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Leran Dishwasher Reviews

dishwashers leran reviewsMost people before buying a dishwasher try to read reviews so as not to be mistaken with the purchase. This is a good idea, because most often people speak out spiritually, telling the whole truth, and this helps to make a choice. As part of this article, we have gathered people's opinions on the machines of the Chinese manufacturer Leran, making it easier for you to search for information.

Leran FDW 45-096 White

Korneev Vladimir

I am extremely dissatisfied with this dishwasher, I had to part with this unit a year later, because it broke, giving an error E2. What kind of error is not known, since the manufacturer did not consider it necessary to prescribe it in the instructions. The worst thing is that the dishes were washed poorly, and on the walls of the machine itself there was a lot of fat, over time, the machine generally began to rust.

Honestly, I believed the sales assistant. I do not advise you to take such a dishwasher, do not believe the sellers.

Sorry 1

I like the dishwasher from China, but the advantages include:

  • low price;
  • narrow in size;
  • attractive appearance;
  • there is a compartment for 3 in 1;
  • protection against young children who strive to press buttons.

There is a slight drawback, but it does not bother me. When you choose a program lasting one hour, then after it remains foam, probably due to rinse aid. Overall satisfied with the purchase!

Kanaev SergeyLeran FDW 45-096

The dishwasher worked normally for a week, and then it began to dry and wash poorly. Suspicion fell on the heating element, which could break. Since the car was under warranty, I drove it to the store. My fault was, because the drain was incorrectly installed. Conclusion: read the instructions before installation. So the car is good.


Nice car for the money. It works quietly, perfectly coping with its functions. We are pleased with this purchase. In addition, it is worth noting the compact size and spaciousness. As for the shortcomings, so far I have not found them, and therefore I recommend it for purchase.

Leran BDW 106LERAN BDW 106


When I bought this dishwasher, I did not find a single review about the technique of this brand, as it is new on the market. It was, of course, scary, but so far I have not regretted it, although I have been using it for only two months. I can not compare with other dishwashers, I use equipment for the first time. I am pleased with the result, as the dishes shine. There is a minus, but you can get used to it, there is no beam or other indicators that indicate the end of the wash.

Leran BDW 108

Bartenkov Sergey

I would like to note that this leran BDW dishwasher performs its function. It does not work loudly within 46 dB. A standard sink uses about 10 liters of water. It’s not entirely clear to me why, after washing, the tablet compartment remains open, maybe it should be so, I don’t know. In general, I am satisfied with the unit and I advise you to buy.

Leran BDW 45 108

Leran BDW 96

Osin Alexey

Leran has nothing to say about the merits of this dishwasher; he found only shortcomings for himself. First of all, she washes dishes terribly. I used it only at the maximum mode, as a result, after 8 months the PMM broke down, the “burned brains” were to blame. There are no spare parts for repair. In front of this car, I had a Bosch car. After three years of operation, I decided to give it to myself, and to buy a new one for myself, but my relatives still use it, and my car broke down. I do not recommend it.

Ronde Victor

I like this dishwasher, which has 6 washing modes. The fastest program lasts about 40 minutes, you can use tablets, because there is a special compartment. Capacities for salt and rinse aid are roomy, lasts a long time.

But there were some shortcomings:

  • The car, in my opinion, is very noisy, although close ones say that it is quite quiet.
  • The technique is quite deep, and therefore had to redo the kitchen set for it.
  • You can use tablets only with three modes, which are the longest.

Despite everything, I like the car, we do not regret the purchase. We collect dishes all day, and before bedtime we turn on for 1.5 hours. And in the morning everything is clean, even pots with porridge from porridge.

So, choosing a dishwasher, pay more attention not to the opinions of people and the entreaties of the seller, but tospecifications and your needs. Given all in all, the chances of making the right choice are greater. Good luck


7 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Valery Valery:

    Bought LERAN BDW 60-148 - a good dishwasher, quiet and functional. I have been using it for half a year until I found complaints about work. For its price perfectly copes with its functions. Washes normally, does not leave fat after itself. And the beam on the floor is a cool thing. I looked at dishwashers with the same functionality, the cost is from 40,000, I see no reason to overpay.

    • Gravatar Vitaliy Vitaliy:

      Is fasteners for the facade available?
      I read in one review that he did not have it. And in the store, he asked the consultant for this model 148 whether there were any hardware in the package. He answered me no.

      • Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

        Fasteners for the facade of the door are included. I just worked for only a month, refused to draw water. Tomorrow I'll call the wizard. And I was delighted with her.

  2. Gravatar Leysan Leysan:

    I bought PMM Leran FDW441063S. All hoses are connected correctly, but we can’t start the program. How to be?

  3. Gravatar Galina Galina:

    The car is terrible, does not wash the crutches, leaves leftovers on the plates. Extremely unsatisfied for 14,000 rubles is such nonsense.

    • Gravatar Olga Olga:

      Tell me, what tool do you use?

  4. Gravatar Nelly Nellie:

    The car is terrible, even for 5 thousand would not have bought one. The dishes are dirty, have to be washed.

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