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Zigmund & Shtain Dishwasher Reviews

reviews about Zigmund & ShtainThe products of the relatively young German company Zigmund & Shtain are not very popular in Germany. Due to the great competition in the homeland, the company has virtually no sales markets, but outside the European Union they love and know this brand. Dishwashers Zigmund & Shtain have an affordable price and high enough quality. This is stated by many experts, but we would like to know the opinion of ordinary users. What will people say?

Zigmund & Shtain DW139.4505X

Ivan, Moscow

This machine is somewhat similar to my old Bosch brand dishwasher, but it washes better. She has only three washing programs, but there is a half load. Judging by the number of functions, the machine does not make the impression of a budget. It has absolutely everything you need, except beam on the floor. I am quite pleased with my new machine, I will recommend it to my friends.

Regina, Moscow

I was perplexed when the seller in the store offered me to buy a Zigmund & Shtain dishwasher. This brand seemed strange to me, because I had never heard anything about it before. Other brands such as Samsung, Indesit, Becko, Bosch, Kandy, and here some Sigmund and Stein, are usually very strange. But the manager fussed well, devoted me a lot of time and patiently talked about all the advantages of this machine. I decided to buy. They brought and installed quickly, and now for the second month I have not touched the sponge and bottle of Fairy with my finger. What advantages have I noticed in the Zigmund & Shtain DW139.4505X?

  1. Narrow, which means it saves space and roomy. The washing hopper is designed very competently, you can even shove healthy pans.
  2. It is built-in, and is installed quite easily, and the facade on the door "sits like a glove."
  3. The machine has a half load mode, but I do not use it, I try to accumulate more dishes.

At half load, the machine washes either objects in the upper basket or in the lower basket, depending on the settings.

  1. The machine has full protection against leaks and three washing programs. It seems not enough for a modern dishwasher, but I do not feel any shortage.

I think that this dishwasher deserves five points, although it may seem to someone rustic. Most importantly, it performs its function well and works reliably. In any case, I hope so, time will tell!

Marina, Petrozavodsk

This German dishwasher is inexpensive and of good quality. She has good washing programs, protection from children and leaks. In addition, her case is only 45 cm and it can be built into furniture. Acquired a month ago. Recomend for everybody!

Zigmund & Shtain DW129.4509X

Konstantin, Moscow

For such a low price, I have not seen quiet dishwashers yet, and the Zigmund & Shtain DW129.4509X is incredibly quiet. Washes dishes and cutlery very cleanly, without stains and stains. The tray for forks and spoons is very convenient, and the holder for glasses is thought up very cunningly. At first I was afraid that the machine would beat the dishes, but this, fortunately, did not happen.

Alena, Vladivostok

Zigmund & Shtain DW129.4509X holds a lot of dishes, although its case is narrow. It comes in a little less than in our old freestanding full-size Kandy dishwasher, but not by much. The machine launders well, especially if you turn on the pre-soak mode for dried dirty dishes. She has a 3-in-1 tablet compartment, and they dissolve there perfectly, saturating the water with chemistry and making it possible to wash the dirt. Zigmund & Shtain is a normal option!

Matvey, Kirov

After three weeks of operation, the machine suddenly began to buzz during the collection of water, and then, in general, stopped collecting water. I didn’t get any system errors on the display, I didn’t know what to think. The master called, he tinkered a bit and said that the dishwasher should be taken to the service. This news upset me very much. Now it is not known how long I will live without equipment, but I have already begun to get used to it.

Zigmund & Shtain DW129.6009X

Rinat, Yekaterinburg

And at all this dishwasher is not German, just a company registered in Germany. Production is all in China, but that does not make the machine bad. Personally, I have been using Zigmund & Shtain DW129.6009X for about a year and during this time I have not found any minuses in it. It holds a lot, perfectly performs its main function and does not make noise. She has a display and a convenient menu in which even the grandmother will understand. It is full-sized and fully built-in, just what I once looked for.

I built it completely on my own, no problems with this and nothing needs to be bought.

Irina, Novosibirsk

Zigmund & Shtain DW129.6009X is not the lowest cost, but it is definitely worthy of a place in my kitchen. I already had a bad experience using a dishwasher, and for the second time, I decided to study everything I could to buy good equipment. I think I succeeded.

Valery, Moscow

This dishwasher is simply stuffed with various functions. She does not make noise and perfectly does dishes and kitchen utensils. I even tried to wash the sneakers in it, by the way, it turns out pretty well, more carefully than in the washing machine. It has built-in normal leakage protection and a delay timer for starting up for a whole day. She has as many as 9 washing programs, I think this is a record for a dishwasher, well, if not even a record, then something close. Good technique!

Zigmund & Shtain DW139.6005XZigmund & shtain

Tatyana, Krasnodar

I wanted to take a budget full-size from Zigmund & Shtain, and my dream came true, the main thing is to correctly motivate my husband. Her case is 60 cm wide, and it almost played a cruel joke on me; I had to remodel the furniture in the kitchen a little so that the machine could enter without any problems. She washes perfectly, but you need to properly arrange the dishes and use a normal detergent. Particular attention to the arrangement of the dishes, a little that I’ve set incorrectly and will be washed.

Oleg, Syktyvkar

Machine with a capacious working chamber. The baskets are regulated in every way, and their shape is good, you can even fold the plates and cups, albeit with more overall dishes. The machine has only three programs available: a regular, intensive and fast program. As a bonus, there is a half load mode, but it seems to me completely useless, because we have a large family and always mountains of dirty dishes. Good "workhorse", I recommend!

Oksana, Sochi

I purchased a Zigmund & Shtain DW139.6005X with a factory defect. The master told me that these machines often junk electronics. That's the news, but they didn’t say a word to me at the mall. Everywhere we are fooled by our brother, you never know where you will get for a ride. Time has passed a lot, I can’t hand over the car. Masters suggested changing the warranty management module. Let them change what remains.

Zigmund & Shtain DW69.4508X

Alexander, St. Petersburg

I found some good reviews on the net about this dishwasher and got into idle tales. The machine is nowhere worse, because it does not wash with or without a tool. From the first day there were problems with her, so I passed her from sin. Do not mess with Chinese technology, and especially one with a German name.

Roman, Moscow

Dishwasher Zigmund and Shtain is working properly. My dishes are served twice a day, as our relatives are now visiting us. The wife puts half a tablet of Finish and everything is washed well. At the exit, the dishes creak clean, dry and hot.

Valentina, Nizhny Novgorod

The intake valve is covered. So my husband described the breakdown, and the master who came on call confirmed. All this happened in the third month after the purchase, here you have the German-Chinese reliability. Before the breakdown, the dishwasher worked quite well, it is a pity that it was not enough for a long time.


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