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Error F02 in Ariston washing machine

F02 in SM AristonError F02 is typical for all models of Ariston washing machines. This error can be called one of the most common, but this code is not always the result of a severe malfunction, it all depends on the specific situation. The decryption, as well as the causes and consequences of the error F 02, let's take it together.

How does the code appear?

Washing machine Ariston, of course, is not one of a kind. Within the Ariston brand, there are several dozen models of cars, each of which this error may manifest in its own way. Do not get it wrong, this does not mean that Ariston’s self-diagnosis system is not unified, just the opposite, just that in each model there are nuances that relate to the display of information on the display or control panel. Simply put, this error, having the same basic content, can manifest itself in different ways.

On Ariston washing machines with a display, this error can be displayed as F02 or F2.

Well, with washing machines with a display, everything is clear, there are only two options for outputting the code, but what if your Ariston model does not have a display? Where to output the information? The answer is obvious - to the control panel, and light indicators will help.

  1. Ariston of the Margherita line without a display will display error F with number 02 by means of a burning “key” lamp, andcode f02 the network indicator will blink 2 times at intervals of several seconds (on average 10 seconds).
  2. Ariston AVL and AML series machines broadcast the error indicated by a flickering LED “key” and a flashing light opposite to the “Quick wash” mode.
  3. In Hotpoint-Ariston washers of fairly common ARSL, ARL models, the F02 code is displayed on the control panel with a flashing LED located opposite the End sign or, if the panel is Russified, “end of the program”. In some cases, simultaneously with the End lamp, all function indicators light up.
  4. Aristons AQSL show an error with code F 02 by blinking of the LED located opposite the inscription 300C.

How is it decrypted?

In almost all instructions for Ariston brand washing machines, it is written that error F with the indicated numerical code is interpreted as a malfunction or breakdown of the tachometer, or an open circuit of the engine, or a breakdown of the engine, and therefore the control module cannot establish communication with the indicated parts.

As can be seen from the decryption, the malfunction that generated the F02 error can occur due to a breakdown:

  • tachometer;
  • engine;
  • power wiring and contacts;
  • control module.

In 67% of cases, the F02 code appears due to the tachometer or engine. In 18% of cases, wiring and contacts are to blame, and only in 15% of cases is the control module blamed.

Find and repair malfunctions

Since we have statistics from the service centers for malfunctions of Ariston washing machines, which helps us prioritize the check for malfunctions, let's start with the tachometer and the engine. But first, check to see if any thing has got into the tank and has it jammed the drum? To do this, spin the drum by hand, if the rotation is relatively free, we eliminate this problem.

The tachometer is a special module that stands on the engine and determines its speed during operation. He transmits this information to the control module. By the way, this module can be called in different ways, tachometer, Hall sensor or tachogenerator.

check the engine of the washing machine AristonAriston washing machine most often has a commutator motor, which means that it has brushes that are periodically worn out, leading to error F02. To check this, you need to get to the motor.

  1. It is necessary to unscrew the fastenings of the rear wall of the SM housing and remove the wall.
  2. Next, remove the drive belt.
  3. Remove the chip with wires from the engine.
  4. Unscrew the motor bolts, push on it so that it moves slightly back, and then pull it down - the engine will be removed.

We unscrew the bolts and pull out the brushes. If the Ariston washing machine has been used for more than 3-5 years, the brushes should already be brought up. We get them inspected and replaced with new ones. If the brushes are in normal condition, we check the engine for a breakdown on the body and anchor. We do this with a multimeter. Having finished the repair and checking the engine of the washing machine, we turn to the tachometer.

tachometer on the washing machine AristonWe disconnect the contacts of the Hall sensor and remove it from the engine. Check the sensor with a multimeter. If it is intact, you can also see if the internal surfaces of the sensor ring have oxidized; if not, we proceed to check the wiring and contacts. We return to the previously disconnected chip with wires. First, check how each posting “sits”. Perhaps one of them hangs and needs to be clamped. Next, inspect the wires and contacts. If nothing unusual is visually imperceptible, we check them with a multimeter.

It is possible that by checking the engine, the tachometer and the wiring leading to them, you will not find anything unusual. This should lead us to the conclusion that either you did not check the above details very well and missed something important, or simply the problem is not in the tachometer, motor and wiring, but in the control module. At this stage, we suggest that you stop independent research and invite an experienced master.

Firstly, the master has more skills in working with the electrician of the washing machine and knows what the nuances of the problem may be. Secondly, an independent examination of the control module can lead to the fact that this expensive part will be in the trash (there were precedents). Thirdly, self-interference in the electronic part of the washing machine can turn into a costly or not at all repairable problem. The final solution to this issue is yours, we only offered arguments that reinforce the previously expressed opinion on issues of self-repair of the electronic module.

Ariston washing control module

In conclusion, we note that the F02 code, which suddenly popped up on the display of the Ariston washing machine, means problems with different parts. What exactly broke, you can find out only by opening the case of the "home assistant" and examining the above elements, including using a multimeter. Carrying out repairs, you may have to buy a new engine or tachometer for the washing machine until you find the reason that you need to know in advance. Have a good repair!


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