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Error E41 in the Electrolux washing machine

Error E41 in the Electrolux washing machineIf the display shows error E41 in the Electrolux washing machine along with “Err”, then you should not immediately blame the control board. Often the system with this code signals problems with the hatch lock, which is several times cheaper than replacing the control module. But before you make a "diagnosis" and prescribe a "treatment", it is worthwhile to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the washing machine. Detailed instructions are below.

Problems with the hatch lock

Often, the system generates an E41 error, fixing a problem with locking the sunroof. Visually, the door closes and latches without problems, but the tightness is still broken, and the UBL does not work. The situation cannot be resolved by the pressed down pressure - it is necessary to check the condition of the node contacts with a multimeter.

Error code E41 on washer Electrolux more often indicates a faulty hatch lock device.

UBL washing machine ElectroluxYou will need a working multimeter with an extended range and a UBL connection scheme on the existing model. The latter should not be neglected, since each washing machine from the Electrolux has a special locking mechanism. With a good example, it’s easier to disconnect the connector and find out the purpose of the contacts. Then we proceed as follows.

  1. We configure the tester for the resistance measurement mode.
  2. We cling one probe to the neutral contact of the UBL, and the second to the phase.
  3. We evaluate the displayed number on the scoreboard. If the multimeter shows a three-digit number, it means that everything is in order with the locking mechanism.

But that's not all. We change the position of the second probe by moving it from phase to common contact. We again look at the screen of the device and evaluate the result. If the tester displays “0” or “1” on the display, then the UBL is definitely damaged and a malfunction is found. When the number is different, the lock is locked properly, and we must further search for the cause of DTC E41.

The simistor controlling UBL burned out

check and repair the control boardThe second possible reason for error E41 is a burnt triac or a faulty control board. That is, the UBL works fine, but the system does not receive a signal about the blocking that has occurred. To repair a damaged module, you will have to get the circuit and inspect. To do this, you must:

  • remove the detergent dispenser by shaking the tray and pulling it toward you with effort;
  • find 2 bolts in the hole next to the cell compartment and unscrew them;
  • get 4 more screws located on the end of the panel under the top cover of the machine;
  • take the panel with your hands and gently slide it up;
  • pry off the latches;
  • disassemble the panel housing and remove the control board.

When removing the control board from the Electrolux washing machine, all disconnected wires should be fixed to the camera so as not to confuse the connections during reassembly.

As soon as the board is in the hands, it is worthwhile to carefully examine its surface for defects, burning traces, or mechanical damage. If there are no visible reasons for concern, you will have to resort to the multimeter again and check each triac for a breakdown. The following instructions will help you understand what to do to check the module.

  1. We put the tester into the sound dialing mode.
  2. We touch probes of contacts A1 and A2 and look at the screen. When “1” or “OL” is displayed, the triac is working, and when the number is close to zero, it is necessary to correct the situation by replacing the part.
  3. When there is no TK between the terminals, we check the control electrode. We direct the ends of the device to the power terminals and the main electrode. With values ​​of 80-200, there is nothing to worry about.
  4. We close the main electrode, and after a couple of seconds we remove the current, observing the state of the triac. If the switch does not close, then a full repair with replacement is required.

But it’s better not to experiment with the board and entrust the solution to the problem with the E41 error to the service center masters. Remember that a module is a fragile and expensive thing, therefore without experience and practice it is easy to aggravate a breakdown.


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