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Error F01 in the washing machine Indesit

F01 on Indesit washing machinesError F01 is infrequent among other errors of the Indesit washing machine. It is typical for equipment that has been in operation for more than a year. Therefore, most often, such an error does not occur on machines with a display, but on machines without it. In this case, the user sees the additional rinse lamp on light or a combination of flashing indicators "Spin" and "Lock". What does all this mean, let's find out.

Code Decryption

If the F01 error occurred on the Indesit washing machine for the first time, then immediately take steps to eliminate it. Do not start the breakdown. This code informs that a short circuit has occurred in the motor circuit. In other words, a malfunction appeared that is associated with the motor of the washing machine.

A motor is that part of an Indesit washing machine that rarely fails. And if it does, then as a result of wear. That is why users of old washing machines face such a problem.

Possible causes and symptoms

The error F01 in the Indesit washer may be caused by the following reasons:

  • malfunctioning socket and power cord of the machine;
  • "Brains" of technology were stuck;
  • the carbon brushes of the commutator engine are worn out;
  • burned motor winding;
  • corrosion of contacts appeared on the motor block;
  • faulty triac on the control module cars Indesit.

An experienced master can more accurately understand what is broken, according to additional symptoms when turning on the washing machine. For example, if before the appearance of the F01 error, the drum stopped rotating and the engine cracked at the same time, then, most likely, the reason is in the engine brushes. Be careful and you will reduce your workload.

DIY repair

When repairing the washing machine yourself, start by rebooting it. After stopping the machine, turn it off, then unplug it for 20 minutes and wait. If after restarting the machine gives an error, then you need to look for a malfunction. Check the integrity of the power cord and outlet. To do this, use a multimeter. It is not difficult to detect a malfunction, although the likelihood that this will happen is extremely small.

After an external inspection of the washing machine, start inspecting the internal parts. More precisely, you need to get to the engine, for this:

  • open the service hatch made by Indesit manufacturers for this purpose;
  • holding the drive belt with one hand and turning the pulley with the other, remove the belt from the large and small pulley;
  • unscrew the electric motor from the holders using an 8 mm wrench;
    indesit engine
  • disconnect all wires from the motor, and then remove it from the machine;
  • find two plates on the motor, these are the brushes that need to be unscrewed and removed;
  • inspect the plates, most likely they will be very frayed, which means that they need to be replaced with new ones;
    engine brushes
  • assemble the washing machine and run it for inspection.

    Do not worry if after such a repair you hear a small crack. This cheeks new cheeks, after a few washes, sounds will disappear.

If it is not a matter of brushes, then check all the wires from the engine to the control module, or rather check the contacts. Often in conditions of humidity, they become corroded, so the contacts must be replaced or cleaned. The motor may fail if the winding burns out. In this case, the engine is completely changed, since the repair is not profitable, or they completely abandon the old car in favor of buying a new one. But we emphasize that engines on Indesit washing machines do not break often.

It is better to entrust the problem with the electronic circuit board of the washing machine to a master who has experience in such repairs. In this case, you need to not only have the skills to handle a soldering iron to solder triacs and tracks on the module, but also, if necessary, the ability to program new boards.If you are repairing a car in order to learn, then try, but remember that the module is one of the most expensive parts.

So, if the Indesit washing machine gives an error F01, then try to deal with the problem yourself. Just do not postpone the work and do not start the faulty equipment if the error appears periodically. Solve the problem right away. Good luck


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