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Reviews about the dishwasher Bosch SMV40D00RU

reviews about Bosch SMV40D00RUA full-sized dishwasher can wash a huge amount of dishes at a time, making it very high quality. Can this be said about the Bosch SMV40D00RU dishwasher with the ability to be built into furniture? We want to learn about this from users. This is what they are telling.


Evdokia, Moscow

A very simple dishwasher to operate, which even my daughter, a 4th grade student, managed. The equipment works quite quietly and at the same time quickly. In general, a modern miracle!

Olga, Moscow

After careful selection and reflection, I settled on a fully built-in dishwasher with many functions and easy operation. I really liked the design of the equipment, which also influenced my choice. Well, the price, excellent, worth buying!

Elya, Ufa

A great purchase is a dishwasher, I am very glad to see her in my house. I managed to buy a stock. I will tell you my impressions in order to have something to compare. A big plus in this model is the height adjustment of the baskets. I like the variety of programs, especially the availability half load. Visually noticeable that in the manufacture of high quality materials were used. And most importantly, washing dishes rated 5 points.

There is, of course, a flaw. When washing, for some reason, plastic containers turn over, which affects the quality of the sink. But this is a problem not only of this machine. As for roominess, I manage to make 4 medium pots, 2 pans and 6 more large flat plates. In addition, you can also put about 5 tea sets and many cutlery. Do not forget to pour salt and rinse aid for the result. Conclusion: I recommend to buy!

Kateglad, Nizhny NovgorodBosch SMV40D00RU

For a long time I found all sorts of reasons to refuse myself to buy a dishwasher. But finally, I decided. First of all, I decided on the dimensions, a car 60 cm wide was suitable for the kitchen, in addition, this will include large pots, which is important. Having studied many models on the Internet, after reading the recommendations, I stopped at Bosch, I hope for quality.

Instructions for the technique are written available for understanding, the connection diagram is attached. Two capacious baskets for dishes are adjustable in height. I note that you need to arrange the dishes correctlyotherwise there will be no result. As for the product, I haven’t decided yet, I’m looking for the best and most environmentally friendly. As for the operation of the equipment, it can be noted:

  • The washing quality is good, there are no stains on the glass. But you do not dry dirty dishes, then it is much more difficult to wash it.
  • Spends an average of 1.5-2 hours for washing, completing the work with a sound signal.
  • There is enough one load a day to wash the dishes for 4 people.
  • It makes a decent noise, so if this can annoy you, then you should look for another model. Personally, this does not hurt me.

After some time, I came to the conclusion that you need to have more dishes in the house than before. And it should be such dishes that can be washed in a car. With the advent of technology, I noticed how the skin on my hands improved, for which I need to say Thank you. Now, I began to devote more time to cooking different dishes, which I really like to do.

mariza66, Ekaterinburg

In principle, this built-in dishwasher suits me, maybe I have not yet learned how to wash it, or a defective machine. Why is that? I'll tell you everything in order.

  • Firstly, the machine does not allow to lower the kitchen base. Our furniture was made to order from an expensive array, the base should not be 10, but 8 cm, which did not correspond to the typewriter. But at the same time, the machine was firmly fixed on the side walls.
  • Secondly, I do not particularly like the duration of the modes, either 30 minutes, or about 3 hours. I would like something optimal, an hour and a half. Of course, if you wash for a long time, then everything is laundered, but this is too much. And with a short program, you have to include pre-rinsing, which is inconvenient
  • Thirdly, with the advent of the machine I had to change most of the dishes, since it did not fit. Although the manufacturer of "Luminarovsky" plates allows washing them in the car. Maybe I did something wrong or the dishes are fake, it is not clear who is to blame, but the dishes began to deteriorate. So now I have ceramic dishes.

I use only Finish products that have established themselves as the best.

In short, there is nothing supernatural in this technique; it just washes dishes. Get ready for extra spending.

Schwarzenegger arnold

I did not use a dishwasher before, after the repair we decided to install this technique too. Undoubtedly, it is beauty when time and water are saved, and at the same time the dishes become very clean. We doubted that we needed a big car, but we do not regret that we took just such a one. Every day, baskets are completely lined with utensils. But she washes for a very long time, about 2 hours. Therefore, I want something faster.

As for the half load, it does not speed up the process, it saves only water. The noise in the process is normal, it does not bother me to sleep, so we operate it at night. On the same program, the result can be completely different, then in the morning we get dry dishes, and it can be completely wet. Why, have not figured it out yet.

Snegova Alina

Drew attention to the dishwasher Indesit. Having weighed all the pros and cons, she stopped at Bosch, although she had to pay 5,000 rubles more for her. The presence of leakage protection played a role. In short, the machine washes well. Pots after porridge are clean, plastic is also washed perfectly. The dishes are completely dry at the exit. The main thing is to wait for the end of the cycle, and not to pull out the dishes immediately after washing. There is a slight minus - noise in all modes. This prevents her from turning on at night.

Nefyodova Anastasia

For 2 years I have been operating this dishwasher without interruption. There are few modes, but enough for me. There is no beam on the floor, but this is also not so important, since I turn it on at night to get everything clean in the morning. Burnt or very dry food is not always washed. I do everything according to the instructions, put all the means. In general, I'm happy, I put 5 points.

Osipova Elizabeth

Recently installed a dishwasher in the kitchen. During this time, I noticed water savings of 3 cubic meters, and how much time is saved ... No need to save dishes, put them in the baskets of the car, and in the evening you wash everything at a time. Like the express program. As for special salt, this, in my opinion, is an extra waste of money, replace it with ordinary table salt and that’s all.


Lackov AlexanderBosch SMV40D00RU dishwasher

I have no complaints about washing. But as for Bosch's much-praised reliability, this dishwasher was very surprised. After 1 year and 3 months, the heater failed. It changes only in conjunction with the circulation pump, so the repair will cost, apparently, not cheap.

Philip den

This machine normally only washes spoons with forks and some plates. Pots, pans and most dirty dishes are not washed. Is it worth it then to install it, if you still have to wash your hands.

Trofimov Andrey

For some reason, recently, sellers in stores have discouraged buying Bosch, hinting at breakdowns and a poor-quality Polish assembly. It seemed strange to me. From the specialists of service centers with whom I had to talk, I did not hear about this. It turns out everything is simple, the seller receives bonuses for the sold goods of an unknown brand. It is not surprising that a lot of negative reviews appear.

Personally, I liked everything in this machine, except for the too high cost. Therefore, only 3 points out of 5.

Anokhin Ivan

I was disappointed in the Bosch dishwasher, because after a year and 2 months it had broken. While opening the door, the plastic crackled, the door began to fall down. Since the warranty is over, I decided to find out the cause of the breakdown myself. It turned out that the mount of the metal cover broke. The spring is attached to the door with plastic, which has broken. The cost of the mechanism is 2 thousand rubles.

Kissina Olga

I had to return the dishwasher to the store. I did not like the fact that the door did not hold in the right position. This made me hold the door with one hand, and put dishes with the other. In addition, disgusting drying. Terribly washes pans and pans. And to everything, makes a lot of noise. I decided to spend more money, if only the technique was good.

Kachanov Eugene

By and large, this equipment in terms of quality corresponds to the cost. Enough functions, but over time, there was no longer enough of a display on which information would appear before the end of the wash. There are no complaints about the quality of the sink, but it is terribly annoying the smell of plastic during washing. This disappointed, after all, Bosch.


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