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Reviews about the dishwasher Electrolux ESF9423LMW

reviews about Electrolux ESF9423LMWFans of special narrow dishwashers may like the Electrolux ESF9423LMW dishwasher with a delay timer and the ability to use 3 in 1 tablets. This freestanding model has an attractive case, but you should not buy it just because of its appearance and characteristics. It is very important to find out how this machine works, so to speak, “in the field”. And this can only be done by reading the true reviews of the owners.


Irina, Ekaterinburg

Deciding to buy a dishwasher, I did not know anything about the features of this technique, and for this reason I almost abandoned the idea. The fact is that in the kitchen I have a corner not far from water pipes and an outlet where you can put a dishwasher, but the fact is that there are only 49 cm, no more, no less. I started looking at full-size cars and it turned out that not one of them fits my size.

I was very upset, I thought that I was doomed to wash the dishes with my hands and then the seller came to my aid. He advised me to buy a narrow dishwasher, since the width of such a model is only 45 cm. This news made me happy and together we “outfitted” all the narrow dishwashers that were in the store. As a result, I acquired Electrolux ESF9423LMW.

  1. The machine has 9 sets of dishes. I still don’t know how to measure these sets, but experimentally I realized that it includes enough for a family of 3 people.
  2. The machine is almost no noise, takes a little water and electricity.
  3. She has only five programs, but they are enough. There is even a quick cycle for dishes that are not too dirty.

The usual program is quite long, lasts 225 minutes, which I do not really like.

  1. Baskets, like many other cars, are adjustable, but, in my opinion, the Electrolux has the most convenient baskets.
  2. The machine has full protection against leakage. This is important for me, since I live on the eighth floor.

In the end, I will advise those who are going to take a dishwasher to study this issue more before making a purchase. It is very important. I like the dishwasher, because it cleans perfectly and saves my time!

Ulyana, NovosibirskElectrolux ESF9423LMW

The machine has a universal design, so I was not afraid that it somehow would not fit into my kitchen, especially since I have a refrigerator next to it in exactly the same white color. It works flawlessly, for a year and a half not a single gripe. Even my fussy husband doesn’t grumble about this technique, but it’s worth something. Her capacity, of course, is not the same as that of full-sized models, however, she manages to push the largest pan and it rinses perfectly, and this is important. Five points!

Igor, Moscow

Miracle machine, I can not name the Electrolux ESF9423LMW in another way. Now you can forget about the phrase: “it’s your turn to wash the dishes”, which I’m most glad of in the family, since my turn came more often than the rest. The cost of the machine is slightly overpriced, but we took it with a 35% discount, so it turned out fine. She does her job well. I’ve already worked a little over a year, I hope for another five years I won’t have to think about buying new equipment. I recommend to buy!

Elena, Barnaul

The canning season has recently ended. I don’t know what I would do without my assistant, the Electrolux ESF9423LMW dishwasher. She perfectly washes any glass containers, as well as kitchen utensils that you use for blanks. With it, you can do everything much faster. Everyday kitchen life also makes it much easier. It washes perfectly, I recommend it to everyone!

Natalya, Moscow

Electrolux ESF9423LMW perfectly rinses dishes. In half the cases, even coffee washes off the mugs. On a minimal program, it rinses tolerably, but if the dishes are very dirty, then it is not enough. At the end of washing and drying, the door opens, so if the dishes do not come up for a long time, the dishes will not suffocate.The machine was magnificent and complements my joy the fact that I bought it at a stock.

Alexander, St. Petersburg

He recently arranged test tests with his new Electrolux ESF9423LMW dishwasher. I placed two dirty pans with a thick layer of soot in the basket for dishes. I hacked the longest program and laid Fairy pill. A lot of time passed, I even forgot about the tests, carried away watching several football matches in the recording. I went into the kitchen in the evening and saw that the dishwasher had completed its work and opened the door. One frying pan turned out to be quite clean, almost all the carbon deposits came off. The second pan was washed rather poorly, but I think everything will do for a couple of sinks. Stop washing dishes with your hands, this is an ungrateful thing!

Matvey, Zelenograd

Great machine, no problem with it. Eight months working like a bee and always shows excellent results. I am very satisfied, now I don’t even wash glassware with my hands. Five points!

NegativeElectrolux ESF9423LMW rjhpbys

Tatyana, Moscow

The quality of this machine is poor. I could not evaluate how she washes the dishes, because the machine broke on the first day. I return to the kitchen 15 minutes after the start of the washing program and I see a huge puddle under the car body. At the same time, she hung and stopped washing dishes. On the same day, I called the master at the service center, he came the next day, fiddled a bit and took the dishwasher for repair. I have been waiting for the result of this repair for 17 days. I called the service twice, they answered me that the craftsmen were waiting for the ordered spare part and could not make repairs yet. Here is a story. Be careful when buying equipment!

Ivan, Krasnodar

The machine worked normally for three months, then started washing dishes with cold water. The specialist replaced the heating element, but the repair was enough for exactly two months. This time, the machine was taken to check the electronics, I think they won’t fix it quickly. Horror, I poured so much money into the machine, which I can’t use properly! Well, at least the repair is free.

Eugene, Velikiye Luki

When they bought Electrolux ESF9423LMW, they were happy with the whole family. For three months, our dishes have changed, especially the old pots and pans. But a week ago there was a nuisance, the machine stopped pouring water. That's how I paid more for the brand, I thought in this case the dishwasher will be safer, but my hopes did not materialize. It would be better to buy some cheap stuff and not take a steam bath!


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