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Gefest Dishwasher Reviews

reviews of dishwashers HephaestusThe Gefest trademark belongs to the large Russian holding Brestgazoapparat, which until recently specialized in the production of gas equipment, air purifiers, gas and electric stoves. Over the past few years, a group of companies has mastered the production of dishwashers. Dishwasher Hephaestus is still little known. Consumers only in the last 1.5-2 years began to actively buy cars of this brand, so we considered it necessary to collect all the available user reviews of these machines, thereby giving you the opportunity to analyze them.

How consumers respond to Hephaestus 45301

Alena Ivanova, Krasnoyarsk

We got this dishwasher on the cheap, bought at a wholesale price through a friend a few months ago. If it weren’t for the price, we probably wouldn’t have decided, but the dishwasher was needed, and there wasn’t much money. Immediately after they bought it and delivered it, it began to drift from me, and suddenly they bought something out of the ordinary. Hephaestus plates seem to be normal, but the dishwashers are unknown. In general, I began to actively search for reviews on the Internet, found a couple of pieces, but they seemed unbelievable to me. I decided I would rely on the opinion of a friend who sold it to us, so far, like no complaints.

Hephaestus 45301I launch Gefest 45301 once a day. I am saving dishes the whole day, and then, late in the evening, I start the washing program, usually “intensive”. Despite the fact that the machine is narrow, it contains all the dishes that we can accumulate with a friend for the whole day, and even the place remains. Once there was only a situation when there were a lot of guests in the house and I had to start the car twice. I use the car strictly according to the instructions:

  • I arrange the dishes correctly;
  • pour and stir salt finish for dishwasher;
  • add good detergents and rinse aid;
  • I clean the car regularly.

In general, I do everything so that in case of a dishwasher breakdown, the service center does not blame me for this. While I like everything, but I will be vigilant, just in case.

Julia, Pskov

I have only positive reviews about this dishwasher, I bought it six months ago and am not overjoyed. Washes very quietly, dishes after it shine with dazzling cleanliness. I confess I didn’t know that my saucepan could sparkle again like that. Before, before I had a dishwasher, I tried to wash the pots with my hands, but I didn’t get half the effect that arose as a result of automatic washing.

In the first month of operation, it was stupid to wash an aluminum bucket in a new machine. The ladle turned into nothing, I had to throw it away. Well, it's my fault, I had to read the instructions very carefully, and generally study what can be put in the dishwasher and what cannot. Now I'm smart and I don’t make such mistakes, so everything is fine. I advise everyone to buy this dishwasher.

Sergey, Moscow

Dishwasher Gefest 45301 I got on the occasion. There was a raffle during the opening of the mall, and I won the dishwasher. It was not possible to install immediately, so I connected it after three months with my own hands and screwed it up. I didn’t know that it was impossible to extend the hoses much, so I bought two 1.5 meter hoses for filling and draining, connected them together and so started using the dishwasher. Fortunately, I remade everything on time, otherwise the Gefest 45301 dishwasher donated by fate would go to the trash.

I use the dishwasher quite rarely, but when I have to use it, I am very happy. The car washes the dishes well, the last time I loaded a working tool into it and washed it, as a result, everything turned out perfectly. It's good that I read reviews on the Internet, kind people suggested.It has not yet been possible to identify any shortcomings during the operation of the machine, everything is fine, so I put the Gefest 45301 to a solid five.

How consumers respond to Hephaestus 60301

Larisa, Vladimir

Hephaestus 60301My daughter and I have been using the Hephaestus electric stove for almost 6 years, the reviews are most positive, despite the fact that we cook a lot and operate the dishwasher mercilessly. Recently we thought about buying a dishwasher and did not choose for a long time, we thought that there would be appliances from one manufacturer in the kitchen and chose Gefest 60301. We were also seduced by the design, because the Hephaestus dishwasher is similar in appearance to a stove, together they look just wonderful.

Gefest 60301 was our first washing machine, so we had to learn the technique from scratch. It was especially difficult to understand how to arrange baking sheets, pans and pans, for a long time they did not want to wash, then they learned to arrange everything by trial and error and now the quality of washing is beyond praise. After the first month of active operation, the water stopped draining into the sewer, it seems that the holes in the filter of this machine are small, so they quickly clog with dirt. We cleaned the filter screen and everything became fine.

We liked the washing modes, except for the delicate program. The instructions say that this program is suitable for washing fragile dishes, but in reality this is not so. Grandma washed a crystal service in the dishwasher, they just turned on this “delicate” program, as a result, not only did some items of the service crack, but I also had to collect the smallest fragments from the machine. Now all the valuable dishes with my hands. In general, both the dishwasher and the stove, my daughter and I are generally happy and give Hephaestus a positive assessment - a worthy company and decent products.

Ivan, g. Saratov

Hephaestus bought a dishwasher a year and a half ago, and for about a year it was even not connected to me, he invested money in equipment, so to speak, so that the crisis would not gobble it up. Four months ago, he moved to a new apartment with a large kitchen and decided to install his “investment” under the countertop. I connected to water and sewage by myself, after reading several articles on the Internet, this work did not seem difficult to me.

My wife likes to cook, so I have to wash the dishes often, we start the dishwasher about twice a day, after lunch and in the evening. The dishes became literally unrecognizable - very clean, but the cost of detergents increased. Before you buy a bottle of detergent, and you forget about the costs for six months. Now buy a powder, buy a rinse aid, buy salt, but all the same, all these costs are worth it. Do not be afraid to entrust your money to equipment manufactured under the brand of Hephaestus - you will not regret it.

In conclusion, let’s note, as it turned out, Brestgazoapparat, the owner of the Hephaestus brand, produces not only magnificent cooker hoods and stoves, but also wonderful dishwashers. This conclusion was helped by consumer reviews. We think you will only confirm our idea if you buy a dishwasher of this brand and become another happy owner of good equipment. Have a good shopping!


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