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small PMM reviewsMore recently, there were very few small dishwashers in the market. Only a few companies went to their manufacture, but now the range of this equipment has seriously expanded. Does this mean that small dishwashers are wildly popular with users or are such conclusions premature? It is most reasonable to try to answer this question by reading customer reviews, which we will do together with you.

Flavia CI 55 Havana

Vitaliy, Moscow

In a small kitchen, little is placed. Neither cooking nor eating is inconvenient. After the repair and careful planning of the space, we managed to carve out a little space for furniture and household appliances, but the room became even closer. About 8 months ago, the wife wanted to buy a dishwasher. We went shopping, but it turned out that we could only nail a full-size and even narrow dishwasher to the ceiling. This is too much for our cluttered kitchen. The seller came to the rescue, who offered the dishwasher Flavia CI 55 Havana. It is good that we did not leave then and listened to him.

  1. The machine fit in the sink, taking up very little space under the sink. Its dimensions are W x D x H - 55 x 50 x 44 cm.
  2. It includes all the dirty dishes that my wife and I accumulate during the day. Only in rare cases, it does not include one or two items that are washed by hand.
  3. The machine features high quality sinks. A lot of time has passed, and there were almost no “misfires”.

The machine washes cleanly and does not leave chemical traces of detergents on the dishes.

  1. At the end of the wash, an audible signal sounds, which is very convenient.
  2. There is leakage protection and a daily delay in starting.
  3. You can use 3 in 1, 5 in 1 tablets and others.
  4. In it, you can even wash fragile dishes, as there is a holder for glasses.

This dishwasher is slightly noisy, but it saves good water. When I hands pour my dishes, I pour a lot of water, because the tap is open all the time. In a dishwasher, water is used in strictly metered doses, which gives 1.5 cubic meters of net savings per month. If you have the same situation and there is nowhere to put a large dishwasher, you should pay attention to the compact model, although this is a matter of taste.

Alena, Krasnoyarsk

After the birth of the baby, this machine became virtually useless. We bought it a year ago, and it suited us perfectly. But when all these endless bottles and children's toys appeared, I preferred to sell it. Now we have a full-sized dishwasher Korting KDI 60165, which without any problems includes all the accumulated dishes. Flavia CI 55 Havana was not bad, but if the family has a small child, size is critical.

Polina, St. Petersburg

A very pretty machine that can be placed at least on a table, at least on a pedestal, or, as in my case, hung on a wall using special corners. The fact is that our microwave is already hung on the wall just under the cupboard, and there was still enough space nearby on the wall. There was nowhere to put it, so the solution is obvious.

Flavia CI 55 Havana never let me down in a year. It launders well, but its capacity is small, there's nothing to be done about it. The washing programs are also very long, therefore, when several plates and spoons accumulate, I prefer to wash everything with my hands, this is faster. I have no particular complaints about this machine, but I still advise you to buy a large machine. This will be more correct, especially when the place allows.

Midea MCFD-0606

Svetlana, Ekaterinburg

The machine does not dry well, but the quality of the wash is quite acceptable. In 120 minutes, even heavily soiled dishes are washed well. I recently burned a skillet, soaked it in boiling water with detergent, and then washed it in a dishwasher. And that's it, the pan is like new. I have been operating the dishwasher for a year and a half and I think that during this time it has proved its quality.

Eugene, St. Petersburgcompact PMM

We have all the dishes of different sizes, there are also non-standard plates from IKEA. Putting it all in the Midea MCFD-0606 basket is problematic. It is necessary to contrive in various ways. I conducted an experiment a couple of times, washing a batch of dishes with my hands, while my wife was busy with the second batch, putting it in a dishwasher. It turned out this way: I was already lying on the sofa watching TV, having managed to wash and wipe everything, and my wife was busy with equipment. I think I’ll sell this machine through the announcement site, at least I will return some money.

Irina, Perm

Bought Midea MCFD-0606 four months ago in the store. My husband does not care, but I really regret the gift of the money spent, and all because I regretted the place. The truth is that you need to take either the largest machine, or none, since there is no sense in the compact model. I do not recommend it!

Korting KDF 2050 W

Stanislav, Moscow

I now live alone and work a lot, so there is no time for kitchen life. I would like to have a little time in the evening to lie on the sofa, instead of standing by the sink in the kitchen washing dishes and pans. There was an idea at home to stop cooking altogether and eat only in a cafe, but in the evening there is reluctance to leave the house, and eating something very much a hunt, in general, is not an option. A compromise was found quickly, I bought a Korting KDF 2050 W dishwasher. It is very small and inexpensive, it connects very quickly. Now I don’t need to wash the dishes, which I am very happy.

The machine is quiet, holds 6 sets of dishes, but it is advisable to use standard plates and cups. As for the pots, they do not fit into the dishwasher. I specifically bought two small pots to fit perfectly in baskets. Now there are no problems, I’m used to using such a technique already.

If you take a compact dishwasher, then the set of dishes will have to be updated, without this in any way.

Stepan, Smolensk

This machine is made haphazardly. Due to a hidden factory defect, the electronics burned out. Repair is very expensive and the warranty is over. You have no idea how disappointed I am. With anger I threw the machine into the garage and I don’t want to see it anymore, it’s better to wash the dishes with my hands.

Marina, Vladikavkaz

Korting KDF 2050 W is a very useful farm equipment. It works well, it launders dishes cleanly, although it holds little. The baskets are made very flimsy, and they are uncomfortable, you need to get used to it. Now I have adapted and manage to wash even a large pan in the machine, but I would prefer a larger dishwasher.

Ginzzu DC261

Daria, Tula

A very inexpensive Chinese dishwasher that does an excellent job of its function. You should not expect much from her, because this is a compact model, but for her level the work is good. The dishes are handled carefully; in some dishwashers, vibration destroys fragile dishes, but the Ginzzu DC261 does not. Almost everything is laundered on the express program, that's fine.

Oleg, Ivanovo

I ordered this machine at a good price right in China. The equipment arrived in excellent condition, it washes normally, the only drawback is the strange sound during washing, I don’t understand where it comes from, it’s a little annoying. But the machine fits me perfectly in size, it’s a good desktop option for a small kitchen. Glad to purchase!

Ivan, Novosibirsk

Although the technique is Chinese, it is very decent. “Takes” any detergents, including fancy 5 in 1 and 7 in 1 tablets. There are few dishes, but it is washed perfectly. Condensation drying does not work well. If the manufacturer had guessed to put a turbo dryer, the model would be much more functional. It would also be necessary to make a delay in launch, and before going to bed, you have to go to the typewriter and turn it on so that you wash during the night. I sometimes forget to do this, and in the morning the dirty dishes are already starting to fool. Nice machine, deserves 4 points!


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