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Reviews about the dishwasher Electrolux ESL95201LO

reviews about Electrolux ESL95201LOA good full-sized dishwasher can be easily taken for $ 360, especially if it is an Electrolux ESL95201LO dishwasher. In fact, they say that she is a good manufacturer and advertisers only. Experts do not confirm this information, but do not refute it either. One hope for users, we hope their feedback will tell a lot about this machine.

Women's opinions

Tamara, Voronezh

I needed a large built-in dishwasher so that it just entered the niche that the furniture makers had prepared for me. I looked at several models dishwashers whirlpoolCandy and Bosch, but I didn’t like anything. At first, I wanted to opt for Kandy, but the seller dissuaded me by advising Electrolux ESL95201LO. Honestly, I succumbed to the persuasion thoughtlessly, and it was risky on my part, but the trust placed in the seller was justified. For a year, the machine showed its best side.

  1. She has extremely comfortable baskets that can be adjusted in two movements. First you need to roll the basket onto you to the end, and then gently pull it up and it will rise.
  2. On the mother’s dishwasher, the layout of dishes is an exhausting procedure, almost like assembling puzzles. On my Electrolux, everything is much easier again thanks to the baskets.
  3. An intensive program directly does magic. For two washes, I was able to update the pan, which I wanted to throw in the trash.

Now I understand that a dishwasher extends the life of dishes. Firstly, there is less risk of breaking plates and glasses when washing, and secondly, the appearance of pots, pans and baking sheets is preserved, so there is no need to write them off.

  1. The machine economically consumes any detergent. I used to take the Finish tablets, now I switched to Ekonta, which is almost half the price. What's with the Finish, what is great with Econta.
  2. The machine does not have half load, which does not make me very happy. You have to save dishes during the day, and then at night wash everything at once. It’s good that there is a delay in starting, it helps me a lot, otherwise I would have to get up at night to turn on the machine.

In addition to the above, I can note that the machine is reliable. No failures, no breakdowns, or any other "leprosy" behind her. So I can safely recommend it.

Irina, Ivanovo

For half a year, my life has changed for the better thanks to the Electrolux ESL95201LO dishwasher. Many will say that this phrase of mine is like an advertising slogan, but it’s really true. Judge for yourself.

  • I am not washing the dishes with my hands now, and in the evening I had an extra 40 minutes to play with a child.
  • Manicure lasts twice as long, and I save up to 30 bucks a month on it.
  • In a month, on average, it turns out to save about 1.2 cubic meters of cold water. I did not calculate energy costs, but there are certainly savings there.
  • I put the agent in half the dose, the quality of the wash does not suffer from this, and it turns out to save about $ 5 a month.

As they say, consider for yourself. Despite the fact that the dishwasher requires water, electricity and a dishwashing detergent, it is still very beneficial to maintain it. I still kept silent about the fact that I have sensitive skin on my hands that does not tolerate dishwashing detergents. Gloves do not help. It turns out that the dishwasher preserves my health, but you can’t buy health for money. Here is the conclusion.

Love, Izhevsk

Personally, I can’t do without a dishwasher with two small children. There were no children before, so washing dishes was very annoying. Now I would not have survived this execution. The pre-soaking mode, together with an intensive washing, perfectly removes even the most difficult dirt from the dishes. Electrolux ESL95201LO is a great option for a family with small children.

Tatyana, Moscow

Bought a typewriter 10 months ago.Dirty dishes are now always cleaned in baskets out of sight, and in the evening I arrange a big wash - the dishes then shine. Washes a very long time, an average of 3.5 hours. It is clear that everything can be washed with your hands at times faster, but it does not appeal to me, let the machine wash better. The electrolux is very roomy and inexpensive, which is probably why I decided to buy it. Recommend!

Anna, Rostov-on-DonElectrolux ESL95201LO

A good and inexpensive machine with capacious baskets, which normally launders, does not make much noise and takes care of dishes. I can’t say anything about reliability so far, I have been using it for only a month. In general, the machine is convenient, the control is simple, even my grandmother figured out the first time. Five points brand Electrolux and dishwasher.

Elena, Novosibirsk

I have been using Electrolux ESL95201LO for a long time. Performs its function, has never broken for all the time. I clean the filter regularly and fold the dishes strictly according to the instructions. I bought it cheaply, by stock. I put a plus sign!

Olga, Magnitogorsk

In the store I was advised to purchase a dishwasher Electrolux ESL95201LO. I was more inclined to Bosch, but after listening to the arguments of the seller, I changed my mind. The lower basket can be entered into the Guinness Book of Records by capacity. It’s even amazing how much you can cram into it. The upper basket is second only to the fact that it is designed more for small dishes: plates, cups, mugs, bowls and other things. Well, yes this is all the lyrics, the main thing is the dishes are very clean, and always, not a single malfunction!

Julia, Ufa

The dishwasher broke after three months of operation. The master came, repaired the car under warranty and left. I launched it and almost set fire on the house. The dishwasher caught fire after repair. What the master did with her, I don’t know. He called him again, and he ran over me, saying that I violated the operating conditions and now they refuse to repair me. I am writing a claim for a claim to the service, but to no avail. I don’t even know who the manufacturer of the dishwasher or the master of service is to blame. No more desire to use dishwashers!

Men's opinions

Ilya, Volgograd

When I took this dishwasher, I was most satisfied with the cost. I did not particularly look at the functions and specification. I’ve been using it for a year and a half, everything is fine. You can take it!

Ivan, Moscow

After the first launch of the dishwasher, I almost “didn’t discard the skates”. He accidentally touched the door handle, and the machine shocked me so hard that it darkened in my eyes, and blisters appeared on my hands from a burn. Surprise was unpleasant. I handed back the Electrolux car to the seller, and in return took Bosch. She's fine.

Boris, St. Petersburg

I like the machine, it has everything you need and the load is huge. Everything washes well, except for cutlery, especially the forks are poorly washed. I really like the program "Quick Cycle". The dishwasher is notable for its low water consumption, but rather high salt consumption, so if you are planning to take such a model, stock up with salt for the future. I put this technique five points!


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