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Bosch Dishwasher SPV 53M70 Reviews

Bosch SPV 53M70 ReviewsNoteworthy is the narrow Bosch SPV 53M70 dishwasher. Why? First take a look at its characteristics, and then at the cost. To top it off, read customer reviews and you’ll understand. From the point of view of marketers, this is one of the best dishwashers of the last decade, but what do you say?

Opinions of women

Lydia, Novosibirsk

After maternity leave, I changed my job to a more paid one. But this new work began to take up too much time and effort. I come home in the evening, like a squeezed lemon, there is no time left for everyday life. Bosch dishwasher really helps out. In the evening she washes all the dishes that the family accumulated in a day. Thanks to this technique, you don’t need to burden yourself with unpleasant homework, but you can immediately “collapse” to sleep. This technique has enough advantages.

  1. It is fully integrated. I hid her in a kitchen cabinet, and she doesn’t "calloused her eyes."
  2. Two whole baskets of dishes are placed in it.
  3. The washing algorithm is not very clear to me, but the result is excellent, the dishes will be held together by cleanliness.

Perfectly launders metal and ceramic dishes of any size.

  1. The machine has a delayed start, so if you wish, you can start washing dishes even at night.
  2. Full protection against leaks allows, does not worry, and leave the equipment in work, even when I am not at home.

I would also like to say about the reliability of this machine. For two years now, it has been switched on seven times a week, while not only has it not broken, but it has not even failed once. I recommend to buy!

Polina, St. Petersburg

A very simple technique to use. As soon as they connected it to me, I immediately collected all the dirty dishes and started washing, did not learn anything and did not read instructions. The dishwasher removes any dirt: tea stains, dried porridge leftovers, greasy deposits, stains and fingerprints from glassware. Satisfied with the purchase at 100%, I put five points!

Irina, Moscow

I have already been taught bitter experience, so I do not take cheap Chinese or Russian equipment. Bosch took it because it fit me in size, in addition, it has a relatively low price and German assembly. The machine really does not break, despite the fact that a year and a half has passed. There are no complaints about washing. I can also say that she spends a record low amount of water and detergents. This may seem suspicious, but I repeat, she washes perfectly. Recommend!

Vera, Chelyabinsk

If you are planning to take this dishwasher, do not waste money on expensive pills and powders. Believe my rich experience - it makes no difference. I take the cheapest powder in Auchan and am very satisfied. The machine washes everything without residue along with any dirt from the dishes. But do not forget to clean the dishes before putting them in baskets, otherwise large pieces of food will quickly clog the filter.

Yana, Vladimir

I “met” Bosch dishwasher almost a year ago. I associate it with the housekeeper Kuzey, the hero of the famous Soviet cartoon. You go into the kitchen, and all the dishes are clean, only it wasn’t washed by unknown strength, but by smart German technology. I especially want to note the very convenient baskets for dishes and beam indicator on the floor. It’s good when you see that the car has already finished work. This technique is worth buying!

Lyudmila, MoscowBosch SPV 53M70

Quite a noisy machine, especially when it draws water. I tried to put it a couple of times at night, but she either did not let her fall asleep or wakes up in the middle of the night. I can only wash during the day when I am awake. I really like how she handles fragile dishes, there is even a special mode for her. I did not regret that I had acquired good German equipment.

Ulyana, Moscow

A specialist in the store advised me to take Bosch 53m70, and I want to say that he was absolutely right. I had three dishwashers, but the previous two Bosch "are not suitable for soles." It’s just that Bosch really launders, and for those I washed my hands.

Opinions of men

Yuri, Novorossiysk

I have been washing this technique for about a year and a half.I have no complaints. The wife is happy, she only knows, lies on the couch and files her nails. I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I ate and watched the TV set on the trestle bed. With a dishwasher at the sink, you don’t have to stand for an hour and that’s happiness!

Vadim, Rostov-on-Don

Any kitchen appliances makes me happy, because it saves my time. Bosch Dishwasher is a masterpiece of design. Thanks to her, I save 30 minutes a day, which gives me a little time to sit with my favorite book. The dishwasher works flawlessly, no complaints!

Alexander, Vladivostok

For about a month, the machine left a white coating on the dishes. I had to wash. I could not understand the reason and sinned on a typewriter, it turned out the matter was in powder. Changed the tool and everything was fine. Thanks to the Germans for still making equipment for people, and not like ours, just to sell.


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