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Reviews about the dishwasher Bosch SPV40X80RU

Bosch reviews SPV40X80RUThe German brand undoubtedly takes priority among customers when choosing a dishwasher. The brand has established itself on the reliable side, the quality of this equipment is appreciated all over the world. However, it is not always the camp of the brand indicated on the packaging, and the country of assembly coincides, which can affect the technology. Let's see what people think about the Bosch SPV40X80RU dishwasher, how good it is and whether it meets the stated requirements.

Dishwasher specifications

The manufacturer of this dishwasher in the instructions for the product describes all the technical specifications, installation and operation rules. Consider only the main points that the buyer pays attention to in the first place.

First of all, I must say that this is a fully built-in dishwasher, assembled in Germany. Its narrow dimensions allow you to put it even in a small kitchen, because you need to choose a niche size (HxWxD) of only 85x45x55 cm.

Note! The warranty for this model of dishwasher is only 1 year.

The machine has a minimum set of programs - 4. Of the additional functions, you will surely find it useful:

  • half load;
  • child lock;
  • complete protection against leaks;
  • indicators of means (salt and rinse aid);
  • sound at the end;
  • electronic adjustment of the hardness of the water supplied to the machine.

In this small dishwasher, you can place 9 sets of dishes, for washing which in a standard cycle the machine will spend about 9 liters of water. Electricity consumption will be 0.78 kW / h.

Customer opinion


Oddly enough, the husband insisted on the acquisition of the dishwasher, having provided a place for the equipment during the repair. Immediately decided on the brand, this is proven Bosch. And now we know that they did not fail. The car has obvious advantages:

  • it works almost inaudibly, and therefore it often turns on at night, due to the presence of a delayed start up to 9 hours;
  • inexpensive and reliable;Bosch SPV40X80RU
  • it washes well and dries well too;
  • optimal programs, there are both plates and glasses;
  • consumes a little electricity;
  • protected against leakage;
  • Holds a lot of dishes.

Most of all I like the Eco mode, on which, basically, I wash dishes. Pans are rarely washed, but if something remains, then everything is easily cleaned with a rag. With a longer mode, everything launders perfectly. Just look at the instructions and the dishes, if it says that you can’t wash in the dishwasher, then do not wash any experiments, wash with your hands. For example, wooden and cast-iron products cannot be washed for sure.

And finally, I will share a dream. The husband now wants a full-sized machine 60 cm wide.

Korotkov Evgeny

The only thing that suited me in this dishwasher that I realized only after the purchase was the price. Everything else leaves much to be desired, and the reviews of other customers are too laudatory. The machine is ordinary, with a limited set of functions. It is very noisy at work. If you have money, you should take a model more expensive.

Kotova Catherine

The first dishwasher in my life, which I have been operating for 2 months. I am very glad to purchase, because now you do not need to wash the dishes with your hands. There are three of us and the machine turns on once every 2 days, and before that, the dishes accumulate in the machine until it is full. While there were no cases with uncleaned dishes, even baking sheets with burnt fat became clean.

Not bad, the car coped with Soviet pallets in 1972. For washing, I use only tablets and always salt. There are only two programs, but in principle there are enough of them. But without a beam on the floor is uncomfortable. It is not always clear whether the washing stopped or not, no noise is heard, you have to open the door.

And one more nuance - dimensional dishes are not included, a full-size machine could be, but there is not enough space in the kitchen.

Denis Smelovdishwasher Bosch SPV40X80RU

We bought a car and were very pleased with it, but after three days of work, something happened.The machine began to stop during the program, then in the drying process, it then gives out a water supply error. The master of the service center, without hesitation, first checked the outlet. And I found out that the voltage in the network ranges from 190 to 230 V. And this is critical for Bosch dishwashers, that is, the machine stops working if the voltage in the network drops below 210 V. Only a special one can help Voltage regulator.

In the technical manual, of course, nothing is said about this. But the truth is, then sales will fall. In general, if not for this, then the car is good, build quality is normal, consumes little water.


This Bosch dishwasher worked for me for 8 years without any problems, starting up for washing every day 2-3 times. For a large family, this is gorgeous. Recently, it broke, at first blockages of the drainage system, and then the pump itself burned down. In addition, changed the tray for funds. After that, it was decided to buy a new one, and also Bosch, only the SPV 40 * 80 model. It is not much different from our old machine, the same set of functions.

We noticed a quieter operation and a quiet signal at the end, there is no beam on the floor, but in this we did not see anything special. The most important thing is to cope with washing and drying. Before putting the dishes in baskets, I taught everyone to soak them in the sink, because the machine is not a sorceress, dried-up food may not be subject to it. In short, the flight is normal, I recommend buying.

Three months later, this purchase bought another, exactly the same car to the country. No complaints, it works fine. The only thing I experienced with power surges. For a month I took measurements on the network, but it did not fall below 210, I think that everything will continue to be fine.

Ars ars

I bought a car, believing the unanimous ratings in the reviews. I do not regret the purchase, but I myself put only 4 points. Minus in poor-quality drying. The rest is all good. Management is simple, it launders normally, but sometimes burned-out food remains. Repeated washing eliminates the problem. In general, a good unit that can be recommended for purchase.

We want to stop on this, most of the reviews we found are positive. Buyers are happy with their purchase, whether or not they believe it is up to each of you. And we wish you a good choice!


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