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Reviews on the washing machine Candy GC4 1072D-07

reviews on Candy GC4 1072D-07Candy brand firmly holds the market niche for low-cost washing equipment. It is inconceivable, but washing machines of this brand can be purchased at a price of around $ 280, while similar models from competitors will cost more than $ 320. Take, for example, the inexpensive Candy GC4 1072D-07 washing machine, which people are currently most interested in. How high-quality is it, is it worth giving preference to or is it better to see other equipment? These questions will be answered by consumers.

Opinions of men

Vadim, Khanty-Mansiysk

He took the washing machine out of the store himself, so he immediately drew attention to the fact that its body is slightly lighter than other models. He suspected that she would ride, and for sure, "as if he were looking into the water." The wash is very jumping and quite noisy. I almost immediately deprived her of jumping power by modifying the legs and screwing them to the floor, while there was more noise during operation. Well, at least I stopped jumping.

For this machine, the counterweights are not evenly distributed inside the case, because of this the balance is disgusting. So the machine shakes from side to side, and if you cut the spin to the maximum, then it jumps.

So I bought a cheap machine. My sister washing machine Electrolux EWS 1277 FDWwhether she was happy with the machine or not, I did not ask, but one day I went to visit her when the machine just started spinning. I was very surprised how quiet the washing machine can be. In comparison with the Electrolux, mine is just a turbine of a jet airplane. My washing machine also has advantages, and I actually made a purchase because of them.

  1. Large and roomy drum with a real load of 7 kg of dry laundry.
  2. 15 different washing programs, including two good programs: quick wash and super fast wash.
  3. Various bells and whistles in the form of automatic weighing of linen, delayed start-up and other things.
  4. And of course, the low price. I got the machine for $ 235, taking into account the discount.

I don’t want to remember about the minuses once again, but I can’t say about them. Firstly, all the same noise and vibration from which the walls move with a sway. Secondly, the instability of the body. The machine during spinning may well crash to its side. Thirdly, an unsatisfactory spin (even at 1000 rpm) and a mediocre washing quality. And fourthly, the low quality of the machine itself, here the assembly is poor and the details are not very. Before buying a washing machine, you need to think carefully and read reviews.

Candy GC4 1072D-07 control panel

Alexey, Moscow

I am very pleased with the washing machine. I managed to buy it for a penny, and she erases as well as cars for $ 1,000. A lot of linen is placed in it, and in the place it fit perfectly, I do not need anything else. Five points.

Alexander, Rostov-on-Don

I do not know why the machine is so cheap, because it is really cool. She has a large drum, while it is relatively compact. It’s not very convenient that you can’t choose a temperature, otherwise everything is fine.

Sergey, Omsk

I do not quite understand why the machine is beating an electric shock. Immediately after the purchase, this was not observed for her. Maybe there are some problems with the wiring. We have been using the washing machine for the second year, there were no breakdowns, there were no complaints either. A couple of times I cleaned it with a special tool for dirt and mold. After this procedure, the drum smelled pleasantly of lemon. My wife uses the machine more often and she is happy with everything, I am also satisfied.

Opinions of women

Irina, Serpukhov

Machine for your money, no more, no less. She has been working with me for the fourth month, during which time she jumped a couple of times 30 cm to the side. It erases tolerably, but the last time the duvet cover broke. Cheap powders are not suitable for this machine, it just does not dissolve them, you have to use expensive ones. The washing machine rinses not bad, but it depresses disgustingly, almost every time you have to put a second spin. I’ll watch further, maybe I’ll notice something else.

Long programs are also annoying.The machine does not have optimal programs in time, there are either short or long ones.

Tatyana, Ivanovo

I used this washing machine for exactly two weeks, then handed it back to the seller and crossed myself. This is the most unreliable technique that I have encountered. On the third day after the second wash, the handle on the manhole cover broke off on the machine. A specialist from the service arrived quickly and replaced the manhole cover, but the problems did not end there.

A week later, the car "shut up" completely. No matter what buttons I pressed, the machine refused to turn on. The master said that he would have to change the control module and, after several scandals, I returned the machine back. Do not be "fooled" by cheapness, buy normal cars.

Lyudmila, OrenburgCandy GC4 1072D-07 powder collector

I never thought that a good washing machine can be bought so cheaply. It's just gold, not a machine. My old Indesit hung up when I tried to wash my jacket in it, and Kandy washes without difficulty. I also adapted to wash rugs, blankets, pillows and rugs in it, in short everything that I used to hand in dry cleaning, spending a lot of money. Now “dry cleaning” is at my place, and I often began to buy sweets for my grandchildren. It's great that I took just such a machine!

Yana, St. Petersburg

This is my second time buying Kandy washing machines. The first machine worked for 7 years at home and still works in the country. The new one is even better, because she has a drum of increased capacity, as much as 7 kg, this sometimes helps a lot. Here is the last time a huge blanket had to be washed, the machine did a great job. I love Kandy cars - budget and cheerful!

Olesya, Novosibirsk

Before, I didn’t think how great it was when the machine had such a large and wide opening loading hatch. Judge for yourself: easy to lay large things, easy to wipe inside. Also, once I pulled out a bra bone from the tank, so if it weren’t for the wide hatch, my focus would hardly have succeeded. In the programs of the typewriter, the developers a little “messed up” with the calculation of the time until the end of the wash, but this does not bother me, because you quickly get used to it. Everything is super for a cheap car!

Marina, Kazan

Yes, it's just the perfect washing machine, if someone doesn’t like something, let them go to Germany and buy a washer there. And what a wonderful machine, it costs mere pennies, while it has a large drum for 7 kg of laundry, a spinning spin, a wide hatch, and most importantly, it works stably and is not buggy. By the way, she also looks attractive!


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