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DTCs DE and E2

DE E2 errors in a Samsung washing machineThe code displayed on the display of the washing machine informs of a malfunction that has arisen from one of its parts. The error code helps you understand the cause of the breakdown and the steps you need to take to fix it.

In many cases, having correctly decrypted the code, the user independently copes with the problem and carries out home repairs. Much less often, the Samsung machine breaks down so that you have to call the master. What to do if the display shows the code DE or E2? Let's talk about this in detail.

Decoding errors, causes

Let's start with the DE error, it is connected with the sunroof locking device. This error may occur if:

  1. The door was opened with excessive force.
  2. The lock hook of the lock is deformed.
  3. The hatch door has shifted from high temperature or pressure, usually this happens during boiling.

Error E2 in the Samsung machine informs the user about the impossibility of draining waste water or slow draining, the drain waiting time is exceeded. The reasons for this error may be:

  • drain filter clogging;
  • debris entering the drain pump or breaking it;
  • blockage in the pump nozzle;
  • clogged sewer;
  • defect in the operation of the water level sensor;
  • malfunction of the electronic board.

In some washing machine models, for the same reasons, not E2 error may occur, but 5E error.

Fixing the hatch door

If a DE error occurs, the first thing you can try to do is open the sunroof and close it again. If the DE error does not resolve or the hatch door does not open, you will have to check and change the lock. But first you need to open the door, all the ways to do this are in the article on how to open a washing machine.

After the door is open, inspect the lock and hook. If the hook is deformed, then the cause of the DE error is on the face. Replacing the hook is very simple:

  • unscrew in a circle the bolts holding the fastening two parts of the door of the washing machine;
  • carefully remove the plastic part;
  • unscrew the hook and put a new one;
  • collect the door back.

Replacing the lock if necessary is also not difficult, the main thing is to buy the original spare part, and then do everything according to the instructions:

  1. take a Phillips screwdriver and unscrew the bolts holding the lock;
  2. using a flat screwdriver, we very carefully bend the spring of the clamp that holds the rubber cuff, there is such a spring under the rubber in the lower part.
    washing machine lock
  3. then counterclockwise pull out the clamp;
  4. move the gum from the lock;
  5. through the drum we take out the lock and remove the lid from it;
  6. disconnect the connectors with wires;
  7. we connect a new original lock and assemble everything in the reverse order;
    samsung washing machine lock
  8. run a test wash to check for a DE error.

We clean the drain system

If error E2 appears, you can start the test by checking whether the drain system of the machine is clogged. The simplest thing that absolutely any user can check is a drain filter, which is located behind a small door in front of the machine below. Open the door, unscrew the cork counterclockwise and pull the filter out a little.

washing machine filterDo not forget to put a rag near the machine so that the rest of the water in the tank does not spill on the floor and does not leak under the machine. If the machine has a full tank of water, it is best to first drain the water through an emergency drain, the hose of which is next to the filter plug.

The next thing that can be checked without disassembling the washing machine body is a sewer drain. To do this, disconnect the hose from the sewer and tilt it into a bucket, if the water from the machine flows normally, then one hundred percent - there is a blockage of the sewer. Call the plumber and solve the problem. If the water does not drain or does not drain well, then the problem is in the machine.

It’s not difficult to get to the pump and the nozzle coming from it in the Samsung washing machine. This can be done through the bottom of the equipment, which is either absent or easily unscrewed. The operation algorithm can be represented as follows:

  1. We take out the powder receiver from the machine.
  2. We drain all the water available in it.
    Water should not remain in the typewriter because when it is tilted, it can get onto the control board, which gets wet after contact with water and then burns out.
  3. Gently put the car on its side.
  4. From the front side, unscrew the bolts holding the pump.
  5. From the bottom side, disconnect the terminals from the pump, open the clamp and remove the pipe.
  6. Now we find on the pump the bolts fastening its two parts, untwist them and inspect the impeller. It should not have hair, wool or other debris.
  7. We check if the motor rotor rotates, if not, then most likely the winding of the drain pump has burned out. In this case, we buy a new pump and put in place the old one.
  8. If the pump is working, check the pipe disconnected from the pump, inspect for debris in it.
  9. We collect the car.

How to check the water level sensor

washing machine pressure switchIf the drain path is in perfect order, no blockages are detected, we proceed to check the water level sensor or as it is also called a pressure switch. Why do you need to check it? It's simple if the pressure switch does not send a signal to the control board that the tank is full of water, then the drain pump does not work and the water does not drain. What can happen with the pressure switch:

  1. The main and most common cause of the malfunction is oxidized terminals. It is enough to clean them, process, reconnect and error E2 will be eliminated.
  2. Blown wiring. In this case, we arm ourselves with a multimeter and check all the wires going from the pump to the pressure switch and from the pressure switch to the board in turn. Find the faulty wire and change it to a new one. The work is painstaking, but not at all complicated.
  3. The triac of the pressostat on the control board burned out.
  4. If paragraphs 1-3 were excluded during the test, this indicates that the pressure switch is not working, it is necessary replace water level sensor.

Checking the control board

Very rarely, the cause of the E2 code on the Samsung machine display is a malfunction of the control board. This is the most difficult part of the machine. Replacing it with a similar one can be simple, because you just need to reconnect the sensors from the old board to the new one.

Important! One wrongly connected wire can lead to the fact that the new board will burn before your eyes, so you need to be very careful or trust such work to professionals.

But there are times when the board can be repaired by soldering several elements on it. We would definitely not recommend doing such work on our own. It is better to contact a service center. The control board is an expensive part, so in this case, self-repair is a risk.

In conclusion, we note that most of the malfunctions reported by the DE and E2 errors on the Samsung washing machine can be fixed on their own. Therefore, before panicking, it is better to understand the issue, and only then draw conclusions.


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    Do not fix the E2 itself?

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    How to drain water from a Samsung machine?

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