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Reviews about the dishwasher Whirlpool ADG 422

reviews about Whirlpool ADG 422When the company launched the Whirlpool ADG 422 dishwasher, it was thought that it would be a budget model with limited features. In this case, the machine must have been made simple and reliable. How did this come about and what is the Whirlpool ADG 422 today? This is most truthfully told to us by users.

Women's opinions

Anna, St. Petersburg

Three months ago I took this dishwasher at a 25% discount. Honestly, I was flattered at a discount, despite the technical specifications, but I had to look at them. The regular price of the Whirlpool ADG 422 is $ 440. I would like to ask the manufacturer a question: what is the money for?

  1. The machine does not have full protection against leaks, partial protection does not meet modern safety requirements.
  2. The dishwasher does not have a water purity sensor, although most Whirlpool dishwashers have it installed.
  3. Also, she does not have an automatic installation of water hardness, which is very helpful during operation.
  4. Among other things, the machine is quite noisy, even the fact that it is hiding behind a furniture facade does not save.

It is stated that the machine is fully built-in. It is, but installing it is pure hard labor.

  1. The baskets are quite uncomfortable, although if you get used to it a lot comes in.

My description may seem devastating to some, but I did not want to criticize the machine. In fact, it is not bad, only the cost is a bit overpriced. She does not deserve five points, but I’ll put a four.

Elena, Magnitogorsk

The Whirlpool ADG 422 was purchased by our family about a year ago. She copes well with her function, although sometimes there are misfires in the form of dirty pots that I have to bother. The technique is very sensitive to the dosage of detergent, so it is better to use tablets. If you put a little less powder, it is poorly laundered, if you put a little more, a slippery coating will remain. Pills are still an overhead topic, although I found an inexpensive option in the form of Clean & fresh.

Alena, Omsk

I am delighted with my new Whirlpool ADG 422 dishwasher, which I use every day for five months. It works well, I tried all the modes, including the half-load program. At half load, the machine can wash both the upper basket and the lower one, depending on which dishes you load. There are no stains on dishes even when using cheap detergents. At the end of the wash, the beam warns about this, shining into the wall, but the sound signal is not provided. The machine is more spacious than the narrow Bosch. I am very glad that I bought it.

Julia, Moscow

When working in a bank, you should always have a perfect hairstyle, clothes and of course a manicure. “Trading my face” I come home all day and turn into an ordinary housewife, who has to do housework. Most of all I was enraged by the need to wash the dishes accumulated during the day. A couple of such sinks and manicures need to be redone, which is quite expensive. The Whirlpool ADG 422 dishwasher, which appeared in the house a year ago, helped out. She washes dishes to a shine, while I actually do not make any effort. For a modern hostess, this is a great option!

Marina, Novosibirsk

Thanks to the sale, she grabbed a Whirlpool ADG 422 machine. She got me $ 322. For this money, she decided not to think much and grabbed, as they say, without looking. Very vain! The machine is definitely not worth the money. Often freezes and disconnects itself. To properly wash the dishes, you need to sit next to and guard. I'd rather wash my hands. I do not recommend it!

Oksana, Ekaterinburg

The seller in the store frankly deceived me when he landed Whirlpool ADG 422. It works very poorly, it does not wash dishes especially large. From cutlery, only spoons and knives are washed, with forks trouble. I spend money on pills, and then I wash everything with a new hand. This is no good, the model is a failure and it went to me just like luck.

Lydia, cityMoscow

Very beautiful, roomy and technological dishwasher. It does not fit in the head, how many dishes of different sizes fit in these small baskets. It doesn’t wash coffee and tea plaque from the mugs too well, so you have to clean them with your hands, well, this is an insignificant “cant”. In general, I am pleased with the machine, I recommend it to everyone!

Opinions of men

Yuri, PskovWhirlpool adg 422

Our new Whirlpool ADG 422 dishwasher has a case with a width of only 45 cm. Our kitchen is small, so there would be no place for a technique with a wider case, and everything fit in. Due to the small dimensions, the functionality does not suffer much, 10 sets of dishes fit.

The lack of space in the baskets of the dishwasher is felt only during gatherings with friends, when a large amount of dirty dishes accumulates. I have to wash in three steps, under normal conditions, there is enough space. The washing quality is normal, no streaks and greasy plaque is observed. The machine is commendable.

Sergey, Tomsk

Whirlpool ADG 422 - a decent machine, it's good that I got it so cheaply. She washes normally, handles dishes carefully. With proper care, nothing is clogged with her and no errors come out. I am glad that I chose this model.

Denis, Rostov-on-Don

Last month, he pleased his wife with a new Whirlpool ADG 422 dishwasher. For the first three days she was tormented by folding dishes in baskets, but now she is doing everything “with her eyes closed”. With proper arrangement, the dishes can be washed perfectly, and if you still do not save on the product, then the plates begin to shine and creak. My wife is more pleased with my gift than with gold jewelry, although she would like both.

Ivan, Syktyvkar

I took the Whirlpool ADG 422 to fully equip the kitchen, but I do not see any special need for it. I come home late in the evening, no one except the cat is expecting me. I also do a little dishwashing, hands faster and easier to wash. The machine seems to be not bad, but it costs me nothing. I think to sell it to a neighbor until it is rusted, but with me a positive review.


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