trust it.

Larisa, Serpukhov

It worked properly for a year, until our baby splashed juice on the socket during washing. I didn’t have time to wipe it off, so something closed inside, and the car stopped working. The master repaired everything for 1000 rubles, I thought I would "get" where for a lot of money.There were no more problems with the typewriter, I really like the selection of programs in it, everything just necessary, no rubbish. No washing care is required, only once every two months I clean the dust filter, I do nothing more. Everything works great!

Julia, Moscow

Of the advantages I can bring: appearance, the presence of touch control, the choice of washing time, excellent balancing when spinning at 1200 rpm. Among the shortcomings: a narrow loading door, delicate electronics.

It is worth adding that I personally have not had any problems with electronics yet. But people write that this is a frequent malfunction and it bothers me. Still, the car is expensive and I would not want to send it to a landfill in a year. While the machine has been working for five months, everything is fine, I’ll put it safely four points!

Eugene, Kostroma

Well, judge for yourself, an Italian-built machine with an inverter engine. And this means that in it both the engine and the drive mechanism are very reliable, no belts that stretch and fly off endlessly. Balances are correctly distributed, which makes the machine stable.

As for the noise, I will say this: there are no miracles here, the car is noisy just like everyone else, but without frills.

The control panel is very thought out, there is a normal display on which everything is visible and understandable. Programs are all signed in Russian. The price, in my opinion, is a bit high, but for a good machine, why not pay. I have been working with the machine for a year. Testing technique!

Negative opinions

Gennady, Samara

For two months I was happy as a child, finally bought myself a normal washing machine. I was happy, glad and seemed to jinx, the machine broke at the end of the third month. He called the master from the service center, he arrived, rummaged for 10 minutes and sadly informed me that the control module was covered, I need to change it. Ordering a spare part and its replacement took two weeks, but after that the machine worked for not more than a month, the module burned out again.

Just "kapets", on the same rake twice. Now they “sing” in the service that this is not a guarantee case, that the cause of the breakdown is a faulty power supply network, and that I must write a complaint to the power supply organization. I don’t know who is to blame, but I will write a statement of claim, let the court investigate. The machine, I think, is bad, you should not buy it.

Karina, MoscowElectrolux EWS 1277 FDW Powder Tray

I must make a reservation right away that there is no such washing machine in my household, but I once thought about buying it. My sister has such a machine, and since I "lived" with her for some time, I had to study the technique. In a very short time, I realized that I would not buy this washing machine and that's why.

  • The washing machine very poorly rinses the laundry, it’s just very bad. I specifically watched through the hatch how she does it. It feels like six glasses of water are being collected and rinsing occurs in this.
  • There is a super-fast wash, which seems to be nice, but the rest of the programs are very long. So you erase either in 15 minutes, or at least an hour and a half, there are no intermediate modes, and it’s a pity!
  • Often buggy touch control.
  • It turns off for a long time after washing.
  • Poorly picks up powder from the tray, after every second wash you have to rinse the tray.

The main disadvantages, in my opinion, are: weak electronic filling and unsatisfactory rinse quality.

Marina, Novosibirsk

I did not expect such an expensive washing machine to have such significant disadvantages. Whoever writes or says, the machine does a poor job of washing. I tried, and only half load the drum, and the powder is very high-quality to pour, and pick up different programs, the sense is zero, it does not erase normally. In addition, the machine is noisy and sometimes freezes after washing.

So we brought the most vivid opinions of people about the washing machine of this brand. It seems that there are more positive opinions than negative ones, but users are hinting at some of the drawbacks of the technique, which you should definitely pay attention to. Have a good choice!


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