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Korting KDI 45175 Dishwasher Reviews

Korting KDI 45175 reviewsThe German built-in dishwasher Korting KDI 45175 is another example of high quality from a well-known manufacturer. Particular attention to this model is due to the low price. And really, who will refuse good German technology, which costs as much as some third-rate Chinese. Let's look at the technical characteristics of this model, and at the same time reviews about it, because one who used this dishwasher for at least a couple of months can not be fooled by beautiful advertising tricks.


In fact, the technical characteristics of this dishwasher can be called ordinary. There are no extraordinary functions, programs or modes in it, however, there are still some “tricks”. In particular:

  • the “beam on the floor” indicator, which appears after the end of the program, notifying the user that clean dishes can be picked up;
  • full protection against leaks, which will protect your home from possible flooding in the event of a breakdown;
  • the ability to use 3 in 1 products instead of regular powder;
  • the ability to delay the launch of the machine as much as a day;
  • interior lighting.

It seems to be nothing special, but still these little technical additions make the operation of the machine simpler and more enjoyable. Korting KDI 45175 is a narrow built-in dishwasher, its dimensions are 45x54x82 cm. Despite the narrow body, the car is quite roomy. It is stated that it holds 10 sets of dishes, but in reality it includes a little more. The machine is quite economical, this applies to energy consumption (A ++) and water consumption (8.5 l) per cycle, and the machine spends a little time on washing.

This dishwasher model is distinguished by a low noise level (44 dB).

Korting DisplayThe control of the machine is electronic, there is an informative display. The case is made of stainless steel, covered with heat and noise insulation material from above. Fastenings for a furniture facade are very convenient and reliable.

Judging by the technical characteristics, the machine is very good, but that's what people will say about it, this is a big question. How does the Korting KDI 45175 dishwasher show itself during operation?

Positive opinions

Natalya, Moscow

I can be called a connoisseur of dishwashers. I am already buying a third. This time I chose for a long time and competently. I stopped at Korting KDI 45175. An excellent machine, I tell you, even the problem dishes after it shines. Built into the kitchen without problems, it works perfectly. It seemed to me that this is exactly the car that you can dream of, besides I paid for it only $ 420.

Alexander, Vladikavkaz

Korting KDI 45175 is a very cool machine, a friend of mine advised me who works as a seller of household appliances. I always wanted to buy a good typewriter, preferably a German one, but the prices for them are “biting”. I had to think hard, and then a friend called and said that they got cheap cars, well, I took it. In a nutshell, I’ll talk about the advantages of Korting KDI 45175.

  • It is very easy to integrate, all components are fitted perfectly.Korting Dish Baskets
  • There is a backlight, a beam indicator and a bunch of washing programs.
  • Quietly working.
  • Washes perfectly any dishes.

Over the 5 months of operation, I did not find any flaws, on the other hand, I did not particularly look. Personally, I like everything, my wife is also happy.

Larisa, Vladivostok

I was persuaded to buy Korting KDI 45175 in the store, in general I was counting on somewhat cheaper equipment, but in the end I did not regret that I took the dishwasher of this particular brand and model. I don’t understand anything in the technical subtleties, and it doesn’t matter to me, if only my “home assistant” did her job well and didn’t break longer. Love baskets for dishes. They are comfortable and roomy, do not "bother" if you need to cram a large frying pan or pan.

Trays for dishes can be adjusted in height.

Negative opinions

Igor, cityNovosibirsk

Yes, this Korting KDI 45175 was not made in Germany, but in Muhosransk in some kind of basement. Guys, I've never seen anything like this in my life. Either I am unlucky in pathology, or the Germans decided to throw us in revenge for 1945. I will tell you in order.

7 months ago, I bought a new Korting KDI 45175 in a large home appliance store. I decided not to order delivery and installation, I thought I would bring it and install it myself. So did. Surprisingly, everything went “like clockwork”, completing everything in place, built the machine without problems, and the connection to the communications went smoothly. True, I bought the wrong one first tap for connecting the dishwasher to the water supply, but then quickly corrected the situation, ran to the store and changed this plumbing element to a more suitable one.

In general, everything went well, but as it turned out too well. My new technique worked “faithfully” for exactly a week. At the weekend she stood tight and silence. How much I did not press the buttons, how many times I turned it on and off, zero reaction, even the program is not selected. I handed the typewriter back to the store, well received. In exchange, I took the exact same machine, and it broke down after 4 months. I handed over for repair to the service center, the result is still waiting! Do not buy Korting KDI 45175 - this is consumer goods!

Svetlana, Moscow

A miserable dishwasher. It costs, of course, a penny, but it can’t really do anything. Roominess is mediocre, washing dishes a bit poorly, sometimes you have to wash. Well, about the fact that it was supposedly quiet, I would have been silent at the place of the manufacturer. This is a normal machine, it also rumbles and acts on nerves. My rating is 2 on a five-point scale.

Oksana, Rostov-on-Don

The machine is bad, even despite the fact that it was made in Europe. Apparently Europeans can do badly too. During the year of operation, 2 repairs: one simple, the other quite expensive, despite the fact that the dishwasher should be under warranty, and we were refused warranty service. Not happy with either the brand or the model, I'd rather have Bosch bought, as a friend advised!

So, despite the fact that the Korting brand is a recognized brand under which high-quality equipment is manufactured, not all consumers like the Korting KDI 45175. Perhaps they are just picking on us, but we tend to think that it is not so simple with this machine. Have a good choice!


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  1. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    A wretched car under a well-known brand and made in China. I would know, I would never take it. Noisy, washes mediocre, the layout of the dishes is very uncomfortable, the program too. Before that, there was a BOSCH, worked for eight years faithfully. And this one broke after working a little over a year. I do not advise!

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