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Reviews about the dishwasher Bosch SMV40E50RU

reviews about Bosch SMV40E50RUThere were complaints from users that the Bosch dishwashers wash the dishes for too long, and they don’t even have fast washing programs. The Bosch SMV40E50RU dishwasher was created taking into account the aforementioned wishes of customers, in addition, it does not have the disadvantages of previous models. We’ll see the reviews of people and you will understand everything yourself.

Men's opinions

Vladislav, Moscow

It is impossible to save money in a dishwasher, rather the opposite. When I read that people write that it saves water and energy, I laugh frankly. Imagine the cost of the machine, the cost of salt and the cost of detergents. Against the background of these expenses, a small saving on water and electricity is a trifle, "not making the weather." Personally, when I purchased the Bosch built-in dishwasher, I didn’t even think about saving.

First of all, this machine helps save energy and nerves, which are usually not enough when you see a mountain of dried plates in the sink.

The dishwasher copes with its function most often perfectly. Only a couple of times in two years of operation did I catch it in poorly washed pans. I admit that this is more my fault, because I did not put the dishes in the basket or put a little detergent. What I really like about this machine.

  1. Substantial capacity in 13 sets of dishes.
  2. Normal protection against children.
  3. A good selection of washing programs.
  4. She has a program for not too dirty dishes.
  5. There is a half load mode.
  6. There is a normal set of indicators that show the presence or absence of salt and detergents.
  7. Baskets are rearranged as you like.

I think this is not the best dishwasher that is in the world, but given that I did not give so much for it, this is an excellent unit. Advertisers talk about the optimal ratio of price and quality, this is just our case. Recomend for everybody!

Eugene, Rostov-on-Don

Without exaggeration, I will say that the dishwasher is the most useful appliance in the house along with a washing machine. My wife has a coffee grinder, a blender, an electric meat grinder, a coffee maker, but she either does not use all of this, or uses it from time to time. A dishwasher is always needed, of which I am sure. Be sure to buy yourself such a technique, if you do not already have it, you won’t have to regret it!

Ruslan, Kazan

The car has been working pretty well for three months now, complaining is a sin. But here at my leisure I looked into the instructions that came with this dishwasher and was horrified. If I really need to learn something from this instruction, I’ll really break my head. Let me explain what I mean.

  • Schemes are drawn so that you do not understand what to embed.
  • It is not indicated that the facade panel is attached with special fasteners. I had to look for a special screwdriver, which was not in my household.
  • It’s not clear how to embed a headset.

As I understand it, the manufacturer expects that in all cases the machine will be installed by a professional, but I did not want to spend money on the master, I did everything myself. The machine washes well, but I still will not recommend it.

Sergey, OrenburgBosch SMV40E50RU

The wife is delighted with this dishwasher. Now she doesn’t touch dirty dishes at all, because our son is responsible for loading and starting up the machine. Harmonious relationships were somehow established in the house, but all that was needed was to equip the kitchen properly. I, unlike my wife, will not idealize this dishwasher. A manufacturer could for the money: make a function beam on the floor, provide the ability to install a basket under the lid, come up with a normal facade hanging system.

Stanislav, Yekaterinburg

I would not have thought that the machine is so terrible. Very noisy, the child is not close to her, scared. The dishes are washed once good and once bad. I already tried everything, I can not understand the dependence.She has been with us for 4 months and I feel nothing but irritation. I wash my dishes with my hands, as before, despite throwing 620 bucks into the dishwasher and another 25 bucks with different funds.

Maxim, Krasnodar

I love the technique that works without misfires. The Bosch SMV40E50RU dishwasher is just one of such machines. “I knock on wood, so as not to jinx it,” but this machine has never attracted attention in a year and a half. Washes flawlessly, but my wife and I do not expect more from her.

Women's opinions

Olga, Smolensk

Decisively find no flaws in this dishwasher. She neatly hides behind the furniture facade and perfectly washes mountains of dishes. Mom looked that I have such a dishwasher and also bought myself, exactly the same. Recomend for everybody!

Alena, Moscow

The capacity of this machine for our family is quite enough. It works noisy, but it does not bother. Against the background of running around the kids, it can be said and not heard at all. I want to note the high quality of washing dishes and excellent functionality. A specialist helped me in choosing a dishwasher, and he was not mistaken. Five points!

Alina, Kostroma

The dishwasher is made at the highest level, it is immediately evident. The dishes are washed perfectly, while only half a tablet is enough. There is a very convenient cutlery box in which all the little things are perfectly washed. The machine has a self-cleaning filter and good leakage protection. The normal choice.

Maria, Perm

My husband and I decided to buy a dishwasher recently. We chose Bosch SMV40E50RU on the advice of the seller. It works well, it’s even amazing how such a primitive technique manages to wash different dishes so well. It is pleasant and joyful to get a mountain of clean and dry dishes. Every time I think about how many corns I would have to grate, if I hadn’t had a car.

Irina, St. Petersburg

The dishwasher delicately washes fragile dishes, so I trust her to wash everything, even children's toys. The machine loads in different ways, you can completely, or you can half. Programs last long enough, but it does not bother at all if you start the machine in the evening. Good technique, I have no complaints about it.


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