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Kuppersberg GLA 689 Dishwasher Reviews

reviews of Kuppersberg GLA 689Today, housewives are increasingly cherishing manicures, preferring a dishwasher to hand washing dishes. This technique is no longer something supernatural and is found in every third apartment. The Kuppersberg GLA 689 dishwasher is what will allow you to stand out from the other owners of dishwashers, because Kuppersberg is an elite, both in brand and in technical terms. Let's see what reviews about this car buyers have published, and we will make a decision.


Julia, Cheboksary

When this dishwasher appeared in our house (thanks to my husband), at first I did not appreciate his desire to improve his life. It seemed to me that I do fine without a dishwasher. Yes, he spent a lot of money on her, even without consulting me. I must say that I did not sulk for long and already in the first week I appreciated the benefits of using the Kuppersberg GLA 689. The fact is that the husband decided to buy the car in March, and in April our eldest son and spouse have birthdays, which we traditionally celebrate in the circle families.

We have many relatives, so a whole company is going to dinner. What after all this a mountain of unwashed utensils forms, you can not even speak. I used to have to stand with a sponge by the sink until late at night, cleaning up after a feast, now the dishwasher does the main work.

  1. In it at a time you can stuff almost half of all the dishes that we have in our house. According to the manufacturer, these are 12 sets, but I do not understand how to correctly calculate these sets.
  2. There are all sorts of different programs that allow you to wash dishes with different impurities.

Even for each type of cookware there is a program that helps a lot when you need to wash a lot in several steps.

  1. The machine spends a little water and electricity. When you stand at the sink and wash, and the water flows from the tap, it drains into the sewer more than the dishwasher spends.
  2. Kuppersberg has a great feature called half load. With it, you can not accumulate a full bunker of dishes, but start the wash every day in the evening. That is, accumulate dishes for the whole day, and then wash them at a time, even if there will be half a hopper.Kuppersberg GLA 689 reviews

My girlfriend has dishwasher Bosch SMS40D12RU, with the same capacity as mine - 12 place settings. By the way, the machine is also pretty good. We use our technology in different ways. I try to wash the dishes every day, despite the fact that it may accumulate a little in the evening.

A friend, in order to save, accumulates dirty dishes until the hopper is full. This can also be done if you are ready to put up with an unpleasant odor that begins to come from pots and plates that have stood for 2-3 days. I can't stand it. If you are going to take the Kuppersberg GLA 689 dishwasher, this is a good, but not the only option!

Irina, Chelyabinsk

Kuppersberg washes very well. Though plates, even glasses or even pots always shine with cleanliness. No stains can be seen on the glasses, but I most often use cheap pills. I did not find any flaws in the dishwasher, I hope they are not. Five points!

Tatyana, Orenburg

I do not bother with the choice of programs. I always put “auto” and the result suits me. I even tried to push the dishes into the baskets incorrectly, it still washes well, and this is an indicator of high-quality technology. The price of the dishwasher is acceptable, reliability is also present, but I do not need anything else.

Love, Moscow

I can’t be called an ardent opponent of washing dishes, but this dishwasher conquered me. She saves my time, and my fingers, typing this text, say special thanks. I recommend everyone to get such a dishwasher!

Maxim, St. Petersburg

Recently, to the delight of my wife, I completely assumed the responsibility of washing dirty dishes. But I do it not one, but with a pretty assistant.Do not think that I undertook to change my beloved wife, we are talking about the Kuppersberg GLA 689 dishwasher. The technique does everything by itself, and I just have to put dirty dishes in the baskets and then get the clean ones. The good thing is this dishwasher.Kuppersberg GLA 689

Ruslan, Moscow

I really like the fully-integrated Kuppersberg GLA 689, although we use it quite rarely. A dishwasher is working during the holidays, but now we try to celebrate them in cafes and restaurants, so guests are not often at home. In general, I can’t say anything bad about the machine, it washes well, this is a fact. I was simply not interested in the rest.

Alena, Tolyatti

We have this second dishwasher, the first was Kandy. Kuppersberg GLA 689 cleans dishes much better, and the dishwasher looks more decent. It cost us quite dearly, but it seems to me it's worth it. Five points!


Stanislav, Rostov-on-Don

Condensation drying on this machine is no good. The dishes do not dry well. In addition, for a fully built-in dishwasher, the load is too small. My brother is a specialist in the repair of washing machines and dishwashers, he does not speak very well about the current Coopersbergs, but I will hope that he is mistaken. The instructions for the dishwasher are just awful, nothing is clear, the consumption of salt and powder is also quite large. I do not recommend for purchase!

Half washing is somehow complicated, I still can’t figure it out.

Elena, Moscow

Kuppersberg GLA 689 I stopped washing dishes a month after purchase. I did not expect this. Thanks to the seller, who quickly organized the removal of the machine, the expertise and, as a result, exchanged it for me with a Bosch dishwasher. I did not dare to take the second Kuppersberg, now I do not trust this brand.


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