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Hansa ZIM 436 EH Dishwasher Reviews

Hansa ZIM 436 EH reviewsWhen you have less than $ 340 in your pocket it’s hard to dream of a good dishwasher, especially considering the current prices for this equipment. But take a look at the Hansa ZIM 436 EH dishwasher with a narrow case and a capacity of 10 sets of dishes. It seems to be a good dishwasher in appearance: high-quality materials, a good assembly, in addition, it is built-in. But we will not rely on superficial judgments, but will examine the feedback from the owners of such equipment. What will they say?

Opinions of men

Roman, St. Petersburg

Not the first year I use dishwashers. This machine is my third. I will say right away that it is more capacious than many other narrow dishwashers. It is possible to cram just a lot of dishes into the baskets. Baskets can be adjusted in height. In the Hans dishwasher, this system is even better than the Bosch machines. Besides:

  • she has six washing programs, including a delicate one for the most fragile dishes;
  • there is a half load mode;
  • there is a convenient tray for forks and spoons, as well as a holder for glasses;
  • tablets or powder may be used;
  • all kinds of indicators showing the presence of salt and detergent.

For safety, Hans is not inferior to Bosch, because she has full protection against leaks. There is less noise from it than from Bosch, moreover, it costs less. I don’t know how for anyone, but for me, Hansa became the number one dishwasher. I put her five points!

Artem, Orenburg

When choosing a dishwasher, I needed a model with a top cutlery shelf. Unfortunately, all the cars that I came across cost astronomical money. Somehow it happened that the shelves are placed only on expensive dishwashers. But suddenly I came across a Hansa ZIM 436 EH. Everything was arranged in it as I needed, in addition, the quality of this machine is simply excellent, and the cost is more than acceptable. I decided to buy immediately, without hesitation, and now, for a year now, an excellent assistant has been working in my house. I recommend it to everyone!

Hansa washes dishes economically. This is especially evident in the consumption of detergents. A dish of medium pollution takes half a tablet of Fairy.

GorynychHansa ZIM 436 EH

I like everything, a quiet car, assembled a part to a part, washes well. For a year and a half of use, I did not notice any flaws. I recommend it to everyone, if anything, I’m ready to answer for the words.

Alexey, Abakan

The dishwasher is rather unreliable, I can say for sure, because from the time of purchase I used it 10 times no more, after which it broke. During the year, it was repaired twice to me, the last time there was a tricky electronic error indicating a leak, but there was no leak. Masters rummaged in "electronic brains" and the error was gone. Now I'm waiting with horror what other problem will come out and if only it would get out before the warranty expires.

Alexander, Moscow

I don’t know if I am the only one or someone had similar problems. With full protection against leaks, my Hansa flowed, leaving a huge puddle. Interestingly, no protection worked, the machine continued to wash the dishes as if it were necessary. And this, by the way, was just the second wash. I am unhappy, handed the car back and took the money. While I live without a dishwasher at all. I will not look for a new machine until I calm down!

Missing, Yekaterinburg

I have no complaints about the operation of the machine, but I did not like how the instructions were written. There are many questions misleading the buyer. For example, I was looking for a long time where the function of using 3 in 1 funds is turned on. How that monkey climbed the door up and down trying to find out where the button indicated in the manual is. In fact, there is no button there, and the use of 3 in 1 is activated by itself when laying the tablet.

Mikhalych, Saratov

I am pleased that I do not need to wash the dishes with my hands, I hate this thing. I would pay twice as much, if only not to stand at the sink. Good thing Hansa is doing a normal technique.

Opinions of women

Daria, cityYekaterinburg

Unusually pretty dishwasher and inexpensive. The third year in our house, washing dishes, working with a heavy load. I turn it on constantly, even when the dishes do not accumulate a lot. A friend saves two days, but I can’t leave dirty dishes at night. In general, Hansa does a good technique, in addition to the dishwasher, I have a stove of the same company and so far no complaints.

Elena, Vladivostok

I wanted to take myself a full-sized Bosch SMV30D30RU ActiveWaterbut did not fit in the money. In addition, it turned out that I have nowhere to put it. I had to take a narrow machine Hansa ZIM 436 EH, but I did not regret it. The seller said that this Hans in terms of spaciousness loses a little to the full-size Boschs, and it turned out. I put almost all the dishes in the house into it and get super-quality washing. I won’t exchange my “assistant” for anything.

Marfusha, St. PetersburgHansa ZIM 436 EH dishwasher

The machine attracts with adequate water flow, competent distribution of elements inside the washing tank, as well as silence in the work. She has many good programs, more than many competitors. At first I thought that a huge pan would not fit in it, but I was mistaken and this is very good. The Hansa ZIM 436 EH dishwasher has been operating for 8 months, so far the “flight is normal”.

Mia Dastra, Smolensk

At first I could not figure out how to use the 3-in-1 tablet tray, but then everything became clear. The machine, despite the cheapness, does not look clumsy, even vice versa. It has everything you need, in addition, it performs its function well and does not break. Recommend!

Natalya, Novosibirsk

The only plus that I saw in this machine is its cost, it is really low. But, unfortunately, its quality can also be called low. Two months have passed since the purchase, and she already needs repairs. The door is leaking. The master said that he would repair it under warranty, but he had to wait his turn. Here I sit and wait, the husband has to wash the dishes. Two points!


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