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Kaiser Dishwasher Errors

PMM Kaiser errorsDishwashing equipment of the young German company Kaiser pleases not only residents of Germany, but especially residents of Eastern Europe and Russia. But no matter how good these dishwashers are, they break periodically. The mistakes of Kaiser dishwashers just accompany these same defects. To let the user understand what’s broken at his beloved “home assistant”, you need to find out what this or that code means, let's do it.

How not to make a mistake when defining a defect?

Deciphering one or another error code helps to find almost any Kaiser dishwasher malfunction, but do not rely too much on such decryption, because in some cases it can only confuse the wizard. We are talking about defects in electronics, namely the control board of the Kaiser dishwasher and firmware. One or another firmware failure in half the cases negatively affects the operation of the self-diagnosis system. She begins to spontaneously give out different error codes without any reason, forcing the user to disassemble the machine and look for breakdowns where they do not exist.

Some error codes have such a wide decoding that they do not determine a specific defect, but only a possible range of defects that should be paid attention to, first of all, when searching for a problem. Therefore, be extremely careful and do not trust the decryption to 100%, however, you must use them, otherwise the search for the problem will be significantly delayed.

On some Kaiser dishwasher models, a special self-diagnosis system is installed with an extended package of error codes.

Description of codes

If you had to encounter an error code during normal operation of the Kaiser dishwasher, do not rush to panic, let alone disassemble the machine yourself. Turn off the dishwasher and then completely de-energize it. Let the equipment stand for about 30 minutes. Turn on the machine again, if the error code reappears, repeat the procedure two more times, and then take up the decryption of the code.

  1. E1. The indicated error should lead the user to a defect in the Kaiser dishwasher door lock, since the control module does not receive a lock lock signal. In this case, the door may be partially open, the lock or sensor may be broken, or the wiring between the control board and the lock sensor may be damaged. The tire responsible for the locking device is also probably defective. It is necessary to check how the door is locked, and also to inspect and, if necessary, change the lock itself and the sensor.dishwasher drain pump Kaiser
  2. E2. Appears if the inlet valve allows too little water to pass in the specified amount of time. The error is associated with a low water pressure, a broken solenoid valve, a clogged intake valve filter. What to do? First of all, you should check if the water supply in the house is turned off. Next, check the intake valve with an ohmmeter. If the resistance is within 2-5 kOhm, everything is in order, if less, you need to change the part. Also check the valve filter for blockages.
  3. E3. Water drains for a very long time. If the pump cannot pump water out of the system in the control time, it means that it does not work well. Maybe this was due to a blockage in the pump or garbage filter, or maybe because of a blockage in the hose, siphon or sewer. To solve the problem, you will have to clean the trash filter and then check all the indicated places where clogging could occur. Having cleared the blockage, you will get rid of the annoying mistake.
  4. E4. The level sensor indicates that there is too much water in the dishwasher. The gulf valve is probably broken, the pressure switch itself is out of order, or there are problems with the electronics. How to fix such problems? To get started, get to the pressure switch and blow its tube, after removing the hose.Then measure the resistance of the part, if the resistance gradually drops and reaches zero, then the part is in good condition. Next, check the resistance of the intake valve and lastly look at the control module. Please note that replacement parts may be required.
  5. E5. The thermistor gives incorrect readings. With this error, in most cases, a replacement thermistor is required. In more rare cases, this indicates a breakdown of the heater or an open circuit. You can eliminate this annoying defect by replacing the thermistor, the heater or their supply wires. Preliminary details are carefully checked with a multimeter.
  6. E6. This is a more special error, which recognizes a break in the interaction between the heater, the temperature sensor and the control module. Any of these parts may be broken, and in addition to everything, the wiring may be broken. We'll have to check everything with a multimeter and replace the defective parts.
  7. E7. A very dangerous error fixing a short circuit of a thermistor. Before you climb into the dishwasher, and indeed touch its body, you need to de-energize it. After that, you need to pull out the punched thermistor, throw it away, and put in place the new original part.

For security reasons, the manufacturer does not recommend to deal with the E7 error yourself and invite the wizard.

So, we have decoded the codes of the Kaiser dishwasher self-diagnosis system. If you decide to seriously repair your "home assistant", read the article Repair of dishwashers Kaiser, and we end here and wish you all the very best. Do not forget to visit our site.


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