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Error F18 in Ariston washing machine

Error F18 in Ariston washing machineEach washing machine has a number of fault codes that appear on the display in the event of a malfunction. Some errors and their causes are easily eliminated, but the F18 error on Ariston's washing machine is recognized as one of the most difficult. What to do when it is detected?

Code manifestation

Most often, Hotpoint Ariston models give such an error even before washing: the drum does not start spinning, although the laundry is loaded, the powder is covered, and the hatch door is tightly closed. However, there are situations when F18 is displayed at any stage of the washing process, up to drying or spinning. In very rare cases, the machine seems to be actively working, and the error code does not disappear.

Attention! Models of Ariston machines with a collector motor do not have F18 errors in their arsenal, it appears only on displays of devices with an asynchronous motor.

It is worth mentioning that not all Hotpoint Ariston washers are equipped in principle with electronic displays. However, this does not preclude their ability to signal an error.

  1. The oldest models are equipped with only two indicators: door hatch lock and, directly, power. For such machines, the F18 error is replaced by a number of specific actions on the device side: 18 bright flashes on the power indicator, parallel click-like sounds and clockwise rotation of the program selector knob.
  2. Modern models (among them AV, AVL, AVTL, AVSL, CDE) are already equipped with a large number of indicators, but they still do not have a display. For such SMs, the error we need is accompanied by the following symptoms: two indicators flashing in parallel - “Spin” and “Quick wash” / “Extra rinse”. The name of the second indicator depends on the model; it is located second from the bottom in a number of additional functions. Flickering of the lock indicator is also possible.manifestation of code on models without a display
  3. CMs from the Low-End series signal an error using other indicators. Most often, this is the flashing of the second light bulb on top (Rinse) and the second on the bottom (wash end indicator). In some cases, all indicators of additional functions may light up, regardless of whether they are located vertically or horizontally on the panel (the configuration varies from model to model).
  4. The Aqualtis Hotpoint-Ariston washers signal a malfunction with the second and fifth bottom temperature indicators. Some models have only six temperature lights, while others have five. In the first case, the “necessary” indicators correspond to values ​​of 30 and 60 degrees, in the second - 30 and 90.

If you didn’t get lost the instructions from the washing machine, do not be too lazy to look there. As a rule, manufacturers provide for possible questions and write how exactly this or that error is manifested in the model.

The nature of the error

The above breakdown code indicates a failure in the electronic filling of the washing machine, namely, a communication failure between the main processor of the electronic controller and the CPU control. asynchronous motor drive (as mentioned above, only models with this type of motor are shown on the F18 display).control module broke

Since the problem lies in the electronic control module, in order to find and implement a solution to the problem, it is necessary to have considerable experience in working with microcircuits. If this is not available, it will be practically impossible to fix the problem yourself.

But the error does not necessarily indicate a breakdown. Short-term technical failures are also not uncommon. In this case, returning the washer to working condition is a matter of five minutes. It is enough to disconnect the home assistant from the power supply for a few minutes, and then turn it back on. If the board is intact, after manipulation the error code will disappear from the screen. But if the shutdown did not help, then it’s nearing professional repair.

How to repair?

If the problem is really in the DSP or the general controller, then it is impractical to replace any individual elements, the controller must be completely replaced. As for repair, it is possible in the following situations:

  • The controller firmware “flew”. The case is quite fixable, with the help of special equipment the element is easily reprogrammed;
  • the power capacitor or optocoupler is out of order - just buy a new part in the store and put the old one in its place;
  • failure of contacts in the pistons of the microcircuit - knowledgeable people or electronic masters solder them again to fix the problem.

DTC F18 is considered the most difficult because it can only be fixed if you have certain knowledge and experience. If you still decide to fix the board yourself, do not forget about safety when working with electronics.


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