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PE error in LG washing machine

PE error in LG washersIf washing did not start after the usual start-up procedure for the washing machine, then a simple reboot of the equipment is indispensable. The problem is serious and instructions will be required. Therefore, we offer recommendations and begin with the fact that we find out the decryption of this code.


A PE error in the LG washing machine can occur at any stage of washing, if the malfunction occurs for the first time. But at one point, an error may pop up immediately after starting the program, and therefore you should not neglect such messages. The error is decoded quite simply - a malfunction of the water level sensor, which cannot determine how much water is drawn into the tank.

Note that in this case, water must be drawn into the machine, even if it happens slowly or vice versa quickly. If in 25 minutes there is no minimum water in the tank or in less than four minutes an overflow occurs, then a PE error will appear on the display. If water does not flow at all, then this is a completely different breakdown and another mistake. Most likely, the display will show code IE.

Please note that IE and PE errors are similar, in most cases they have the same symptoms, but they are not identical, since they are caused by different reasons.

Causes of malfunction

The main reason for such a rare mistake in the LG washing machine is the breakdown of the water level switch. This happens in almost 90% of cases. But nevertheless, this is not the only reason, the sensor’s performance can also be affected by:

  • faulty wiring from the sensor to the electronic board;
  • malfunction of the triac on the module responsible for the operation of the pressostat;
  • lack of air supply in the pressure tube (the tube has flown or broken);
  • violation of the installation of the washer. When water by gravity leaves the tank, the pressure switch cannot fix the water level.

Do it yourself

If you want to fix the problem yourself, start by rebooting the brains of your equipment. But this is in the case when you first saw a similar error and the chances that this will work are not great.

If you hear water leaving the tank during typing, then feel free to check that the machine is connected correctly. The drain hose must be located at a certain height above the floor so that this does not happen. The drain point must be at least 50 cm from the floor. The drain hose may have dropped out of the mount, be sure to check this.

After that, proceed to the inspection of the "insides" of the machine, and for this:

  1. Unplug the machine.pressure switch in lg
  2. Shut off the water supply.
  3. Remove the top case cover.
  4. At the top, find the pressure switch.
  5. Check the integrity of the pressure tube and the tightness of its connection to the sensor.
  6. Check the loop with the wires that connect the water level sensor and the control module, use a multimeter.
  7. If all of the above is correct, disconnect the pressure switch and replace it with a new one that is suitable for your LG washing machine model.
  8. Reassemble the machine and run the wash to verify operation.

It is very rare that triacs burned out on the module become the cause of PE errors in the LV washing machine. Soldering them is easy if you know where they are and how they look. And if at all the processor on the board burned out, then there are two options. The first is to replace a completely electronic board with a new one, which will cost a lot. The second option is to buy a new washer, which is what users most often choose, because in most cases an old technique gets into the repair, it makes no sense to repair it. But again: with a PE error, this rarely happens, like the error itself.

Thus, in this case, you can fix the problem yourself. The main thing in time to notice a malfunction. Good luck


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