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Bosch SPS 40E12 RU dishwasher reviews

Bosch SPS 40E12 RU reviewsA dishwasher collected in Germany at a cost of around $ 460 in Russian stores. It sounds somehow unconvincing. However, the Bosch SPS 40E12 RU dishwasher costs exactly that. Maybe it’s a matter of low quality, is it possible to collect in Germany? Immediately difficult to understand. Probably worth reading customer reviews, which are sure to tell more about this machine than an advertisement or a seller in a store.

Opinions of women

Elena, Tomsk

Immediately after the purchase, I reacted very badly to this typewriter, I even tried to hand it back to the store. Firstly, during the washing in the machine, something rang strongly, as if some parts touched each other. Secondly, from the inside it smelled very plastic. It took about two weeks and extraneous sounds disappeared, the husband says, the mechanisms have worked out. Then after about a month, I noticed that extraneous odors disappeared, which made me sharply change my opinion about Bosch SPS 40E12 RU. From that moment I began to see some pluses.

  • She gives an excellent result. Plates, wine glasses and other utensils sparkle clean.
  • Dish baskets are very comfortable and roomy.

The baskets are rearranged from place to place, depending on the type of dishes being laid.

  • The case is narrow, so it takes up less space in the kitchen.
  • There are 4 wonderful washing programs that are suitable for any type of contamination.
  • You can use any dishwasher.

We can say that I loved the dishwasher in the process. The same thing may well happen to you. Therefore, do not rush to reject the technique at first glance, perhaps it is not at all as bad as it seems.

Victoria, Murmansk

We have this machine for almost 4 years, I want to have something newer. But I do not want to because she began to wash poorly or broke down, I just like to update the technique more often. I wash all the dishes in it, including fragile ones, since there is a special regime. Bosch SPS 40E12 RU has a full Aqua-stop, it has never worked for us, but judging by the description, it works well, the apartment will not be flooded.

Bosch SPS 40E12 RUOnly one minus is the door. I mean, the door itself is normal, but the “curve” opening mechanism in it either opens completely or closes completely, there is no third way. To dry the dishwasher from the inside, you have to insert a crumpled rag, then the door does not close completely and there is a gap sufficient for air circulation. What prevented the engineers from coming up with a smooth opening mechanism is not clear. In general, the machine is normal, you will not regret it if you take it.

Galina, Moscow

About two years ago, my girlfriend “buzzed all my ears”, how great it is when there is a dishwasher in the kitchen. I somehow somehow did without her and did not think that the extra “bandura” in my small kitchen was not really needed. I considered all the advantages of automatic dishwashing to be exaggerated. How wrong I was!

When I managed to buy a Bosch machine, I realized that it’s almost impossible to wash dishes qualitatively with my hands. Especially when it comes to products made of thin glass. When you wash glassware with your hands on it, when it dries, droplets or stains remain. After the dishwasher, glassware is perfectly transparent, and it's just perfect!

Marina, Syktyvkar

I have been using this machine for a long time, so I know what I'm talking about. For your money, the technique is excellent. She has minor flaws that you will not even notice immediately, but they are more than compensated by a large number of advantages. The main thing is that the machine washes dishes efficiently and does not break for several years now. Five points!

Catherine, Perm

My pens are well aware that this is complete without a dishwasher. Personally, I remember the first two years of life in a new apartment with a shudder. Then in our kitchen there was nothing except a table, stools, a refrigerator and a small tile.Of course, I will cook the dishes, washed my hands with which all my skin on my hands cracked. Not even rubber gloves helped.

For those who want to keep expensive manicure, a dishwasher will also help.

Some will say that I'm sissy. But in fact, I just have problem skin since childhood. Contacts with dishwashing detergent and hot water do not go away for me. Bosch SPS 40E12 RU really helped me out and continues to help me out so far. I really love my dishwasher!

Julia, Tver

Bosch has a second dishwasher, and the first was Zanussi. I am very pleased with both cars, but Bosch SPS 40E12 RU, of course, is newer and more interesting, it washes a little better. The Bosch typewriter has a narrow case and at first glance it seems that there will be few dishes in it, but this is a mistake. In such a dishwasher, you can wash a mountain of kitchen utensils at a time. It washes perfectly, especially the pots, so I can safely recommend it to everyone!

Irina, Novosibirsk

The term of use of this machine is almost three years. For all the time she did not cause me any trouble. Every day regularly performs its function. About once every two months I clean the filter of food debris, so the water circulation is not disturbed. I recommend to buy!

Opinions of mendishwasher Bosch SPS 40E12 RU

Boris, St. Petersburg

It’s pretty bad that this machine is not built-in, otherwise it’s super equipment. Washes for a long time, but thoroughly, it takes some more time for the dishes to dry. My wife is especially pleased, she says that this is the best machine. In our household, it is simply necessary. I still wonder how cool she washes the plugs. Five points!

Vitaliy, Voronezh

I worked in a household appliance store for a couple of years, so I know for sure that Bosch German-made dishwashers are the best on the counter.Dishwashers Candy or Hans is seized, only absolutely crazy people who don’t feel sorry for the money thrown away. I have a Bosch SPS 40E12 RU, which works like a clock for three and a half years.

It is simple and very reliable. I think it will work, even if you start kicking it every day. I may not be a great specialist, but still I can recommend it to you with a clear conscience. I put five stars!

Vasily, Rostov-on-Don

An excellent dishwasher for rugged use. I have been using it twice a day for a year and a half. Not a single technical problem. The price is affordable. I recommend to buy!


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