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Bosch SPS30E02RU Dishwasher Reviews

Bosch reviews SPS30E02RUFar not everyone fits the built-in dishwashers for the simple reason that not everyone in the kitchen has furniture suitable for embedding such equipment. In this case, a free-standing dishwasher called Bosch SPS30E02RU comes to the rescue. At first glance it is clear that this is a narrow model, but it’s not clear what quality this technique is and whether it is worth our attention. Let's try to read customer reviews, maybe we can get more objective information.


Catherine, Yekaterinburg

I did get a dishwasher last year right before the new year. I was very happy with such a gift from my spouse, especially when he attached new furniture to the kitchen to the typewriter. In just two days, he assembled all the furniture, installed the machine and in the New Year we entered with a completely updated, functional kitchen. The dishwasher works perfectly, I can’t discuss the technical details, because I have nothing to compare this model with. I see only such advantages.

  1. It is roomy with a small size.
  2. Washes even very dirty dishes.
  3. You can use different means, including 3 in 1 tablets.
  4. You can select a washing program and water temperature.

I heard that not all dishwashers have a choice of water temperature, but maybe this is not true.

  1. The height of the baskets can be changed.
  2. There is a convenient holder for glasses.

It’s good when you don’t have to stand near the sink for 30-40 minutes and rub endless plates and pans with a sponge. It’s just a different quality of life, how can you evaluate it with money.

Peter, Voronezh

Arthritis is a very filthy thing. When I was young and healthy, I did not think about it at all. Now the fingers on my hands hurt terribly, especially when I have to wash the dishes. Bosch's dishwasher made things easier. Now she washes the dishes herself, and pains in the joints began to torment me less often. She launders wonderful, I would never have washed in my life. Thanks to the creators of such a wonderful technique, it greatly facilitates the life of a lonely old man.

Elena, Orenburg

I used a dishwasher for about two yearsCandy CDCF 6 07 and was pleased. Well, what, she washed the dishes and the manicure was intact. Then I gave my Candy to my grandmother, and in return I took a bigger machine from the Bosch brand. Now I can say for sure, Bosch washes much better, especially the pans. Crystal clear, I was even surprised. Still, the brand plays a role, and dishwashers are very different. Bosch has a higher price, but it's worth paying for it.

Andrey, Cheboksary

My spouse was obsessed with saving. “Came over” me because I decided to buy a dishwasher Bosch, they say, it is necessary to buy funds for it, and she spends water immeasurably. It turned out that the machine spends much less water than when washing dishes manually, but you can also take cheap money. The main plus is saving time and effort. During the time that we spend on washing dishes, you can do a bunch of useful things. As a result, everyone was satisfied!Bosch SPS30E02RU

Lyudmila, Novosibirsk

Good machine, just for us. My husband and I recently got married, and so far we have no children. Take a huge dishwasher for two, it makes no sense, and it takes up a lot of space. Washes any dishes very well. It is gratifying that her specialist from the supermarket of household appliances advised us, I want to thank him warmly for this! This technique is truly irreplaceable.

Vladimir, Krasnodar

It seems that the machine is very simple, but it has everything I need. Even an economical dishwashing program. A little saddened by the fact that this machine is not built-in, but it does not matter, I still managed to build it into the furniture. Maybe it didn’t work out very beautifully, but functionally. The good news is that we managed to take it in the store with a big discount. You cannot buy good equipment for this money today. Recomend for everybody!

Svetlana, Moscow

The noise from this machine is really a lot, but it does not bother. This is not such an intrusive noise as from a drill or a grain crusher, the sound is uniform and can be said monotonous. You get used to it in a couple of minutes and stop noticing. The dishwasher turns dirty dishes into perfectly clean dishes, and this is the main joy!


Tatyana, Kostroma

I do not really understand what is the point in small dishwashers. In principle, it is not the smallest, there are models and fewer, but even little dishes fit into Bosch. You have to load it twice and the dishwasher stretches for 4-5 hours. If I were a housewife, I would have time, and so, I have to run to work and the dishwasher is full of dirty dishes. Still, wash your hands with disgust, but it's faster!

With my hands I wash much cleaner, especially the big pots.

Anna, Moscow

When it was necessary to get a dishwasher, I bought Bosch without hesitation, this is a brand, and the German assembly attracted it. Still, you must always think. The machine is very noisy and washes a little, besides the electronics have already begun to malfunction. Do not repeat my mistakes, choose the technique carefully!

Larisa, St. Petersburg

I never dreamed about a dishwasher, never thought about buying it, but then my relatives made an unexpected gift. Perhaps they were guided by the best of intentions, but in the end they ruined my nerves. The machine broke down for 4 days, and the service refused me a repair. I had to "raise half a town by the ears." Here I lived without a dishwasher and would live on. You are kindly requested to continue to bring gifts in an envelope!


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