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Hansa Dishwasher Reviews ZIM4677EV

reviews about Hansa ZIM4677EVHans' narrow dishwashers always differed in a slightly larger capacity compared to their competitors. For example, the Hansa ZIM4677EV dishwasher has a capacity of 10 sets of dishes, while the narrow dishwashers from Electrolux hold 9 sets. Increased capacity is an advantage, but does this mean that you need to give preference to the narrow dishwashers of Hans? We read the reviews of people, perhaps they will answer this question.

Just purchased

German, Moscow

Hansa ZIM4677EV dishwasher forced me to buy a spouse. Very tired of her washing dishes in the old manner by hand. In principle, you can understand it, because my son and I go to the kitchen exclusively for eating, and all the rest of the kitchen work lies entirely on the fragile female shoulders. Now the equipment will take at least part of the work. Why did we choose this particular model? Honestly, I still doubt that I made the right choice, however, the machine has quite a few advantages.

  1. A slim built-in cabinet that blends perfectly with our kitchen furniture. The facade on the door fit perfectly, although it was ordered in advance before buying a dishwasher.
  2. Substantial capacity. Our Hansa holds 10 sets of dishes, despite the fact that some full-size machines of other brands contain only 12, or even 11 sets.
  3. The presence of half load and flawless washing on all programs. Even on an economical program, dishes are washed quite well.
  4. Delayed start-up for a considerable time and protection against leakage.
  5. The most convenient tray for spoons and forks.
  6. Low consumption of powder, salt and water.

Although I’ll tell you more about the consumption of the Hans dishwasher later, when I finish experimenting, a good saving of resources is already visible now.

With the purchase of a dishwasher, I often see joy on the face of my missus. Well, she saws me for mismanagement much less often, which is also not bad. I think a dishwasher is needed in any modern kitchen, and what do you think?

Catherine, Veliky NovgorodHansa ZIM4677EV

I only use the dishwasher for two weeks. At the moment, I am satisfied with its price, the location of the baskets and the quality of the sink, I will say about the rest in a year. So far, I'm happy. My mood immediately rises from the fact that you do not need to mess around in hot water with chemistry in order to wash a bunch of kitchen utensils. In my opinion, in the 21st century, all the black work should be done by technology for us.

Vladimir, Berdsk

As an owner with experience (I used Bosch dishwasher for 7 years), I can say that the Hansa ZIM4677EV is a very decent machine. It launders dishes definitely better than the old machine, and besides, it is much more economical and quieter. Old cars often did not get dishes in some places. From this I had to shift it and wash it again, or wash it with my hands. In Hans, new technologies have been applied, thanks to which even improperly placed dishes are washed acceptable. Recommend!

Used for at least 6 months

Tatyana, Novorossiysk

Our family lives in a private house, and we do not have a central water supply. Instead, there is a huge barrel in the yard, into which we regularly deliver water. It turns out that the water supply system of the house is powered from this barrel. When we thought about buying a dishwasher, it turned out that most of the models we liked were not suitable. The reason is a weak pump that cannot create enough pressure.

Only Hans dishwashers came up, so we took the Hansa ZIM4677EV. Even with such an impromptu water supply, the machine has been working without failures for the seventh month already. Washes well, no complaints.

Anna, Orenburg

Relatively cheap and good quality dishwasher. Finally, the Chinese have learned to make normal household appliances. The machine is spacious and sophisticated, even half load is available. There are indicators indicating a lack of salt and detergents.I don’t chase famous brands, so I really like it. Five points!

Arina, Saratov

I’ve had a Hans stove for two years now. Excellent, by the way, stove. Cooking on it is a pleasure. Then I decided to grab another dishwasher of the same brand. I wanted a full-sized dishwasher, but I only have a niche for appliances 45 cm wide, so I had to take a narrow one. But still, I cheated. Took the Hansa ZIM4677EV model with increased capacity. Now even when the husband’s relatives in the amount of 10 people come from the village, there are no problems with washing dishes. I am happy with the purchase, I advise everyone!

Daria, Perm

Now, at a normal cost, a dishwasher is difficult to find, and six months ago there were problems with this. For my money, I either buy dishwasher candyor a dishwasher of Hans. I chose the second option and do not regret it at all. The machine plows like a tractor, I start it twice a day, and it washes perfectly. Even if you really want to, then there is nothing to complain about. At first I thought that the machine would hold a little, but it turned out that even a huge pan came into it. And not only comes in, but also laundered.

Olga, St. PetersburgHansa ZIM4677EV control panel

Hans has the most convenient baskets. In any case, when compared with the Electrolux and Bosch. I used the dishwashers of these two brands and I can say for sure that at the moment Hans bypasses them. Now I have a Hansa ZIM4677EV and I took it for a reason. Although she loses a little in saving water for the Electrolux, she launders a lot cleaner. I think, let the machine spend better the extra 2-3 liters of water, but it will be washed humanly.

Use 12 months and longer

Vladislav, Moscow

They got tired of washing the dishes with their hands and bought a Hansa ZIM4677EV machine in the store. It has been working without failures for a year and three months. I read a lot about the fact that Hans dishwashers are very unsuccessful, they break down quickly. I don’t know anything about this, mine works fine.

Igor, Krasnoyarsk

I do not like to overpay for household appliances, especially in cases where this is not justified by anything. I took Hansa inexpensively, and even with a discount on coupons. The wife and daughter were very happy, for almost a year and a half has passed, and they are all no, no, let’s remember my father’s surprise. Washes without complaints, I’m not ready to say even about any disadvantages. It seems to me that this machine has no shortcomings.

Svetlana, Krasnodar

The machine Hansa ZIM4677EV completely suits me. It’s a pleasure to use it, and it’s useful for my pens. It works a little noisy, but if you close the door to the kitchen, then it does not bother anyone. Five points!


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