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Kandy Dishwasher Reviews CDP 4609

Candy CDP 4609 reviewsWhen it comes to choosing a dishwasher, people start looking for reviews about different models. One way or another, someone will tell the truth about their car, and this will help other users not to make a mistake. In this article, we have gathered people's opinions on the Candy dishwasher, dividing them into positive and negative.


Zhanna Mjatta

So, the Kandy dishwasher has become an indispensable assistant for me. Since the budget was limited, we bought this option. How did we all live without such technology before? I think that soon the dishwasher should become a familiar thing along with a washing machine.

After all, in fact, she saves time even more than a washing machine, and I devote the free minutes to my family with pleasure.

And if you also have a small child that requires constant attention, then in general the machine helps a lot. She washes very well, very rarely small particles can remain. I use mostly regular and accelerated program. Among the advantages of the machine are roomy shelves. On the upper shelf, you can put fragile dishes, cups, bowls, plates. And from below will enter pots, pans. Separately, a compartment for instruments is provided.

The dishes do not always dry out to the end, but at least there are no stains on it. I use salt to soften water, but not rinse aid. In general, if you use it correctly, then you will love it, I advise you to buy it.

HidrarhirumKandy CDP 4609

For a long time, it was fine without a dishwasher. But as soon as the children appeared, or rather the second baby, time for the dishes began to leave a lot. The machine was chosen according to reviews and the color of the refrigerator. It cost not so much, but in big cities, I think it costs less.

The metallic color has its drawbacks, all prints or dirt is immediately visible. You rub all day, especially after the hands of children. As for the machine itself, I can say a lot about this technique in 4 months of operation:

  • Simple and intuitive controls, including only 5 programs. Pleased with the presence of a short cycle lasting 24 minutes.
  • There is no timer, which is very inconvenient, but you get used to it.
  • Installation of equipment is also easy and quick. Immediately on the first start-up, salt was poured, and I always try to pour it, even if I use 3 in 1 tablets.
  • Despite the dimensions of the machine, it holds a lot of dishes, but not as much as needed, but still more than dishwasher Candy CDCF 6 07. More precisely, large pots and pans are hardly placed.
  • The machine works quite quietly, quieter than washing.
  • The dishes are washed well, better than hands. How many are not three plates, so you will not wash. In ECO mode, everything works out fine. Except there may be plates after buckwheat, when it is very dry.
  • After the end of the cycle, in order for the dishes to dry well, I open the door and wait a bit. Otherwise, wet plates remain on the upper basket, but not wet.

Thus, I am happy with the dishwasher, even if it’s not perfect, but I don’t see any big flaws. It works great, so I put her five points.


How much I dreamed about a dishwasher, finally I began to choose from cheap Candy models, I liked the Candy CDP 4609 dishwasher most of all. I read a lot of reviews about it and then concluded. I like this machine, the programs are optimal in time, I use cheap tools for washing. Washes even pots and pans, moreover, old pans leave overgrown carbon deposits over the years, become like new ones.

The downside of this car is glitches at low water pressure, which is why you have to turn on the car at night or in the morning.


This dishwasher is just super. I really like the way she launders everything, the indescribable delight. At high temperatures, everything shines, you can probably wash your toothbrushes, so to speak, for disinfection.

Ostanina Elena

I have no regrets about this long-awaited purchase in the form of a dishwasher. I wonder how you can live without her. But I’ll go to the main thing, there are no details about the modes in the instructions, and so the 24 mode lasts only 24 minutes for the plates fits normally. For greasy and dirty dishes, it is better to turn on Normal mode. Well, if something is very dirty, such as pots and pans, so you need to choose the Eco or Intensive mode, I rarely turn them on. From detergents I choose inexpensive tablets and salt, a rinse is needed for better drying. But I like it so much, because the dishes are clean, without stains and smell.


Emelyanov Kirill, Moscow

I was attracted to the simplicity and low cost in this dishwasher. Rather, even the second. Chased for cheapness and eventually bought a machine that does not suit me at all. I have already named the advantages of this dishwasher, but to list the shortcomings, you have to write a long list.CDP 4609 dishwasher Kandy

  1. Plates, glasses, bowls, pans, washes tolerably, only once had to wash a large pan, but spoons and forks washes awfully. It seems that they just sprinkled with hot water and all.
  2. The upper atomizer “covered with a copper basin” after three weeks. I did not go to him, because the machine is under warranty. He called the master from the service center, he picked something up, the sprayer started working again, but this did not improve the quality of the wash.
  3. Detergent from the tray does not pick up well. I don’t know what’s the matter there, I probably need to call the master again.
  4. During washing, the machine rattles quite loudly, and the vibration is not bad.
  5. Protection from children is not provided, although my male crawls to the typewriter constantly. Also, the control panel as luck would have it in sight.
  6. The maximum delay in starting the machine is limited to nine hours and it is not clear why. Normal technology has a delay of 12 hours, and there you set it as you need.

Lysenkova Valentina, Irkutsk

I didn’t like the machine right away, but there’s nothing to do, they don’t refuse gifts, especially from such gifts, and even if their colleagues work on the anniversary. Washes dishes, frankly, not very well. Here and there there are traces of burnt fat, and if you still put the dishes wrong, nothing will be washed at all. First, the machine was in our corner, then my husband shoved it under the table, after removing the top cover. So of course it is much more convenient, but what is surprising after that it became even noisier. Rumbles now during work as a moped.

Margarita, St. Petersburg

My girlfriend infected me with the idea of ​​buying a dishwasher. I didn’t really want to, but still decided, especially when I found out the price of Candy CDP 4609. If you try to express my impression in one word, “disappointment” is best! Probably, it is a matter of a dishwasher model, and there is no need to refuse such a technique just because I was not lucky for the first time, but something pulls me again to wash the dishes with my hands. The main claim to the quality of the sink. The dishes remain dirty, and the rest is probably not worth talking about.

We can say that real reviews end there. The rest, most likely, is wound up by selling sites. Take into account the opinions of different people and create your own, we hope you share it with us. Good luck


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