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Beco Dishwasher Reviews

Beco dishwasher reviewsDishwashers of the Turkish Beko brand are doubtful by some consumers regarding the build quality, especially when compared with the Bosch sales leader. Of course, Beko is not a competitor for the Boschs. And what do those who already use or have used such dishwashers say, let's analyze the reviews.



Before buying a dishwasher, I dug up a bunch of reviews on the Internet in search of a small model and desirable with a load of at least 10 sets of dishes. The dishwasher was found to like so much the price. The choice fell on the Beco dishwasher, which for today is already 2 years old. I bought a car on the Internet, and managed the installation on my own. The top cover was easily removed, and therefore without any problems the dishwasher stood under one of the countertops in the kitchen. The car is narrow, does not take up much space.

I like the result of washing dishes, there is not even a tea plaque on the glasses. The only drawback that cannot be noted is the lack of a separate rinse function. The fact is that after any washing program on the dishes there is a white coating, especially noticeable on metal pans and spoons. It would not hurt to wash it off additionally, but unfortunately there is no such function. I get out of this situation like this, first I turn it on for a long time, and then for a short one without adding funds. In general, a good budget car, deserving 4 points.


A gift from my husband for a birthday in the form of a dishwasher caused shock and delight! There was a real surprise, but because emotions were breaking over the edge, when I entered the kitchen, I saw a car already running! Of course, I thought about the car, because few people like to wash dishes with their hands. In general, an excellent dishwasher that copes with its tasks with a bang. Of the detergents, I still use tablets and salt. There is a small minus, there is no child lock, the dishwasher can be opened at any time, therefore you have to follow. When the door is opened, hot steam escapes. All the advantages cover this defect.


BEKO DSFS 1530With the advent of the third child in the family, my husband had no choice but to fulfill my ultimatum request for the purchase of a dishwasher, otherwise, mountains of utensils would fall on his shoulders. So a dishwasher from Beko was bought, about which numerous positive reviews on the Internet were read.

Now about the pluses of the model, but there are a lot of them:

  • easy to install and connect, managed it yourself;
  • compact enough, found a place even in a five-meter kitchen;
  • different programs are provided, there are five of them, choose any;
  • clear controls, buttons are located on the end of the door, which hides them from children;
  • works quietly, almost inaudibly;
  • perfectly launders glass goblets, so you won’t wash it with your hands.

In the car, as it turns out, you can wash not only dishes, but also toys, which is very important for us. Of the funds, I like tablets, because it is convenient to lay. There are flaws in the model. There is a smell inside the car, it doesn’t stay on the dishes, but still, my husband says that many dishwashers have it, because he works in a restaurant. This dishwasher is also small, I would like a larger unit, since the baking sheet from the oven is not included, but the dimensions of the kitchen did not allow us to buy a model 60 cm wide. Pans with burnt food and pans are not washed well in the dishwasher, and the model does not provide protection from children.

The drying did not impress me either, it can be said - just not. For better drying, open the machine door. It was also disappointing that the dishes didn’t come in much, in my opinion, this was clearly not for 10 sets, although over time I learned to lay more than originally. In general, you have to run 2-3 times a day.

Even with such disadvantages, I am glad that I have it. Therefore, I advise everyone to buy.



We have been using the dishwasher for 4 months already, and we bought beko DIS 5831 for the birth of a child so as not to waste time washing the dishes. Most often, we launch a two-hour program at number 7, since everything is washed with it and baby bottles, too. The hourly program for lightly soiled dishes is rarely included. For washing we use separately powder, rinse aid and salt from the company Finish, the tablets somehow come out a little expensive, about 2 times.

To prevent stains on the dishes, we experimentally established that this does not depend on the means, but on the correctly set dosage of the rinse aid. Therefore, I advise you to pay special attention to this. To make the dishes dry after washing, it is better to open the door for 10 minutes, so the hot dishes dry out faster. If you start the washing process at night, then the noise is heard, but during the day we do not pay attention to it.

In general, it washes just SUPER! So the dishes in our kitchen looked right after the purchase, no matter how hard you try, but you can’t achieve this result with your hands. And we still don’t put Teflon and rusting objects in the car, and everything is fine, in a word holiday.


BEKO DIS 5831Beco's dishwasher is really great. Most often I use the clock mode and 6 mode, but for 2 hours the car practically did not turn on. With a full cycle, the dishes dry out perfectly, and on a shorter one you have to slightly open the door. The dishes after the machine shine, it is a pleasure to get it dry and clean.


By and large, I was satisfied with the purchase of the car; it washes in general not badly. But I can only give a general rating of 3, I will explain why. Firstly, the door closes a little crookedly and rubs against the side of the dishwasher, Like under the countertop, this is not noticeable. Secondly, out of eight programs, when turned on, for some reason program 4 is always offered, although I like the third one, I have to go through the entire list of programs forward until you reach number 3. There are no other complaints about the unit.


