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Reviews about the dishwasher Electrolux ESL94201LO

reviews about Electrolux ESL94201LOWhen choosing a dishwasher, people tend to save money without overpaying for unnecessary functions. The choice of dishwashers with minimal technical characteristics is huge, for example, the Electrolux ESL94201LO dishwasher. But is she really good at business, is it worth saving, let's find out the opinion of buyers.


Ryabkov Alexander, Shadrinsk

This is the second dishwasher in our family. We’ve been testing it for the third month, launching it every day. Finish washing tablets are very expensive, cheaper and Fairy, if you choose something cheaper, then the dishes are not always washed. The door began to be fixed only after hanging the facade. In general, we like the purchase, the dishes are clean, the crystal shines.

Dimasika Mom, Chelyabinsk

Finally, you no longer need to wash the dishes in the sink and spend time that you can spend with good. The machine is beauty! I dreamed about her for a long time, but my husband did not support me, arguing that the two of us could wash the dishes already. As a result, this duty lay only with me. The second argument against the purchase - there is no space in the furniture, and remodeling is inconvenient. Although there were already four of us at that time.

Having moved to a new place of residence, they found a free place in the new kitchen under the dishwasher. My husband could not get out; I had to buy an Electrolux 45 cm wide, of Polish assembly. At 50 degrees, dishes are washed if they are not very dirty. At a temperature of 65 degrees, in a mode lasting 110 minutes, everything is washed off well, so I mainly use this program. I start the intensive mode for pots and pans.

The minus is a bit noisy, but we still do not have a facade on the door. After hanging, you may not hear how the dishwasher works.

Satisfied with the purchase. I wish everyone to have such a home helper.

maril4, Omsk

A good dishwasher, although I really have nothing to compare with. For a long time I could not decide on a model, but I am satisfied with the result of the purchase. Washes cool. The old dirt left the dishes with a bang, the stainless pots and crystal sparkled, the plastic washed. In the first week I washed everything that is in the house. I still do not understand how to count sets of utensils and how many will be 9 sets. I didn’t turn on the half load, since a lot of dishes are always typed.

In the thirty-minute mode, the foam is poorly washed off the dishes, you will have to use an additional rinse. The lack of sound at the end is not annoying, because the car works at night, and in the morning it remains to get everything dry from the car. Her work is almost inaudible. I haven’t noticed water saving yet, while on the contrary, there is more consumption, but it’s understandable, I washed everything that is possible. Until I learned how to make dishes well. Otherwise, I am delighted, I can’t get enough!

Bahur Denis FedorovichElectrolux ESL94201LO

He gave this dishwasher to his mistress, made a purchase on the Internet. She was delighted, began to love me more. At night, nothing prevents sleep. Perfectly launders and dries at a temperature of 65 degrees. Recommend!


Built-in dishwasher Electrolux is worth the money. The first machine in my house, and I'm happy. Although there are few programs, two are enough for me. At night I turn on the Eco mode, during the day - fast. Drying is excellent, there is little noise. Yes, and noise, mainly when collecting water, and not because of the engine. Good technique.


For the first time I use a dishwasher, I decided to leave a comment on the site. For 1.5 months I found out that the washing efficiency depends on pollution. For example, dried buckwheat does not wash well; you have to soak it first. In my opinion, this is a flaw, not critical. The set of programs is optimal, there is even a mode of heating water to 75 degrees for very dirty dishes. The bottom basket includes 2 pots and a frying pan.


I bought a dishwasher for the promotion, plus cashback returned to the card from the purchase. I chose for a long time, read the information on the network.It was important that there was a quick wash at a temperature of 60 degrees, As a result, everything is washed well. Pleased with the presence of protection against leaks. I advise you to take it.


Alexander, Borisoglebsk

In my opinion, this dishwasher has no pluses. She broke after three months, ceasing to heat the water. Replacing the heating element did not solve the problem, because after a very short time the problem repeated. I don’t know what to do, it looks like we will be left without a dishwasher, I am very unhappy!

Manchekkova Elena, Moscow

There are no acceptable washing programs, even the shortest lasts more than an hour, well, where it suits. The plate holders in the baskets were awkward. The shape of the baskets is also ill-conceived, if they had been made deeper and without moronic bends, the dishes would have entered more. Due to the shape of the baskets, even standard dishes are uncomfortable to fold. Delayed launch seems to be declared, but I can not find it.

Salt consumption is very large, you can go broke on one salt, not to mention the powder. Not happy!

Vladimir, PenzaElectrolux ESL94201LO with dishes

Personally, I do not understand the point in this dishwasher, although hey, I understand. The point is that I, as a consumer, give money to the inventor of this “miracle”. And he warmed his hands on it, but I am what I have from all this. The machine washes mediocre. I have to cook pots and pans. The powder leaves unmeasured, but it costs a lot of money. There is a lot of noise from the machine, and after all, my wife and I have a small child who is afraid of extraneous noise. I am totally dissatisfied.

Tatyana, St. Petersburg

I am glad that the body of this machine is narrow, and it ideally fit me in the kitchen. The rest is just awful. No washing quality, rattles, it is inconvenient to fold the pots. It’s immediately clear that the technique is not made for people. And the price for it is breaking at exorbitant prices. Let the sellers use it!

Andrey, Moscow

In the store I was advised to purchase this particular dishwasher. I had doubts, but I believed the sellers, as well as the reviews of people that I read on the Internet. In vain I believed strangers. Management is extremely incomprehensible, and she washes dishes much worse than my old dishwasher bosh. I really want her back!

Nina, Nizhny Novgorod

I can not recommend this machine. Buying it means throwing money into the bin, and a lot of money. The equipment heats water badly, and does not dry dishes at all. If you do not immediately get it out of the baskets, then the plates and cups will start to stink after a while. Recently, it completely stopped turning on and this despite the fact that I operated it strictly according to the instructions.


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