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Error E23 in the Siemens washing machine

Error E23 in the Siemens washing machineThe Siemens washing machine has a fairly sophisticated diagnostic system, equipped with a solid number of error codes. However, not all users are puzzled by the study of these codes, but in vain. Properly decrypting them will help you find the problem and fix the problem. In the article, we will understand what the error E23 in the washing machine means.

Let's try to decrypt

To begin with, the E23 code is responsible for leaks. The electronic module is connected to a special sensor, which is responsible for the ingress of water. The part is located in the pallet.

How does this system work? The fact is that in the pan, the sensor is connected to a special float. If water begins to penetrate the pan, the float moves and the sensor fires. Since it is connected to the control module, the machine immediately displays the corresponding error code on the display. The most common causes of leaks are easy to determine.

  1. The surface of the washing tub is worn and worn out over time, resulting in the formation of small holes.
  2. The drain pipe is cracked - a pipe connecting the drain pump and the washing tank.
  3. The inlet hose is leaking due to damage or as a result of being screwed in poorly.
  4. The detergent container is either not inserted or is leaking.

but it must be borne in mind that the control module, like any other electronic device, can sometimes fail. And it is not at all necessary that the error was highlighted objectively. Fault codes for the Siemens machine may appear completely unreasonable. How this can happen and what to do in this case, we will tell by example.

having problems with the aquastop systemOn one of the sites devoted to this problem, the repairman SM wrote that he received a call from a client complaining about the E23 code on the screen of a Siemens washing machine. The user asked an expert to start an oral consultation on this matter. Of course, the master began to tell him about the system with a float and a sensor, which is called Aquastop, about the pan and possible leaks. However, the user of the washer stopped him and said that personally his car was not equipped with such systems, and it did not even have a pallet.

Sincerely surprised and not quite believing the client’s words, the master offered to personally inspect the washer and check whether the error code actually appeared by chance, without significant circumstances.

After inspecting the unit, it turned out that there really is no Aquastop system in it in principle, and the E23 code is present in the diagnostic system completely formally. What caused the error? The master concluded that somewhere in the contacts of the machine there was a short circuit. However, removing the code was not so simple. As a result, the problem was solved only by flashing the electronic module. therefore remember that any malfunction code can not only talk about the corresponding problem, but simply be a glitch of the electronic system.

Let's start by checking the sensor in the pan

In this paragraph, we will explain why it is important to check the sensor, even if you are sure and made sure that there are no leaks. As mentioned above, the sensor is triggered by raising the float, and not only water can lift it, but also debris or an extraneous element that has landed in the pan.

There are times when people transport washers from one place to another, as a result of which a small piece of plastic can fall off and hit the float by lifting it. Then you just need to diagnose, understand the problem and remove all foreign objects from the pallet. Rather In total, after lowering the float, code E23 will disappear by itself.

Attention! In addition, debris can cause the sensor to fail. After all, whatever one may say, this is a technique, and any annoying component can slow down its work.

In the end, the code may be displayed due to a short circuit, as a result of which the sensor burns out or the contacts connected to it break. This often happens when trying to do it yourself, made by home craftsmen, or simply as a result of a power surge.

We talked about situations that cause an error that are not related to leakage. They cause errors even more often than malfunctions corresponding to the code. In any case, you must first inspect the pan and then try to fix the breakdown.

We repair equipment with our own hands

Now consider the case when water actually forms in the pan. It is important to keep in mind that in this case it is necessary to look for the cause of the liquid getting into the pan, and not to pump out the water and hope that the error disappears from this. Although for starters, indeed, water will need to be removed (some make it an enema, some by tilting the case, the methods are very diverse).

After there is no more water left in the tray, the washing unit must be disassembled to check for leaks in the most susceptible components. Among them:a crack in the tank caused a leak

  • branch pipes, hoses, as well as places of their connections with other parts;
  • drain pump;
  • powder container;
  • tank.

If a crack or a hole is found in one of the parts, the breakdown can be eliminated by coating the gap with cold welding or sealant. However, experienced craftsmen prefer and recommend that users change the entire part, as this is a more reliable way to stop the chores. After all, maybe in two days a crack will form in another place and then the repair will have to be repeated.

On the other hand, because of a tiny crack, changing an entire tank is very troublesome and expensive. Therefore, it is up to you. Each user has his own view of the problem, therefore, everyone will solve it in his own way.

If there is a problem in the Aquastop sensor, you will have to replace it! Buy a new part and replace it with a broken one. To do this, carefully disengage from the pallet and then disconnect the component from all latches and the wires holding it. Like the old one, put in a new sensor and replace the pallet!


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