As many chose the Beko DIS 5831 dishwasher, reading reviews, so she decided to share her impressions. It is about this model that Beco speaks best. The description of the machine corresponds to the actual configuration. Since the model is built-in, it does not have a facade. Until you hang it, the door does not lock in the open position. But the most important thing is that the dishes are washed perfectly, even the dirtiest. Management is convenient and there is the ability to delay the launch. I note such a nuance, the fastest washing cycle with powder is about 50 minutes, and with tablets 1h 15min.


I had two dishwashers, they are like heaven and earth, now the car is from Beco, I can say that everything is of poor quality in it. The only plus, it’s probably its minus, is the low price. The repairman was also surprised at my complaints, saying why they bought a car from Beko if they wanted a quality dishwasher. Everything is washed out very poorly, so that the result is impressive, you will have to work with the pens first. Clean the plates, rinse the dirtiest in advance and soak, and then also remember to turn on the pre-rinse in the machine. But even so, in 8 cases out of 10 pans are not washed.

It is not clear for what reason, but the holes in the sprinklers clog too quickly, this makes it necessary to clean and rinse everything after every third wash. There is no self-cleaning. The claimed function for recognizing tablets is missing; you have to enable this option yourself. In addition to being poorly washed, it also dries poorly. I consider it convenient only the compartment for spoons and forks, the ability to adjust the height of the basket and the delay in starting.

After a year of use, the coating on metal baskets peeled off, which led to the appearance of rust. I will also say that the installation is not as simple as it might seem. I will also pay attention to the door; it does not close well; during this time, two leaks occurred. 10 sets will not enter the car, maybe some sets are miniature, but mine are not included.I bought a car after reading positive reviews on the Internet, and now I decided to add my negative so that you have a clear idea about this technique.


I have to say right away - do not take Beko brand equipment. The dishwasher model DIS 5831 is built-in and now it fits perfectly into the interior of my household building after it burned out from a power surge. As it turned out, the manufacturer does not care about the consumer at all. One could put a fuse, as well-known companies do. I disassembled the unit and on the control board I saw where it burned out, it became clear that it could not be repaired, it was easier to buy a new one. I do not advise taking such an unreliable dishwasher.



BEKO DFN 1001 XI love my dishwasher, which has been working for more than two years. The smart dishwasher BEKO DFN 1001 X has the function of One Touch. This allows you to select a mode with just the touch of a button, because thanks to the presence of various sensors and sensors, she herself selects the dishwashing mode. Sensors determine not only the turbidity of the water, but also the feed rate and even stiffness.

After starting, the machine notifies of all actions, displaying detailed information on the progress of the program, on the amount of water and energy spent on the screen. A capacity of 13 sets is enough for 4 people, of which two are children. During the day, dishes accumulate inside the dishwasher, and in the evening the process starts. Very happy with the quality of washing, everything is perfectly clean, even pots and glasses.

The only thing that does not wash is the scum from the meat broth. But this does not scare me, because after washing this scum is easily removed with a napkin.

I note a small minus in the intelligence of the car. The tap water in the house in most cases is cloudy due to impurities, and the car selects the mode according to the degree of turbidity of the water, so most often it is a long mode, which is not always convenient. Only a few times the dishwasher independently selected the mode for 40 minutes, which did not affect the quality of the wash. Therefore, the advice is this: with poor-quality tap water, this Beco model should not be taken.


I chose this model of the dishwasher more in color than in functions, because I did not want a classic white like a washer. Because of this, some of the disadvantages of this full-size car were not noticed. And the main minus is that the machine is fully programmed, it picks everything up and launches the program itself, no matter how I tried to choose nothing myself. Neither half loading nor fast mode can be turned on.

Although she selects everything herself, depending on the readings of the sensors, in reality she always sets the longest wash. Washes not bad, but not perfect. I use it a couple of times a day, and, no matter what, I am very glad to her.

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We have all the home appliances in the Beko brand house, and the dishwasher too, and the model was DSFS 4530. There were no special requirements for the car when I bought it, I didn’t want an expensive and functional one. After numerous preparations in the kitchen, a mountain of dirty dishes appears, which is now located not in the sink, but in the dishwasher. At the end of the day, the washing process starts, and after 40 minutes everything is clean. Fast mode is most liked. With a small daughter, a dishwasher is simply irreplaceable.


That's how a dishwasher appeared in our house for a month, not all the residents of big cities have such an assistant, and here my husband and I finally decided to buy it. And we purchased BEKO DFS26010W, because it was the only one on sale in our store, there is nothing to choose from. Connected independently, no problem. The camera is large, there are a lot of dishes. Immediately began to use the quick wash mode for 35 minutes. The dishes are shining, I am very pleased. For a month, no defects were found, the salt has not yet ended. I advise everyone.


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