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Reviews about the dishwasher Indesit DSR 15b3 RU

Indesit DSR 15b3 RU reviewsWhen choosing a technique, many read reviews, for example, about dishwashers, in search of a better model. Finding them is not so simple, but because we decided to collect everything that is available on the network about the Indesit dishwasher model DSR 15B3 RU. Weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of this machine, and draw a conclusion.

Machine description

Dishwasher Indesit DSR 15b3 RU going to Poland has 1 year warranty service. This machine belongs to the budget price category, and therefore attracts the attention of many people who decided to get hold of such a technique. It refers to the type of freestanding machines, has non-standard dimensions (HxWxD) 85x45x60. If desired, of course, it can be put under the countertop, how to do it, read the article How to integrate a dishwasher into furniture.

Specifications are standard, there is nothing special in this dishwasher, therefore the price is low:

  • The capacity is 10 sets of dishes.
  • Energy consumption 0.94 kWh, which corresponds to class A.
  • Electronic work management.
  • There are only 5 washing modes.
  • The inner surface of the washing chamber is made of stainless steel.
  • Noise level reaches 53 dB.
  • Leakage protection only partial.

As for such convenient functions and options as a half load, salt and rinse aid indicators, a sound notification, automatic regulation of water hardness and a 3-in-1 tablet compartment, they are simply absent. Dishwashers with similar functionality will cost more.

What do users think

Plotnikov Sergey

As soon as the warranty period expired, in my dishwasher Indesit burned all the electronics, the repair of which is comparable to the cost of a new machine. It turns out that the manufacturer did not provide a short circuit fuse for this model. In general, when you lay a good tool, the car washes efficiently.Indesit DSR 15b3 RU

Krainov Artem

Decent price, but at the same time terrible quality of washing and long-term execution of programs. I dreamed that after buying a dishwasher, I will wash off all the covers from the pans. But as they were dirty, they remain. Yes plates with heavier soiling also do not wash. In short, the expectations did not live up to.


We bought an Indesit DSR 15b3 RU dishwasher through an online store with home delivery. The customer service is excellent. Having tried the car in business, I can say - this is a thing! Well, what prevented you from buying it earlier, don’t understand? Of all the modes, I like the ECO mode, the dishes on it dry best, although the others are also good, the dishes are washed with any program. Great budget car.


Spacious and quiet dishwasher with height-adjustable baskets. Five modes are enough, and most importantly, she washes cleanly. We have been using the car for 6 months, and before that there was a Candy dishwasher, which worked for almost 7 years, I had to leave it in the sold apartment. Compared to Kandy, this dishwasher is quieter and cleanser better, I hope it will be just as good in reliability, it is nevertheless assembled in Poland.

I would like to postpone the launch, but since it is not there, I had to get used to it. If you need a car at an affordable price, then take this model. And finally, the advice: do not wait until the dishes dry, standing on the table, put it immediately in the machine, otherwise it will be more difficult to wash everything. And try to arrange the plates at the same distance from each other, so that the water freely flows between them.


This is a great dishwasher for me. For washing, I buy Finish salt and tablets. Half a tablet is enough for one sink to wash dirty dishes. As for the rinse aid, I tried Somat, but did not see the difference, and therefore mine without it. I got rid of white stains on dishes when I changed the rinse aid index by 2.The car is not noisy. I recommend it for a purchase.


I bought a dishwasher from Indesit, guided by the reviews, and in a week I wanted to write my review. This technique is a very useful thing in the kitchen, the truth is that you can’t wash the dishes with your hands. The eco-friendly program is the longest, but the dishes are perfect and clean, and dry. Most often I use the program for 40 minutes, which does not involve drying. How many did not try to understand, but did not understand how to properly adjust the water hardness.

While I like everything. I am happy with the purchase, for that kind of money it is so at all. Although I was first offered Hans. I buy clean & fresh tablets for washing, they suit me for the price and wash well.


Good day to all! I bought a dishwasher for my wife, thinking about how this is another useless toy in the kitchen. However, I was very mistaken, the car works every day. Two weeks of operation and here is the impression:

  • Use for washing you need quality products.
  • Do not overload the machine, there should be a distance between the plates and other utensils.
  • It is better to install the dirtiest dishes in the center of the basket, and less soiled at the edges.

In short, subject to all the rules, this is a great thing at an affordable price.

Yana LazarevaIndesit DSR 15b3 RU tray

About ten years ago I acquired an Indesit brand dishwasher, and all this time there were no problems, including the purchase of detergents. At the same time, the machine works quietly, is easily controlled. I especially like to wash the glass in it, the glasses are super clean and shiny, which is impossible to achieve with your hands.

Such a lifetime indicates the reliability of the assembly. Caring for it is not difficult, the filters can be removed and washed. At that time, she was in the middle price category.


I came across an Indesit dishwasher when I was living in a hotel in a ski resort. This is not the first dishwasher to use, but the fourth, so I can compare. In general, Indesit has 5 programs, a narrowed case, a height-adjustable basket. Conclusion of use: a noisy simple machine that does a good job washing dishes. Although there was nothing special to wash. I can’t say about burnt baking sheets, I can cope with dried dishes.

For my sophisticated taste, there is not enough program at 70 degrees. But in general, I recommend this car, although I like it more, mine is better after all.


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