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Daewoo Wall Washer Reviews

wall mounted washing machineThe Daewoo wall-mounted washing machine is a unique appliance that helps you take care of your laundry. What is its uniqueness? And the fact that this automatic washing machine is not similar to any of the existing ones, because it has an unusual shape, is compact and is placed on the wall. How good this device is really good, we will be told by consumers who have already managed to try it out, consider their feedback.

Daewoo dwd cv701pc

Larisa Yuryevna

Date of purchase: January 2014.

Pluses: does not occupy usable space on the floor, compact and roomy.

Minuses: not found.

Daewoo dwd cv701pcI have a living area of ​​only 13 square meters. m, I live alone, but it’s pretty hard to turn around. You have to buy only functional things: a convertible sofa, a sliding table, a built-in wardrobe and now a wall-mounted washing machine. You can’t imagine how pleased I am with this acquisition. I used to have a Samsung machine and occupy the entire corner of the room, cluttering up the already cramped space. Now this is in the past, the Daewoo dwd cv701pc machine hangs on the wall and does not bother anyone.

Despite, what a washing machine Daewoo dwd cv701pc is quite compact, it holds almost 3 kg of laundryI have enough for one eye. I really like the design of the car, because of it I even decided to make repairs and design a room in Hi-Tec style. I can not say anything about the minuses, there is a feeling that this machine has no shortcomings. I evaluate this masterpiece of technical thought for a solid 5 points.

Alexander Schiller

Date of purchase: September 2015.

Pluses: very stylish.

Disadvantages: not every wall you hang.

Equipping his "bachelor's den" bought a wall-mounted washing machine. I did not really think about the technical characteristics and how it will wash, I really liked the look. In the course of the future, all cars will become so. Washed pastel, sports uniforms, sneakers, everything is fine. I did not find any cons when using. Hanging such a machine on the wall is difficult, it is quite heavy, so it’s better to place it on the load-bearing wall, and I have it where the partitions are needed. Well, I hung nothing, now I'm happy. Rating 5.

Veronika Vetrova

Date of purchase: February 2014.

Pluses: can be hung in a small bathroom.

Disadvantages: not enough linen is placed, you can’t wash overall things.

I always wanted to put a washing machine in the bathroom, but we have very little space there. I counted all the options with the most compact washing machines, none came up. As a result, I almost agreed to my husband’s offer to place the machine in the kitchen, but when we went to look for a suitable model in a shopping center, I accidentally stumbled upon a wall-mounted washer Daewoo dwd cv701pc and everything turned upside down in my mind. Before that, we had not even heard of the existence of such a technique that the machine hung on the wall like a plasma TV - nonsense.

We consulted, asked the manager everything that could be about Daewoo dwd cv701pc and decided to buy it. The specialist from the service center installed the machine for us, hung it in the bathroom where I wanted. I am very glad that we came across a wall-mounted typewriter, because arranging laundry in the kitchen is a bad job. The car takes up very little space, but at the same time I go to my mother to wash blankets and rugs, since she lives next door. The drum volume is enough only for washing ordinary things. Maybe over time they will come up with a wall-mounted version with a load of at least 6 kg, I would buy. I rate the car Daewoo dwd cv701pc at 4.

Daewoo dwd cv701jc

Sergey Aleksandrovich

Date of purchase: August 2015.

Pluses: can be put in a small room.

Disadvantages: it does not wring too well, it hangs on some programs.

Daewoo dwd cv701jcHe was seriously thinking about combining the bathroom and the toilet, and all, in fact, was due to the washing machine, which didn’t fit in that way. I solved the problem radically, I bought an unusual wall-mounted Daewoo dwd cv701jc machine. Now you do not need to do the redevelopment, and the machine is placed successfully. The washing machine does not have serious shortcomings, unless the spin could be better. Still, very rarely, it freezes during the execution of some programs, but rebooting solves the problem. I give a rating of model 5 with a minus.

Ksenia Kolyvanova

Date of purchase: July 2, 2014.

Pluses: not found

Disadvantages: poor-quality assembly, poorly erased, poorly wringed out, small drum.

