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Reviews on the washing machine AEG AMS7000U

AEG AMS7000U reviewsYou dream about the AEG washing machine, but you cannot afford it. We present to your attention a relatively inexpensive front-loading AEG AMS7000U washing machine. It is not as sophisticated as other models of AEG washing machines, however, it performs its function by five plus, in any case, according to experts. Today we do not want to know the opinion of professionals, but ordinary customers who are familiar with such a machine for at least six months, their reviews and see.

Men's opinions

Sergey, Moscow

The Italian assembly drives, the machine is very good, everything is organic in it, from appearance to assembly. It is not very heavy, so it seems that when spinning at 1000 rpm, it will jump, but nothing like that. The machine not only does not skip, it still works very quietly. Eight months we erase it with her wife, as if in paradise. She has a lot of advantages.

  1. Electronic control seems to be created for the average person, everything is very convenient.
  2. There is complete protection against children, leaks, excessive foaming. There is also imbalance control.

Unlike most cars, AEG has full protection against leaks, that is, not only the case, but also the hoses are protected in it, so you will not be flooded.

  1. There are good programs for washing silk and wool, and these are fabrics that, in fact, cannot be washed at all. In this sense, the machine is simply unique.
  2. There is a delay of start, which is user-configurable, as much as possible you can put a delay of 20 hours.

The most important thing is that the machine erases just fine, and it copes with washing not only ordinary things, it erases perfectly, for example, curtains. For this, she has a special program. In a sense, the washer replaces the laundry, we are very satisfied. Especially when buying, we were able to save a little, in total it cost us $ 566. Recommended for purchase!

Peter, MoscowAEG AMS7000U reviews

Reliable and well erased. I have it for a year now, I’m happy with the purchase. PI am satisfied with the quality of any complaints; I erase it about twice a week. Five points!

Alexander, Ulyanovsk

The machine works fine, but at first I was in a different mood, and all because the powder collector was pulled out with great difficulty. I looked inside, it turned out that the movement of the tray was prevented by a large plastic burr, which I successfully scraped off with a flat screwdriver. The problem was resolved, but as they say, the sediment remained. I believe that the AEG cannot afford such "stocks" by definition!

Artem, Magnitogorsk

Noble brand, excellent Italian assembly, impeccable design. Using this washer is a pleasure, because even during the spin cycle it does not vibrate and almost does not make noise. The programs are all careful, they don’t spoil the linen, but they deal with the dirt without mercy.

Gleb, St. Petersburg

When I just bought the AEG AMS7000U, I was afraid that she would not get in the bathroom, because her body was a little thick, but nothing came right in. It erases quite quietly, but does not jump. The programs are exclusive, nowhere are there, only in AEG washing machines. In addition, the machine is quite economical. She can wash immediately 6 kg of linen, while spending only 49 liters of water on washing. Powder can also be sprinkled less. Great model!

Eugene, Nizhny Novgorod

Two years ago I used washing machine Indesit IWUC 4105. How many nerves she patted me, how many problems she created. As a result, I sold it, and I firmly decided not to take cheap cars anymore. AEG AMS7000U was advised by the seller, for which I am very grateful to him. The washing was excellent, with Indesit and did not stand nearby!

Opinions of women

Alla, Saratov

Just a terrible machine, and all because I flew with it on a tidy sum. When I took it, AEG thought - this is reliability, but in fact it is even worse than cheap Chinese washers. A year and two months later, the bearings broke, first a hum appeared, and then a metal rattle.I contacted the service, they told me that the warranty is over and they can repair the washer at my expense. The master arrived quickly, but told me that repairs would cost about $ 300, because you have to change the tank assembly with a drum, which is expensive. I didn’t pay, I took a new machine, now I know that there is no point in overpaying for branded equipment.

According to the master, there are more complaints about the AEG technique, and if so, then why bother buying it for such a lot of money.

Larisa, VoronezhAEG AMS7000U

Mighty imported machine without technical frills. I bought it two years ago and still can’t get enough of it. She has a good program to protect things from creasing, if you turn it on, it’s easy to iron later. But keep in mind that if things dry, you will have to process the laundry with a steamer. AEG AMS7000U is an expensive washer because it was assembled in Italy, but it is worth it. I recommend to buy!

Ksenia, Moscow

I took this washer without hesitation, because it is simple, without any sensors, but it erases normally. The cost is a little too big for appliances with such functionality, but nothing, I myself sell household appliances, I know what I'm paying for. A normal choice for a family of three. If you have a large family, you need to take a model with a large drum, at least for 8 kg. Good luck and enjoy your shopping!

Irina, Penza

AEG AMS7000U is a worthy choice. I once had the courage to spend money on a good machine and now I am happy, but my mother took Beko and for two years it was repairing it for the second time. Here, as you like, there’s the wise saying “avaricious pays twice”, this is just our case!


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