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Bosch WLG20165OE washing machine reviews

Bosch reviews WLG20165OEBosch produces quite a lot of washers, which are very close to each other in technical specifications. For what purpose this is done, it is not very clear to us, however, buyers are active in relation to the Bosch WLG20165OE washing machine, and this is enough for us to become interested in it and publish a number of reviews from people dedicated to this machine.


Andrey, Chekhov

I used the Zanussi Aquacycle 900 washing machine for many years, I really liked this washing machine, but its century has come to an end. The controller failed, which I could not find, wrote off to the garage. In exchange I bought Bosch WLG20165OE, I use the eighth month. Impressions are as follows.

  • The price is low, so even with my small salary the machine was available.
  • The case is very heavy and it seems that the load is distributed correctly, because the spinner hardly shakes during spinning.
  • Zanussi often had an imbalance, and the laundry hung up, and Bosch had never had such a thing for 8 months.
  • The glass of the hatch door is too deeply recessed inward, from which small things such as socks and women's panties often linger on an elastic band. Now I try to do small things just like that not to throw in the drum, I put first in shoe wash bagand then I put it in the drum.

Once on a rubber band, a capsule with washing gel hung, from which all the laundry had to be washed. Now my wife and I, when we wash, try to push the capsule deeper into the laundry.

  • The drum holds linen significantly more, although the difference with the old Zanussi is only 1 kg.
  • There is less noise during the wash from Bosch WLG20165OE.

I really like the wash. I try not to notice minor technical flaws, and they do not bother me - I adapted. I gave a little money, so the purchase pleased me. I will use it further and advise you!

Vladimir, St. Petersburg

My friend, an expert in all kinds of techniques, advised me to take this washer. He was right, the machine is magnificent. It erases perfectly, does not fail in technical terms, the wife is so enthusiastic about it. We would have done more such good equipment, otherwise we cannot buy a normal refrigerator. Recommended!

Konstantin, Severodvinsk

For a long time I used the Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine, perhaps this is the coolest machine. Bosch is a bit inferior to my taste, especially as part of washing programs, but I like it anyway. Squeezes by five points. I am quite satisfied!

Olesya, Nizhnevartovsk

When buying a car, the goal was to take a simple and reliable model without frills. You have to overpay for the bells and whistles, but in everyday use they are of little use. In general, our choice fell on the Bosch WLG20165OE, although I thought that the brand would have to pay extra, but I was mistaken. Now washing has become a pleasure, I am very happy.

Ivan, MoscowBosch WLG20165OE program switch

Very beautiful machine, besides compact and the top cover is removed. I easily pushed it under the countertop in the bathroom and plugged it in, went in like a glove. There are as many as two quick wash in 15 and 30 minutes. Brand verified. In general, I trust this machine, let it work for a long time.

Yuri, Tula

Love machine. And how can Bosch not like it. As far as I can remember, this company did normal models. Five points!

Oksana, city of Abakan

The purchase was made in May last year remotely. They delivered the machine quickly and without problems. Marriage is not found. The husband connected himself. The wash is quiet and efficient, there are no complaints about washing. I put the highest score to the store and typewriter!

Matvey, Syzran

I like everything about this machine, except for the final squeak. Such a fly in the ointment. The developers of the bastard, at least some kind of laid-back melody would be sewn in or at least the sound diminished. If you don’t find fault, the washing machine is normal!

Lyudmila, Pyatigorsk

At one time, I got hooked on LG's washing machines, I had three of them, they stood in the rooms of the residents.Then they somehow began to break one after another, and in return I took three Bosch WLG20165OE. How the clock works, washing machines, thanks a lot to the manufacturer, it really saves our money and nerves. Recomend for everybody!

In the tourist season, residents come across different. Someone normally refers to technology, and someone scoffs as he can. Bosch withstands and this is important.

Rinat, Elektrostal

Without a car in my bachelor life in any way. Bosch helps out unambiguously. It erases very well, you can’t wash it with your hands, especially bed linen. Made to last. It works for me!

Michael, Biysk

We have a machine for two days, the best impressions. It erases gently and effectively, the laundry at the exit is almost not wrinkled, if you do not dry it, then ironing is a pleasure. The powder receptacle is easily pulled out for washing, although I have not washed it yet, I just tried to pull it out. You can immediately see the washer was made for Europeans, although they collect it in Russia, here's the paradox.

Catherine, YaroslavlBosch WLG20165OE front view

Very economical machine, I was very surprised. At the same time, I did not find any shortcomings in it, but I was looking honestly, you can believe me. Small flaws that do not affect the functionality, of course, exist, but overall, a great technique. Five points!

Fedor, Norilsk

I read before buying people's opinions. They chew something snot, chew, there is nothing to pickle here, an excellent machine. A quick glance at her is enough to understand. And for those who doubt, free advice: go to 30 degrees of frost on the river with a trough, a washboard and a mountain of dirty linen, work hard, as it should, and all doubts will scatter by themselves.


Igor, Kursk

I have never used Boshes before, this is my first experience. I will not say that I really liked the machine. Firstly, wash programs are crooked, there is nothing to choose from. If you wash at 60 degrees for two hours, then most of my things will go to the trash. There are, of course, short programs, but they are of little use. Secondly, it infuriates that you cannot set the time for executing the washing program yourself. Displeased!

Olga, Miass

I have never met the worst cars. Already during the very first wash, water poured from under a closed hatch. I will never buy Bosch brand products again.

I still can’t understand how I didn’t notice the torn cuff of the hatch when buying a car. Henceforth, one must be more careful.

Svetlana, Nalchik

I bought a washing machine of this brand six months ago. The engine burned out. I'm very disappointed. This machine is a budget way, but such a frank marriage is not permissible. I’ll put one point!

Kirill, Tambov

Poor build quality, broke in two months. I think the whole thing is in the Russian assembly. Boshi used to be German, so they didn’t allow themselves this, they worked for 20 years. Now Bosch has changed a lot, began to produce third-rate equipment.


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