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Error E27 in the Bosch dishwasher

error E27 in the dishwasher BoschAny household appliances can work unstably, and to understand why this is happening is quite difficult. In an electronically controlled dishwasher, the manufacturer foresaw this and integrated special trouble codes into them. In this article we will talk about how to decrypt one of these codes, namely the E27 code in a Bosch dishwasher.

Error decoding

In the instructions for different models of Bosch dishwashers, this error is described as insufficient voltage. This means that if the voltage drops below 220 V, the machine stops working, error E27 appears. Most often, an error occurs in the evening when the network load is maximum. That is why some users of dishwashers use the delayed start function. Having loaded the car in the evening and having chosen the start after three hours, the machine turns on automatically at night, and in the morning you can get clean dishes.

You can try and write a complaint to the State Energy Supervision Agency for Surveillance on power outages, which must deal with the substation that supplies your home. But this may not help, and while they will consider the complaint and make a decision, some device may burn out from the voltage drop.

The second way that will help fix the error E27 in the Bosch dishwasher is to connect it to the mains via a voltage regulator. How to do this correctly, we describe in the next paragraph.

Install a voltage stabilizer

Voltage regulatorThe most difficult thing is to choose the right stabilizer for the dishwasher. Practice shows that it is better to put the stabilizer on one device at once, for example, on a dishwasher, refrigerator and washing machine, in which the error about undervoltage in the network can also be displayed. If possible, you can put the main stabilizer on the entire electrical network in the house or apartment. Undoubtedly, the second option will be much more expensive, but all devices will be protected from power surges and failure.

The main parameter that you are guided by when choosing is the power of the stabilizer. It is calculated based on the power consumption of the devices, which can be found in the instructions for the device. Consider the total power of all devices connected to the stabilizer and add another margin of about 20%, you get the result.

Excellent in terms of reliability and price-quality ratio are considered Russian stabilizers. They are no worse than European ones, but almost two times cheaper.

Which stabilizer is best, compensatory or wide-range, depends on your network. Compensator stabilizer fights with low voltage and increases it to normal. It has small dimensions and reasonable cost. A wide-range stabilizer is necessary for those whose voltage in the network not only drops above the norm, but also significantly exceeds them. If the voltage in the network ranges from 165 to 255 watts, then a compensatory stabilizer is enough, and if surges are higher than 255 watts, then a wide-range stabilizer is needed, which is more expensive and makes noise during operation.

Voltage regulatorConnect a stabilizer, designed for 2-3 devices, is not difficult. Plug it into a power outlet, and plug the electric plugs from the dishwasher and the “washer” into the stabilizer, that's all. You do not need to configure the device. In a slightly different way, the main stabilizer is connected. It is connected to the network via terminals, it is best to entrust it to a specialist.

Electricians advise connecting household appliances not only through the stabilizer, but also installing a difavtomat on the network. This is necessary in order to protect the devices and the electrical network from overload. That is, with a high network load, the difavtomat works and interrupts the current supply.You can read about the full connection of the dishwasher to communications in the article How to connect a Bosch dishwasher.

So, the error E 27 in the Bosch brand dishwasher warns of a decrease in voltage. If once such an error appeared, then it is worth taking it more seriously and taking care of stabilizing the voltage in the network. Sometimes spent 5-6 thousand rubles for the stabilizer can save not only the equipment from expensive repairs, but also you from unnecessary worries.


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