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UE errorSelf-diagnosis of malfunctions and irregularities in the operation of the washing machine is a useful feature of modern washing machines. The code shown on the display can help narrow down the troubleshooting circle, which will shorten the repair time. Pay attention to the UE code in LG washing machines. What do these two letters on the screen mean, what to do when they appear? Let's talk about this further.

Decryption of the code and the reasons for its appearance

A UE error in the LG washing machine may appear both at the end of the program before starting the spin cycle, and at intervals during washing. Before this, the machine for several minutes trying to gain momentum in order to start the intermediate or main spin. Attempts end with an error on the display.

Pay attention to the letters of this error. Two large letters UE may appear, and it is possible that the first letter will be a small uE. This nuance in the programs depends on the model of the washing machine.

display error

The essence of these two versions of the code is as follows: if a combination of a lowercase and a capital letter appears, this means that the machine makes various attempts to evenly distribute the laundry in the drum. For example, it draws a little water, then releases this water. After several failures, a code of two capital letters UE is displayed, which means that the LG machine itself is not coping with the problem, there may be a breakdown.In older models, the washer only displays a code of two capital letters, which, if there is no spin, indicates a malfunction.

The causes of the malfunction may be the following:washing machine drum overload

  • overloading the washing machine with linen, leading to wear of parts;
  • improper loading of the drum - too little linen or it is too voluminous and light;
  • program crash;
  • improper installation of the machine, with a violation of the level;
  • wear of parts, long service life.

First steps

If a uE error appears in the lg washing machine, while the first letter in the code is small, then nothing needs to be done. Wait until the machine completes all the manipulations. Perhaps nothing bad happened. If the machine has stopped and the capital letters UE appear on the display, then do the following in sequence.

  1. Open the drum of the machine and manually redistribute the laundry, most likely it is crumpled.
  2. If there is too much linen, then remove some of the things and run the spin again. If on the contrary it is not enough, then wring out with your hands or report something else and start the spin function.
  3. It is also worth checking how smoothly the washer is, using the building level for this.
  4. If the error continues to light, then try restarting the machine. To do this, turn it off, then unplug the plug from the outlet. Wait 15-20 minutes and turn on the equipment again in spin mode.


If the above steps did not resolve the UE error on the washing machine, then call the wizard or look for the problem yourself. We will try to help you with this. In this case, the following details break down:

An electronic module is a part, the most difficult to repair. The fact is that you need to determine which triac or track burned out. To do this, you must have knowledge in the field of electronics, the ability to read circuits. Without knowing the nuances, you can finally ruin the electronic board. It’s easier not to repair this part, but to replace it completely, but then the repair will be more expensive.

If the electronics break down in the LG typewriter, we recommend contacting a service center.

When the UE error lights up on the display, and during operation you hear a rumble or see a puddle with oil stains under the machine, then there is certainly a problem with the bearings and seals.To replace them, you will have to completely disassemble the machine and pull out the tank with the drum, which requires free time and skill. We described this process in sufficient detail in the article Replacing bearings in the washer LG, there is a desire to do repairs - God help.

Another detail that can lead to a lack of spin and, consequently, to a UE error, is the tachometer. It happens rarely, but let's not miss this malfunction. This sensor is responsible for engine speed, and if they are not enough, then there will be no spin. To replace the tachometer, you need:

  1. open the back wall of the machine by unscrewing the screws around the perimeter;commutator motor
  2. find an engine under the tank;
  3. remove the drive belt from the drum pulley and from the engine;
  4. disconnect flash drives with wires from the motor;
  5. unscrew the screws that hold the engine, and pull it out of the car;
  6. remove the ring with wires (tachometer) and put a new part in its place;
  7. assemble a typewriter.

In most cases, LG cars do not have a commutator motor, but an inverter motor. Therefore, below you will find a video on replacing the tachometer in such washing machines.

To summarize: on the lg washing machine, the ue error is displayed for various reasons. Some of them are easily removable with their own hands. In the case of replacing a worn part, think carefully whether to call a master or to get down to business. Good luck


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