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Reviews about the washing machine Candy Aqua 2D 1040-07

reviews about Candy Aqua 2D 1040-07If you have nowhere to put a full-size washing machine, perhaps you should pay attention to the miniature model of Candy Aqua 2D 1040-07 with front loading. This machine is not cheap, and its characteristics it is unlikely to impress you, but it is small and easily goes into the sink under the sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Many consumers have already looked at this washer, we will ask their opinion, but first we will get to know this machine better.

Characteristics of the machine

The most important advantage of any miniature washing machine is its size. In our case, the overall dimensions of the Candy Aqua washing machine W x D x H - 51 x 43 x 70 cm. Typically, machines with such dimensions in the sink, and in most outdoor furniture items "fly in with a whistle." Here you have another ready-made solution that helps to save living space. Another plus is a 4 kg load. You may ask: what is the plus, 4 kg for a modern machine is very small?

For a regular size machine, this is not enough, but for a miniature one, it is a lot.

Most compact washing machines, which are now on the market, have a load of 2.5 - 3 kg, there are "home helpers" with a load of 3.5 kg. Small washers with a drum holding 4 kg of laundry are a rarity. Despite the small size, this machine has a completely standard hatch, the width of which is 30 cm. In such a hatch it will be convenient to cram even large things. In addition, the machine boasts good technical characteristics.Candy Aqua 2D 1040-07 hatch

  1. High spin speed. In this case, the drum accelerates to a maximum of 1000 rpm. It is not difficult to guess that at this speed, centrifugal force will squeeze out almost all moisture from the fabric, leaving washed clothes almost dry.
  2. Indication of the stages of the program. The machine has a display on which all the information the user needs is displayed.
  3. Simplicity of management. There are no extra buttons on the control panel, everything is just the most necessary. Even if you are not at all “friendly” with technology, you can still quickly figure out this machine.
  4. High classes of washing, spin and energy efficiency. For example, a machine consumes only 0.76 kWh of electricity, which is very little for this kind of equipment.
  5. An impressive amount and composition of programs. The set of the machine has interesting and useful washing programs, such as: Miniprogram (lasts 14 minutes), Cold wash, Antiallergy, Hand wash, and many others.

There are many additional functions, the essence of which is to improve the quality of laundry care, saving strength and time of the user. Among them, the Extra Rinse function stands out. When this function is activated, the machine starts rinsing a second time, ensuring the removal of poorly dissolved powder residues from the laundry. As you can see, the typewriter has everything that is needed, it seems and looks good on the surface. We’ll find out what the owners think about it.

Opinions of people


I have been using the washing machine a little over a year, and I bought it because of the small dimensions. I draw the following conclusions:

  • It doesn’t take up much space, but the tank is too small - bulk things cannot be washed;
  • excellent set of programs, including quick wash;
  • quality of washing suits;
  • weak suspensions are installed on the tank, which causes strong vibration during the spin cycle, the tank touches the body;
  • the door does not open well, something is jamming.

Varentsov Sergey

If there is a need to put the machine in a limited space, for example, in the bathroom, then this washing machine can become what you are looking for. It is quite small, but it erases 4 kg of laundry. The price is reasonable. There is a flaw in it regarding the door lock. It is slightly biased, as a result of which the door seizes when opening and closing.

Shama Ksenia

Like many people bought this washing machine because of the small size.Of course, in addition to this, there are still pluses. She does not make noise and does not jump around the room; there are many washing modes. But I will not keep silent about the cons. After a short operation, after about 40 washes, she began to squeeze things poorly. Wet linen began to be taken out of the drum, which you can squeeze with your hands. I have to put on a separate spin lasting 7 minutes, which is extremely inconvenient.

I do not like the handle on the door in the typewriter, which must be pulled with all the force to open the hatch. I am one hundred percent sure that after three years, after such tests, the door will generally come off. We have to put up with this technique, because the other in a small bathroom does not fit, alas ...

KonstantinCandy Aqua 2D 1040-07 control panel

After reading reviews about this car, I also decided to buy it. And I thought I was right! The wash was small, and stood perfectly in the bathroom of our hostel. I am satisfied. The machine does not make noise, the vibration is minimal, provided that I put anti-vibration feet on the advice of the seller. I tried washing in all modes, the result is good. The complaint was only to the store’s suppliers who brought it unpacked in dirty form. In addition, there was a small scratch on the front panel, not critical, but unpleasant. I recommend to buy!


We needed a small washing machine, but there wasn’t much to choose from. Of the three cars found, we stopped at this one. Overall a great technique! There were two of us in the family at the time of purchase and were waiting for the third. In principle, there are enough cars, everything suits. The machine copes with bedding, you can even wash some winter things. There are 15 programs and this is enough, wring out and wash clothes well. At the same time, the maximum spin is only 1000 revolutions.

Most often, run the program for 15, 30 and 60 minutes. Short modes are great for freshening up a small amount of laundry, especially in summer. For 15 minutes, you can wash delicate underwear separately, it’s not a pity to start the car because of several things. A function against allergies can be useful if you have small children.

I do not like the fact that the modes in which the water heats above 50 degrees are too long, about 3 hours.

And the maximum temperature is only 75 degrees, there is no regime close to boiling at 90 degrees. Four months have passed after the purchase, in general there are no complaints, there are so many pluses for such a machine. Need a machine under the sink, you can safely buy.

Svetlana Kamasheva

I chose this washing machine and bought it specifically for giving. Having read quite a few positive information about her on the Internet, I confirm that everything is true. There are a lot of programs, even more than in a big typewriter in my house. It erases well, even in short modes and at a temperature of 20 degrees. It works quietly, the time until the end of the program is displayed. The maximum spin gives almost dry linen. I do not regret the purchase.

Tatyana S.

Excellent machine with a miracle mode lasting only 14 minutes. To remove a couple of things in a few minutes is no longer a problem, the Kandy machine will do it perfectly, wring it dry and you can immediately iron it.


I like this washing machine. Before buying on the forums I read that in this model there is a minus - a door that seizes when you open the door. Indeed, there is such a “cant”, I myself tried to open it in the store, I need to make a lot of efforts. But in MVideo we came across a car with a normal door, which opens without problems. Of course, I had to travel in search of the right thing, but what can’t you do because of the small size.


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