An unexpected and unusual gift was given to me by my aunt for my birthday - a Daewoo dwd cv701jc washing machine. At first I didn’t understand what kind of device it was, and now I have learned and am not enthusiastic. On the one hand, it’s not bad, the car takes up little space, but they hung it on the wall - it looks neither here nor here, clumsily somehow. I started the wash, the machine began to vibrate and two tiles fell off the wall, I was very upset, because the repair was done recently.

Well, you can blame the repairmen who laid the tiles for me. But what about a scanty drum and a limited number of washing programs. It’s ridiculous to say that I washed pastel linen in 4 steps, it was easier to wash it manually, it would be faster. I conclude that this washing machine is not for family people. Just as it turned out, the washing machine was defective - a torn elastic, which is on the hatch, but we were replaced with it under warranty. I give an assessment of model 3 and then in advance, it would be possible to put a deuce.

Julia Rybina

Date of purchase: May 2015.

Advantages: decorates the room, erases well, rinses and wringes out, not noisy, spends little water.

Disadvantages: do not wash the jacket.

I accidentally found on the Internet information about unusual washing machines. I was interested in the Daewoo dwd cv701jc wall-mounted washing machine. Specifically, I liked the appearance, characteristics and price. By the way, the price for such an unusual and interesting technique is more than acceptable - 24,000 rubles. I ordered a car through an online store, and my husband was engaged in the installation. I really liked the fact that it is almost inaudible during washing, only a slight vibration is felt, but this does not interfere.

I washed all the things on it, everything washes off perfectly, the powder picks up well, without problems. Spin is also no worse than on my old Indesit typewriter. I looked into the passport, it turns out she spends little water. But this is understandable, because the drum is small, only 3 kg of laundry gets into it. This is a drawback, because sometimes you need to wash outerwear, and this machine for this is clearly not created. Otherwise, everything is fine - rating 5.


Alexandra Kononova

Date of purchase: June 2014.

Advantages: it is possible to fix it on the wall, it is very capacious, it perfectly cleans difficult stains.

Disadvantages: heavy.

Daewoo dwd ud2413kI was specially looking for a washing machine that could be fixed to the wall in the toilet directly behind the toilet. The fact is that there are simply no other suitable places for its placement, and this option is quite acceptable. For a regular wash, you would have to come up with special shelves or look for powerful brackets, but Daewoo dwd ud2413k already has everything. You can’t call it a full-fledged wall-mounted machine, but this is the beauty. For other wall-mounted machines, the drum is loaded with a maximum of 3 kg, and Daewoo dwd ud2413k has a load of 12 kg - the difference is obvious.

But there are also disadvantages Daewoo dwd ud2413k weighs almost three times more than its wall-mounted counterparts, however, if everything is well fixed to a strong wall, there will be no problems. Daewoo dwd ud2413k can be called a universal washing machine, it can be placed both on the wall and on the floor. This model erases just fine, I used to have LG with direct drive, before that Ardo and they washed much worse. Daewoo dwd ud2413k deserves a rating of 5.

Mikhail Zadorozhny

Date of purchase: January 2015.

Pluses: unusual appearance, erases a lot of linen at a time.

Disadvantages: this is not a wall-mounted washing machine.

Daewoo dwd ud2413k is ordinary front-loading washing machine. Well, yes, the manufacturer has provided special mounts for placing the washing machine on the wall, but this does not turn it into a wall model. Impressed in this model is a lot, mainly an extremely unusual and attractive appearance and a very large drum. I erase two of the largest down jackets in it at a time and no problems with washing or spinning, all is well.

There is a good program for washing blankets, it’s better not a single machine has washed my blanket. I can also note the “white things” mode, if washed with a powder that has a whitening effect, socks and shirts become whiter than snow. I have something to compare, I recently had an Indesit automatic machine, so it didn’t lie next to Daewoo dwd ud2413k. I recommend this machine to everyone, my rating is 6 on a five-point scale.

To summarize, we note that reviews of wall-mounted Daewoo washing machines are very mixed. Most consumers are satisfied with this technique, but there are also sharply negative reviews. When buying a wall-mounted washing machine, you should first study the characteristics of the equipment, ask about the nuances of the installation, and only then analyze consumer reviews. In this case, the chances of buying a good thing increase dramatically.


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    Five years, from the very beginning, not all modes worked, due to heating. Now all the modes do not work, the bearing is about to go into the world of scrap metal ...

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