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Reviews about the dishwasher Electrolux ESL94510LO

reviews about Electrolux ESL94510LORecently, a dishwasher Electrolux ESL94510LO with a narrow case caught our eye. At first glance, it is very similar to a dozen other machines of the Electrolux family, which were released in the last 3-4 years. But on closer inspection, a series of improvements are evident that may be useful to potential buyers. Let's see what feedback the users left about this typewriter, and only then we will draw conclusions.


Alfia, Kazan

When four beautiful children run around the house, you do not pay attention to minor everyday difficulties. It is good that my caring husband notices how hard it is for me to work around the house, and how it can, facilitates my work. Recently bought a dishwasher Electrolux. I download it twice, after lunch and after dinner. The dishes are washed perfectly, especially glass. It is also pleasing that after washing it does not need to be cleaned, you get all the items already dry. Happiness, that now I have an assistant!

Sergey, Moscow

My acquaintance with dishwashers began 4 years ago. We just remade our wife completely the kitchen and added home appliances there, in particular, we bought a built-indishwasher hansa with a narrow body. At first, everything was fine, but then Hansa began to break down almost every month. Two years of torment and Hans was finally sold to the masters in part.

This time I decided not to skimp and took a brand-name dishwasher Electrolux ESL94510LO. Unlike Hansa, it works fine - no failures, no breakdowns. What do I like about her?

  1. Highest quality sink.
  2. A normal set of programs.

The dishwasher is able to memorize your favorite program, and it will be displayed every time after turning on the equipment.

  1. Low noise.
  2. Low consumption of tablets, water and electricity.
  3. Leakage protection and delayed launch, with a rather long delay.

I would not want to deal with anti-advertising, so I will not generalize, saying that the Hans dishwasher is bad. Apparently I just got a defective copy. But my poor experience suggests that Electrolux cars are better.

Larisa, Chelyabinsk

Very quiet, economical and useful equipment in the household. The machine has been working with me for a year and a half. During this time, I also bought a washing machine brand Electrolux, so that was a complete set. I did not find any shortcomings in the Electrolux ESL94510LO, maybe they were in previous models, but in this machine everything was done for people. She washes equally well any dishes and cutlery. She flawlessly launders grater with cheese adhering to it, plates with dried porridge and cups with coffee and tea plaque. Five points!

Alexander, Tambov

With a dishwasher is better than without it. For the fourth month now, the wife has been happy as a girl, but all that was needed was to properly equip the kitchen. Good machine, I recommend to buy!

Eugene, Krasnoyarsk

Electrolux ESL94510LO chose because of the beam function on the floor, as well as the functions of its favorite program and extra drying. In addition, I liked the price, and the seller assured that this machine will last a long time and will not fail. Maybe so, as long as I have no reason to refute his words. 9 months, the flight is normal.

Elizabeth, PermElectrolux ESL94510LO

Most of all in life, I hate to fry pans and pans, especially when the husband throws them into the sink and forgets to pour water. The remnants of food are dried to the dishes, and a crust forms, which is very difficult to tear off. So you stand near the sink, trying to clean the dishes, and think about hiring a housekeeper. For six months now, this problem has not been relevant, since we purchased a dishwasher. I insisted on buying an Electrolux machine, and my husband agreed. Now I am almost happy!


Rodion, Moscow

In the first month of operation, a sprinkler flew off the machine, breaking my favorite glass.I was very upset, and most importantly it is not clear why it flew off, it seems like a factory marriage. I did not call the master, although this is a warranty case. Acquired and put a new sprayer. Now everything is in order, the machine works well, but I’m still offended by the manufacturer, because it deceived my expectations.

Alice, Ekaterinburg

The machine completely refuses to dissolve the powder and tablets. From this dishes very poorly washed. For three days now I’ve been trying to call a master from the service, but the result is zero, it seems, I’ll have to call a specialist from a third-party office for my money. Sorry for the guarantee, but without a machine it’s bad.

Anatoly, Omsk

During the year of operation, I was convinced that the machine is good only on holidays, when all relatives gather at the feast, a pile of dishes accumulate and it needs to be washed. In everyday life, she is not needed, no matter who says it. Electrolux ESL94510LO is a good workhorse, so in my bachelor kitchen she has nothing to do.

Julia, Yaroslavl

I dreamed about a dishwasher for a couple of years, and when I finally bought it, I was disappointed, because it washes for a long time and unsatisfactorily. Electrolux ESL94510LO is fully built-in, so it is not audible and not visible how it works, but I would really like to look at the process from the inside. It seems that she just irrigates the dishes with water for three hours, while the powder that I put in the special compartment does not even dissolve. Is it a machine like this, or is it about a breakdown? Not happy!


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