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Gorenje Dishwasher Errors

PMM Burning Error CodesThe control module of the Gorenie dishwasher can notify the user or the master that the appliance has one or another malfunction. How he does it? Of course, using the error codes of the Gorenje dishwasher. There are very few errors in the database, so we have a rare opportunity to describe them more or less in detail in a single publication. Let's try to do it.

What do these or other codes mean?

To begin with, you must definitely say that Gorenie dishwashers are still available in two versions: with and without a display. There is a self-diagnosis system on all machines, but it interacts with the user in different ways. So, let's start listing the trouble codes.

  1. E1 On a typewriter without a screen, this code is represented by two luminous indicators: the first and the last. This means the operation of a special sensor located in the pallet of the machine and protecting its body from leaks.
  2. E2, E9. The second and last indicator lights up, counting from left to right. This makes itself felt pressostat, which recorded an excessive amount of water poured into the machine.
  3. E3 The following indicators light up: first, second and last, counting from left to right. This error captures the fact that the system cannot bring water to a predetermined temperature.

The water heating temperature is set by the program embedded in the control module and can be adjusted by the user. The module monitors the actual heating temperature and compares it with the value set by the program.

  1. E4 The third and last indicator lights, counting from left to right. This code appears when communication with the temperature sensor is lost.
  2. E5 The first, third and last indicator lights up, counting from left to right. What does this code indicate? And he indicates a too slow flow of water into the machine, or the water does not flow there at all.
  3. E6 Indicators are on: second, third and last. This indicates a problem with the removal of waste water from the dishwasher system.

What to do if a leak occurs?

When the E1 code appears, the user must immediately turn off the power to the dishwasher, block the flow of water into it and check the tray. Perhaps there is really a lot of water in the sump, or maybe the leakage sensor just worked idly. Both that and another can happen with equal probability. True, you can look under the body of the Gorenie dishwasher. If it’s wet, then there’s still a leak. What to do in this case?

  1. First of all, restart the machine and see if the error reappears.Dishwasher drain pump
  2. If the error reappears, you need to turn off the machine, pull it out and remove the side cover of the case.
  3. Put your hand in the pallet and touch the bottom. If there is no water, then press the sensor float with your finger and check if the machine will work after that.
  4. If there is a lot of water in the pan, you need to drain it. Take some sturdy stand and basin. Lift the machine and put it on the stand, put a basin next to it. Tilt the machine body towards the pelvis and drain the water.
  5. See where the water came from and repair the leak. Most likely, you will have to change the pipe or the body of the circulation unit, but it may just have leaked rubber gasket or the clamp has loosened.
  6. Assemble the machine and check whether the error reappears.

In the event that there is no water in the pan, and the sensor does not want to work, it can be replaced. But first, you need to “ring” with a multimeter the wiring that communicates with this sensor and, probably, test the control module. If the tire responsible for interacting with the leakage sensor has burned out, you will have to contact the master to skillfully fix this unpleasant defect.

Water overflow

Having witnessed the appearance of the code E2, E9, the user should not disconnect the machine and turn off the water supply.Instead, you need to restart the machine and see how it will behave. It is necessary to repeat the reboot several times in order to completely eliminate a short-term system failure.

Next, you need to turn off the Gorenie dishwasher, unhook the right or left side of the case, and then check the tray. If the pan is dry, disconnect the blue wiring from the pressure switch. Then we connect the machine and cut the very first program. If the machine starts draining water, it means that the control module can be excluded from the list of possible problems. If the machine started pumping water, then the control board is broken.

The second situation does not necessarily require a replacement control board. You need to call the wizard, which will reset the firmware or flash the board. In most of the cases, this is enough to restore control.

In the event that we excluded the control module, you need to remove the thin rubber hose from the pressure switch tube and carefully examine it. Pressure must be maintained inside the hose, and if there is even the slightest damage, it must be replaced. Also inspect the level sensor duct. It may accumulate small debris that needs to be cleaned. Check the resistance of the pressure switch, and also check its wiring.

If everything is in order, then the last thing to do is inspect the inlet hose. In slightly rarer cases, the pressure switch starts to work incorrectly or refuses to work due to a blockage in the inlet hose. Due to clogging, water begins to flow unevenly. Inside, air bubbles form, which ultimately fall into the hose and tube of the part, interfering with its work. By removing the blockage, you will restore the normal operation of the system.

Water is not heated

TEN dishwashers burningThe code E3 lights up on the display, it is worth paying attention to how cold the machine washes dishes. In winter, this is especially noticeable, since just ice water accumulates at the bottom of the washing chamber. If the water inside is hot, this indirectly indicates a breakdown of the control module, which incorrectly reads the readings from the temperature sensor. Well, let’s not say ahead of time about sad things. To get started, do the following:

  • unscrew the front protective panel, which is located under the door of the dishwasher, also unscrew the left side wall;
  • having gained access to the heating element and the temperature sensor, we won’t climb on them in the first couple, first we will find the thermal fuse that is on many models of Gorenie dishwashers;
  • Having found this part, take a multimeter and check if this fuse has tripped or not tripped. Indications close to zero indicate that the fuse has not tripped;
  • If the fuse is intact, check the resistance of the heater. If the multimeter showed 25-30 Ohms, then the heater is in order, if the value approaches zero, you need to change the part.
  • Check the thermistor and its wiring, most likely, the breakdown is hiding there.

In such a situation, the failure of the control module cannot be ruled out. If you, having done all of the above, did not find any defects, you can invite a specialist to test the electronics. Doing this yourself is not worth it.

The temperature sensor is not functioning

dishwasher temperature sensorAn error with the E4 code specifically indicates that the temperature sensor needs repair. However, there are nuances here. The temperature sensor may indeed be broken, or the wiring leading to it may be interrupted. The contacts may also slightly burn out, or the control module may fail, which will cease to recognize this part.

We will try not to think about possible problems with the electronics, check the temperature sensor and wiring with a multimeter one by one. Depending on the identified problem, we change the sensor or broken wiring.

No or not enough water

Error E5 occurs if the machine does not collect water at the proper speed or does not collect it at all. First of all, you need to see if the inlet hose is pinched.Maybe the fact is that the water utility turned off the water supply, so the water does not go into the machine. Eliminating elementary errors, we proceed to identify more complex defects.

At the same time, it is worth checking the intake valve for blockages. Quite often, the valve mesh becomes clogged and, due to such a defect, the valve cannot work normally.

We get to the inlet valve through the side wall and check its resistance with an ohmmeter. If the valve is functioning properly, you must also check its supply wiring. Failures in the electronic filling of the dishwasher cannot be ruled out.

Waste water does not leave

When starting the waste water discharge program, the control module detects the time during which the machine will remove all dirty water from the system. If water is discharged more slowly than 3 minutes later, the control module will display error E6. We must look for a reason.Dishwasher pressure switch

  1. First of all, you need to make sure that the dust filter is absolutely clean.
  2. Next you need to check the drain hose and siphon for blockages and clamping.
  3. Turn off the machine, dismantle the side cover of the housing and check in turn the pressure switch, drain pump and wiring leading to these parts. To check we need a multimeter.
  4. If you can identify a malfunction of one of the parts, do not try to repair it. Only replacement will help here.

So, we looked at what the various error codes of Gorenie dishwashers mean and most importantly, we looked at how to fix these errors. Try to look for defects yourself, but be prudent. If the problem can not be identified with your own hands, feel free to contact the master. A qualified specialist will definitely help you. You may also need information from the publication. Repair of dishwashers. It describes some of the nuances that we omitted in this article. On this we want to end, thanks for reading the text to the end. Good luck


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