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Error E18 in the Bosch washing machine

error e18 on CM BoschThe appearance of an error code on the washing machine during washing or at the very end of it can cause the user unpleasant feelings and a lack of understanding of what happened. However, do not worry, because any problem is solvable. Sometimes a few minutes are enough to eliminate everything. This can happen, for example, when error E18 appears on the Bosch washing machine. What is this mistake and what to do with it, let's figure it out together.

Decryption and reasons

The description of this error in any instruction manual for the equipment of this brand sounds rather short and understandable. Error E18 means there is no discharge of waste water. And the user himself sees that there is water in the tank, as if the machine did not try to start the drain.

On different models of washing machines of this brand, this error is indicated by different codes. Codes F18 and d02 are identical.

As for the non-display machines, the user is notified on them by means of indicators on the control panel. In the absence of a drain, the spin indicators for 1000 and 600 are lit. What are the reasons for the fact that water does not leave the tank? We list the main ones:

  • violation of the rules for connecting the drain hose;
  • kink or clamp of a hose of discharge of water;
  • clogging of the drainage system (filter, nozzles, pump);
  • pump breakdown;
  • malfunction of the sensor measuring the water level in the tank;
  • “Glitches of the brain” of the washing machine - module malfunction.

Carry out cleaning

If a similar error occurs, the first thing they do is turn off the water supply and turn off the machine first from the button, and then from the button. To carry out repairs and find the cause, you also need to drain the water from the tank. This can be done through a small drain hose located at the bottom of the machine, next to the drain filter behind a small plastic door.

The second way to drain the water is to pull out the drainage filter, but in this case you will have to put a lot of rags or substitute a low capacity under the machine. Having unscrewed the filter, you at the same time check whether it became the cause of blockage of the drainage system. If dirt, foreign objects or hair has accumulated in it, clean and rinse the part. Also inspect the drain hose, if it is bent, of course, this happens extremely rarely, but it’s worth checking.

Having freed the tank from water and examined the filter for clogging, you can begin to search for another reason. To do this, slide the machine to a place convenient for you and prepare the tools (screwdriver and pliers), then:

  • remove the lower plastic panel and unscrew the bolts under it;
  • remove the retaining clamp from the rubber cuff using a screwdriver;
  • unscrew the lock device;
  • disconnect the chip with wires from the lock;
  • pull out the powder cuvette and unscrew the bolts under it;
  • carefully remove the control panel without jerking the wires;
  • move the front of the case to the side;
    replacement pump in SM Bosch
  • in the bottom right, find the drain pump and the branch pipes connected to it;
  • loosen the clamps on the nozzles and remove them;
  • if there is no debris in the nozzles, then the cause of this error is not clogging, but more serious, but more on that later.
    replacement of the pump in SM Bosch_2

Pump and pressure switch repair

So, the washing machine is disassembled, the drain pump is practically in your hands. It must be pulled out and disconnected from the cochlea by opening the latches. When you remove the snail, you will see the rotating part of the pump - the impeller. Hair or hair can be wound on it, which prevents free rotation, the result of the pump does not work, drainage is difficult.

In addition, the impeller may be damaged, or the electrical part of the pump may have burned out. In both cases, you have to change the part. Installing a new spare part should not cause difficulties. You must act in reverse order:

  • connect the pump to the snail;
  • connect branch pipes to it using new clamps;
  • connect a chip with wires;
  • fix the pump on the housing;
  • assemble the washing machine and check the operation.

If the drainage system of the machine turned out to be in order, then the reason for the lack of discharge is connected with other nodes of the equipment. In addition to the pump, the draining process depends on the proper operation of the sensor that measures the water level. If it is broken, then the machine may “freeze” with a full tank, so prepare a multimeter.

The pressure switch in the Bosch machine is located in the upper right part of the housing, for access it is enough to remove the top cover. Before pulling out the part itself, check the integrity of the tube coming from the sensor, as well as the contacts of the wires connected to the pressure switch. Only then can the sensor itself be checked and replaced if necessary.

Module malfunction

Failure of this part of the washing machine can cause the appearance of absolutely any error, because it is responsible for the operation of the equipment as a whole.

On the control module there are many different radio elements, the damage of which provokes the machine to stop. As an example, let’s give a universal module on Bosch MAXX4 / 5/6 series washing machines.

bosh module

This module is estimated by experts as maintainable, and therefore if you do not know the nuances of work, entrust it to a specialist. Otherwise, you will have to change the part completely, which will cost about a third of the cost of the washing machine. So, in the case of this error, first of all, it is necessary to check the connection contacts of the pressostat and the triac of the pump. In the diagrams below they are indicated in red. In the event of a malfunction of any of the elements, they are replaced by soldering to a new one.

microcontroller bosh

module external wiring diagram

So if washing machine bosch stopped with water, do not rush to panic. It is possible that you yourself will solve the problem. We hope that the information in this article helps you.


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  1. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Thank you for such a resource, in two hours I took it apart and assembled it on my own. And it worked.

    The problem lay in the pump itself. I sorted it out as shown in the video, and the picture was the same. With the difference that in my case the impeller did not live its own separate life.
    He cleaned everything, assembled it - it works!

    In general, Bosch is crap, not a washing machine. I can definitely talk about my Bosch Maxx 5. Before that I had a Daewoo, for 8 years not a single breakdown. And the new one was already repaired twice.

  2. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    I agree completely, Bosch - it sucks completely! Over 3 years, twice repaired.

    • Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

      The original must be taken, Vasya!

  3. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    And where to get the original, Petya? And how will the price differ?

  4. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Bosch has been working with me for the eighth year, has never broken, only the filter is clogged a couple of times.

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