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Reviews on the dishwasher Beko DIN 15210

reviews on Beko DIN 15210The competitors of the leading manufacturers of dishwashers are on the alert, and the full-size Beko DIN 15210 dishwasher came into being. In many ways, it looks like several Bosch models, but it has some technical improvements. In addition, it costs an average of $ 85 cheaper, which cannot but attract consumers. What are the features of the operation of this machine and what will users generally say about it, let's find out by reading their reviews.


Sergey, Dmitrov

I was pleasantly surprised by this dishwasher. She turned out to be very beautiful, technically advanced and inexpensive. Non-greedy manufacturer, put a small pack of Finish tablets in the kit. I purchased a machine in an online store and installed it myself, everything went like clockwork. Now I use the dishwasher with great pleasure.

  1. Management is the easiest, even a grandmother can handle it.
  2. Five programs for any occasion, even there is a half load.
  3. There is full protection against leakage.

I was very surprised by the protection against leaks on a cheap machine. I don’t know how well she works, but she is definitely there.

  1. You can use any means, besides the dishwasher is almost noisy during operation.
  2. Recently I noticed that the machine even has a delay in launch, which is generally very cool.

Previously, I clearly could not be called a fan of the Beko DIN 15210 dishwasher, but rather the opposite. When I ordered it, I was very careful and consulted specialists with my friends. After much thought, I took a chance and do not regret it, because this is a normal technique!

Alexey, Moscow

My wife and I try to use the dishwasher regularly, but we start it mainly at night, thanks to the delayed start. The technique is surprisingly thought out, I especially like transformer baskets that even accommodate non-standard dishes. For the first two weeks she smelled slightly of plastic, but then the smell wore off. The machine does not make much noise, at night with closed doors to the kitchen it does not interfere with sleep (there is much more noise from neighbors). Washes mostly good. Five points!

Vyacheslav, Kemerovo

The machine is built-in, while it has a very beautiful design. She is very roomy. I managed to stuff all the dishes that were in the house. Washes fine, even better than I expected. The baskets are convenient, there is a half load and a delayed start. I don’t know how long she will work, but I would like for many years.

Catherine, Novosibirsk

For this money, the machine has no shortcomings. Even with a poor layout of the dishes, she manages to wash everything well. I am absolutely sure that you should not buy dishwashers of expensive brands, because Beko will give them 100 points in advance, but they are inexpensive. It is very economical, it only spends 12 liters of water per wash cycle, while the baskets will be fully loaded. The technique is a bit noisy, but it doesn't bother me. Recommend!

Olesya, Tomsk

About a year ago, I bought Beko DIN 15210 as a gift to my grandmother. My granny lives separately in her apartment. She is already very old and washing dishes is uncomfortable for her. Now she is helped by a dishwasher. My grandmother mastered it in just a week, only sometimes she forgets to add salt and put a detergent. She does not turn on the machine every day, while everything is working fine. Washes everything fine. Granny is happy!

Irina, St. PetersburgBeko DIN 15210

I use the machine recently. I just can not get used to the fact that she washes for three hours. I can’t say that it annoys me, but still it’s not clear. The result of the washing is like magic. The machine handles the dishes very carefully, dries well. Five points!

Alexander, Krasnoyarsk

A modern person should not wash dishes with his hands, so I bought Beko DIN 15210. The impressions of the technique are the most positive. Loved the baskets, which removed the plate holders.The baskets themselves can be moved horizontally and vertically, which allows you to fold plates and pans of large sizes. The wife rejoices, already squeaks. Even a trip to the sea did not bring her so much joy as a dishwasher.


Stanislav, Novosibirsk

This is just an amazing car. Unfortunately amazing, in a bad way. It seems to be washing well, but maybe it's not her merit, since I always take pills finish. Recently, for the sake of experiment, I decided to pull the door handle on myself and almost got a stream of hot water in my face. It turns out that the door did not lock during the execution of the program, but what if the child had done this? I am categorically not happy with such an acquisition, I will not advise anyone.

Julia, Rostov-on-Don

We lived somehow without a dishwasher, and it was normal. Now the dishwasher is in service broken, and I do not even feel the lack of something. Specialists from the service center say they will fix it within a week, but I have no desire to return it home. The reason is simple, I just do not need a dishwasher, although the quality of Beco leaves much to be desired.

Larisa, Smolensk

The dishwasher is pretty bad. Poorly washes, freezes quite often. The case is beautiful white, but this is its only plus. In vain, I believed the seller in the store, threw the money away.

Tatyana, Krasnodar

The machine broke after the first start. Well, the normal master came from the service, recognized the factory jamb and took the machine. The very next day, the seller transferred the money to me. I won’t pay attention to Beco technique anymore and I don’t advise you.


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