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Error F9 in the Atlant washing machine

error F9 in SM AtlantBelorussian washers Atlant, frankly, are not the most reliable. According to the statistics of service centers, these machines are in the top five by the number of breakdowns in the first 3 years of operation. Fortunately, a self-diagnosis system is built into these machines, which allows you to determine the nature of the problem in time. As part of this publication, we will be interested in error F9 in the Atlant washing machine. We will give a decryption of this error, look for the causes of its occurrence and try to eliminate them.

What does this code mean?

Before proceeding to decipher the error F9 on the Atlant washer, let's see how this code appears on the machines of this brand without a display. To recognize not only the F9 code on the washing machine of this brand, but also any other code, you need to look at the bottom row of indicators located on the control panel.

In our case, in addition to the power indicator, the first and fourth lights are on, indicating error F9.

error F9 on Atlant washer without display

Now let's talk about decryption. If the code F9 is displayed on the display or control panel, it means either the tachometer is out of order, the engine is broken, or the electrical communications between the engine and the control module and, finally, the module itself could break. On our own, we add that the Atlant washing machine often “sins” problems with the firmware of the electronic module. It is enough to happen a more or less serious malfunction in the power supply network and the firmware starts to “fail in a childish way”.

Fortunately, problems with the electronic module are still less common than malfunctioning of the tachometer or engine, therefore, with an F9 error on the Atlant washing machine, self-repair is shown, unless, of course, you have sufficient “communication” skills with the equipment.

Problems with the tachometer

The Atlant typewriter has a very typical internal structure, so if you open the back wall of this “home assistant”, you will not see anything unusual there. The back cover is removed very easily, just unscrew a few screws. Under the cover you will see a rhinestone:

  • back wall of a tank;
  • large pulley with drive belt;
  • contacts of the heating element with suitable wires;
  • branch pipes;
  • a motor with a chip connected to it with wires and a tachometer.

For obvious reasons, we are paying close attention to the last detail. By the way, the Atlant brand washing machine is characterized by a rather convenient arrangement of internal elements, in particular, almost perfect access to the engine and the tachometer opens through the rear wall. This is what we will use.

malfunctioning machine tacho Atlant

We disconnect the wiring going to the tachometer, then we take a multimeter and check the part. Next, we need to remove the tachometer and check its ring; possibly, an oxide layer has formed inside. If there is even a little oxide deposit, it must be thoroughly cleaned. If a part burns out, it must be replaced with a similar new one. If you would like more information about this part, read the article. Tachometer in the washing machine.

Check and repair of the engine

Atlant engineThe Atlant washing machine may also give an error code F9 if there are any problems with its engine. The problem here is that if the engine has a leak on the body or an anchor is broken, nothing can be done, you will have to change this part. No, well, theoretically, you can fix the motor in these cases, only the repair cost will be astronomical, it’s easier to order a new engine.

Okay, let's not delve into philosophy, but begin to test the engine. First, the engine must be removed. To do this, disconnect the chip with wires from it, then unscrew the bolts and pull off the motor. Next, find the brushes, unscrew the bolt-holders and pull out both parts for inspection. If the brushes are even a little worn out, they must be replaced. Change the brushes in pairs, so you will be sure of the uniformity of their wear.

Buy only original brushes, otherwise there is a risk of spoiling the lamellas and then you will "get" to an expensive motor repair.

Now we need to partially open the motor housing and check with a multimeter if there is any current leakage to the motor housing. Then we check each coil of the winding for breakdown. If no breakdown or leakage is found, and the brushes are completely intact, then the cause of the F9 error is not at all in the engine - we are looking further.

Electric circuit and control module

Atlant control module boardWhat should I do if the engine with the tacho sensor works like clockwork, and the error code F9 intrusively reports that the malfunction has not gone away? The answer to this question is obvious - you need to check the circuit between the engine and the control module.

Earlier, we unhooked a chip with wires from the engine. We return to her, taking with us a multimeter. We test each posting in turn, if any of them does not ring, it must be replaced immediately. We recommend that you check the entire bundle of wires at least twice, because with this method of testing the wiring errors are not excluded.

If the circuit is fully operational, then the cause of the error lies in the electronic module. If you come to this conclusion, start looking for a good workshop for the repair of washing machines, because the control module is not recommended to be repaired by yourself. Interested in details? Read the article Is it worth it to repair electronic modules with your own hands, well, we are smoothly approaching the logical conclusions of our publication.

Firstly, we were able to decrypt the error with the code F9 on the Atlant washer. It indicates a malfunction in the tachometer, engine, circuit, or control module. Secondly, we came to the conclusion that the check and repair of all elements except the control module can be done by hand. And thirdly, we drew attention to the fact that self-repair of the control module is not practical, since this can lead to even more serious malfunctions. Good luck


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