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Error F13 in the Atlant washing machine

Error F13 in SM AtlantThe Belarusian brand Atlant is well known in the post-Soviet space by household appliances, which are produced under it. Among other things, washing machines come out under this brand and automatic machines, but their quality still leaves much to be desired. In particular, the Atlant washing machine often “sins” error F13. What kind of error is this and how to “control” it, we will describe in this publication.

Designation and interpretation

The display in the washing machine exists in order to bring to the user more information about the work of the “home assistant”. It helps especially when the self-diagnosis system needs to display one or another error code, for example code F13. The user, having seen the code, can immediately deliberately look into the technical documents to find out what kind of error he encountered and what kind of malfunction potentially generated it.

error f13 on Atlas with display

Another thing is if there is no screen on his washing machine on which some information could be displayed. How does the user know that the machine’s self-diagnosis system wants to tell him something? The answer is simple, the washer without a display communicates with the user using the indicators on the control panel, lighting them in a certain order. If you pay attention to the bottom row of bulbs, then you will see that the error F13 is indicated by the lit first, second and fourth bulb (we count on the left).

The light bulbs should be on, and not blink or give out a "morse code".

error F13 on Atlant typewriter without display

The error with code F13 is decrypted quite extensively. The manufacturer indicates a malfunction of the control module or a wiring that is suitable for it. In fact, these are dozens of potential breakdowns, since each semiconductor element can create a problem. But if you start to understand the problem in detail, it turns out that not everything is as terrible as it might seem at first glance, but still quite complicated.

Check wiring and contacts

electronic module board and wiringOn the Atlant brand washing machine, the control module is located at the top in the right front corner of the housing next to the pressure switch. Accordingly, the main bundle of wires and the chip, which is suitable for the control board, is launched along the side wall. Experienced masters complain that such an arrangement of the most important electronic part of the machine (its “brains”) leads to its frequent damage.

  1. The front of the front-loading washing machine is more susceptible to the effects of vibration. Moreover, the location of the “delicate” parts near the side wall is risky because, vibrating from side to side during the spin cycle, the machine may beat against furniture walls or some other objects, “shaking off” the electronic module and loosening the chip with wires.
  2. Users often place bottles of liquid detergent directly on the top cover of the Atlant washing machine and they are often spilled. Liquid gel flows from the cover to the front panel, flows along the side wall from the outside and enters the case where the control module and numerous wires and contacts are located. As a result, the contacts oxidize, burn, and the module fails.
  3. Most washing machines have an automatic module located in the lower right corner of the rear wall. In other words, it is quite far from the powder dispenser, and if the user pours the wrong powder, the abundant foam that appears is unlikely to reach the plastic block with the control board. The Atlant washing machine, in this sense, has an obvious minus, because if the foam sticks out in all directions, its clubs will certainly get to the control module, and then the lottery.

foam from the Atlas washing machine climbs at the risk of damaging the moduleDespite the above disadvantages, this arrangement of wiring, main contacts and the module has obvious advantages. The main plus that concerns us is easy access - removed the top cover and here it is the module.Right at hand and all the wiring that fits it is also pulled up and checked without any problems. Well, here we can end the useful background, let's start checking the wiring and contacts of the control module.

So, disconnect the chip with the bundle of wires from the control unit. We get and set up the multimeter. We check each posting for an open. If such a wire is found, it must be replaced immediately with the contact, but if there are several damaged wires (for example, mice are bitten), you can change the entire bundle at once - less problems. Next, we need to ring each contact on the control unit, and if everything is in order, proceed to check the control board.

Check and repair of the electronic module

At this stage of the test, it becomes clear that the wiring and contacts are not to blame for the F13 error, which means that you will have to remove the control board of the electronic module and subject it to rigorous testing. If traces of detergent are visible on the control board, rinse it with warm water, then dry it very thoroughly with a hairdryer, and then rinse it with ethyl alcohol.

The general procedure for checking and repairing the Atlant washing machine control module is shown on the Invensys 5521CC board as an example.

After these procedures, you can pick up and check the board for functionality. If the error F13 was not corrected in this way, we do the following:

  • check the power supply with a multimeter;
  • call 21 pin - VDD0, 32 pin - VDD1, 43 pin - VDD2;
  • Next, check pin 39 - RESET, and then pin 32;
  • at the next stage, we connect to the board and remove the firmware.

Find and install the new firmware. If this measure does not help solve the problem, you will have to test the processor in more detail. First, check the SDA and SCL buses. Next, we test the 5 and 6 legs of the processor, if there is no voltage on one of them - the processor is faulty, you will have to change the entire board.

On the new control board, you may also need to update the firmware.

Atlant washing machine control board

In conclusion, we note that the error code of the Atlant F13 washing machines can indicate serious problems with the electrics or electronics of the “home assistant”. Everything should be carefully weighed before proceeding with the inspection and repair of these parts of the machine, because without appropriate skills it is almost impossible to do. To form an additional motivational attitude, read the article Is it worth it to repair electronic modules with your own handsmaybe she will prompt you to specific actions. Have a good repair!


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