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Reviews about the dishwasher Bosch SPV30E40RU

Bosch SPV30E40RU reviewsThe Bosch German built-in dishwasher SPV30E40RU with a hydraulic water circulation system called ActiveWater was to the taste of Russian consumers. A dishwasher is being assembled in Germany, which in itself speaks of its high quality. But does he really speak? In order not to be unsubstantiated, relying entirely on the established brand, let's ask the opinion of users. They will help either confirm this idea or refute it.

Technical features of the model

Before proceeding to consider the reviews of people about this dishwasher, it will not be superfluous to briefly “go over” the technical characteristics of this model in order to have a more complete idea of ​​what people will tell.

So, let's start with the characteristics that deserve the most attention. If you do not take them into account, you can run into low-quality equipment.

  1. Dimensions and type of installation. In this case, we are dealing with a narrow machine, the width of which is 44.8 cm, which fully fits into the standards of narrow dishwashers.

By releasing narrow built-in dishwashers, the manufacturer takes into account that the width of such equipment should not exceed 45 cm.

  1. Capacity, washing and drying classes, noise level and type of drying. Insofar as narrow dishwasher, there will not be a lot of dishes in it, in this case the load limit is 9 sets. The washing and drying classes are “A”, nothing beyond the limits, the noise level is 52 dB, which is within the normal range, but one could count on quieter operation. And finally, the type of drying is also without surprises; it is condensation in this model.
  2. Manufacturer's warranty, country of production, program composition. Despite the low cost of the model (about 350 dollars), it is manufactured in Germany, although the manufacturer gives a modest guarantee, only 1 year, but in principle this is enough. The composition of the programs is also modest, there are only three of them, so this dishwasher is not suitable for those who love a wide selection of modes.

In addition to the main characteristics, customers attach great importance to the specifications of this model of dishwasher. In particular, it is about:Bosch SPV30E40RU

  • half load;
  • the ability to use 3 in 1 funds;
  • alternating water supply technologies;
  • the presence of a self-cleaning filter.

The fact that the budget machine has these functions is simply excellent. But that is not all. There is a group of indicators that tell the user about the presence of salt, rinse aid, talk about the progress of the washing program, not forgetting to signal about its completion. In the presence of protection against leaks and from the intervention of children. Dimensions of the model W x D x H - 44.8 x 55 x 81.5 cm. Included with the dishwasher is a special plate that is mounted on the countertop from the back to protect the latter from steam.

Positive opinions

Larisa, Rostov-on-Don

There have been three dishwashers in my life. I can say for sure, this is the best. With the rest, I constantly had some problems. I talked to so many craftsmen that I myself could probably repair the dishwashers, in any case I know where they have what is and how long and expensive it is to change these parts. My new dishwasher for me in a year did not cause any problems. NIt is not demanding of operating conditions, it works properly, you do not need to clean five times a week, I am completely satisfied.

Cyril, Pskov

I have always sincerely believed that the dishwasher is the lot of lazy people who are too lazy to move a finger for their household. I myself was born and raised in the village, I know what the life of a village house is, and here in the apartment they are too lazy to wash a plate after themselves. Currently, I admit my mistake, I realized that occasionally without a dishwasher it is really difficult, so I bought a reliable and inexpensive Bosch.

Technique is technology, but for it to work, you need to learn how to control it.

Bosch SPV30E40RU front viewFirst impressions were not very good, it was difficult to get used to arranging dishes in baskets, and I was not lucky with the product, so I ruined the first three washes, but it was all my fault. Now I learned how to load dishes, I bought good German tablets for washing dishes and I don’t know grief. As before, sometimes I wash it with my hands if there are very few dishes, but when I more or less accumulate dirty dishes, I wash them in a typewriter. What a thrill it is to have a robotic kitchen. Dishwasher manufacturers respect!

Olga, Sergiev Posad

In my little kitchen, I never hoped to put a full-sized dishwasher, although I dreamed. You can dream for a long time, but you don’t want to wash the dishes with your hands, so in the end I preferred a narrow dishwasher from Bosch. From the first steps it is clear that this is a true German. The assembly is beautiful, no hints of clumsy, it works like a clock, very happy to buy.

Negative opinions

Lydia, Nizhnevartovsk

So I ran into a German dishwasher. And as a salesman he praised me, he walked right around like a peacock. Well, yes, the thing is past, the fool herself. I just want to warn you against rash purchases. For myself, I noted only one plus - quiet operation, otherwise I did not like the machine.

  1. Pans and pans are poorly washed even in intensive mode with good pills.
  2. Leaves a white coating on plates and glasses, obviously not rinsing them.
  3. Quickly clogged with food debris, although I clean everything I can from the dishes before putting it in baskets.

I do not recommend this machine to anyone, although it is cheap. Chasing cheapness, but in the end you will find yourself in a loss.

Natalia, Velikiye Luki

A month of torment led me to quarrel with the seller and hand the machine back to the store. And it all began so rosyly. My relatives gave me a tidy sum of money for my birthday, and I decided to go broke buying a Bosch machine. There was only enough money for this model, but the seller assured me that the machine is good and I will not regret the purchase, but it turned out the opposite.

There is a very wise saying “avaricious pays twice”, so I saved it, I bought a cheap dishwasher in order to wash the dishes with my hands as a result.

Andrey, Moscow

It seems that the Germans have learned to assemble every “hat” for the Russian market. My brother has a dishwasher even cheaper, a Chinese one, and it works like the best Swiss watch. In vain, I relied on the untwisted brand of Bosch, now I’ll disentangle. The second time in 3 months I rent for repair under warranty, then a heating element, and now electronics, terrible horror!

Summing up, we note that the reviews about this dishwasher are very different, but there are more positive ones in the total mass, although we have indicated them in equal numbers in this publication so as not to give the impression that we are on the side or, conversely, against the manufacturer. In such matters, we are on the side of the truth and try not to leave this thorny path!


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